Blissful Days After Widowhood Chapter 168: End



Speaking of Ningxi, she has little experience in dealing with people, but she is good-looking and has a humble attitude, so the people who came with her to help the Wu family like her very much. At first, people saw her as young, Only let her do some cleaning and cutting. Once, the chef who happened to be in charge suddenly had a stomachache and was in a hurry to go to the thatched hut. Ning Xi, who was beside him, went over and asked her to help him to hold it up.


Ningxi looked at the dishes after he finished serving the dishes, washed the chopped shredded potatoes next to them, and poured them into the pot to fry them. The chef didn’t know what happened, and he didn’t come back for a long time. Ningxi finished frying the shredded potatoes. , by the way, I cooked a few more dishes. Everyone came to help the cook temporarily, and no one questioned why she was cooking without authorization, so Ning Xi started to work as a chef seriously.


No matter what raw materials are handed over by others, Ning Xi’s mind will always flash the best practice, and then she will make it naturally. They are full of a sense of accomplishment, which is a great feeling.


Especially the person who passed the dishes ran in excitedly and shouted, “Who made that plate of fish-flavored pork shreds just now? The guests said that it was delicious, so I’ll have a few more!” It’s almost a little overwhelmed, it seems that I’m really born to be a chef!


Of course, even if the running water mat is used, the kitchen doesn’t have to be busy from beginning to end. Occasionally, you can stop and rest, eat and drink something to fill your stomach. When Ningxi rested, she asked curiously beside her. person: “Why does the Wu family have so many guests today?”


Beside Ningxi, the one who was desperately pulling the rice from her mouth was a fat woman with a big heart. At first glance, she liked to gossip among the parents. Listening to Ningxi’s question, she didn’t even care about eating: “You don’t know, it’s the stupid son of Master Wu’s family who has married a wife!”


“What do you mean by marrying a wife?” Ning Xi asked innocently.


“You don’t know?” The fat woman looked at her like a monster.


“Ah!” Ning Xi nodded.


“You really don’t know?”


“I really don’t know, good lady, just tell me!”


“You girl, depending on your age, is almost ready to marry, and you don’t even know what marriage is? Didn’t your mother teach you?”


Ning Xi shook his head: “I haven’t seen my mother.”


The fat woman’s eyes suddenly filled with pity: “No wonder, if I have such a beautiful girl, why would I be willing to let her come out and show her face to work, a child without a mother is pitiful.”


Ningxi didn’t feel that she had any pity. As soon as she woke up, she followed Jun Qianyu. These concepts of father and mother were also told to her by Jun Qianyu, and it was just a word to her: “Then you can tell me what marriage is!”


The fat woman’s answer was rude and powerful, and her words were concise: “Marriage means that after a man and a woman worship the church, they can sleep together and have children.”


“It’s great to have a baby!” Ning Xi clapped her hands and laughed. She had seen a little child that size, and she was very cute. It would be great if she had one too. “Then how can I have a baby!” /


“You can have a baby when you become a relative and sleep together.” In the face of a large audience, it is not easy for the fat woman to talk too much about a little girl who has never been hired.


Ning Xi nodded thoughtfully: “Oh, so that’s how it is!” She slept with Jun Qianyu, but they didn’t have children, so it was because they didn’t get married!


“Ningxi! Come out for me!” A loud shout came from the door, making Ningxi’s pancakes fall to the ground.


The fat woman patted her chest: “It scared me to death, who is Ning Xi, don’t go out quickly, don’t hurt others!”


Ning Xi had a look of joy on his face, ran out happily, and slammed into Jun Qianyu’s arms: “Jun Qianyu, marry me!”


Jun Qianyu’s full of anger suddenly disappeared, pulled her out of his arms, and asked hilariously, “Why do you suddenly think of getting married?”


“Want to have a baby with you!”


The corners of Jun Qianyu’s mouth almost reached his ears: “Do you know how to have children?”


“I know, just sleep together after getting married!”


Ignoring everyone’s surprised eyes, Jun Qianyu hugged Ning Xi’s small body and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go, we’ll have a baby right away.”


“No, no, we’re not married yet!” Ning Xi said hurriedly.


“We were married as early as when we were in the capital. Three matchmakers, six hires, and eight carry a sedan chair to welcome you in.” Jun Qianyu hurried.


Have you ever been married? So why did the two sleep together without having a baby? Ning Xi guessed that it was probably because she didn’t remember the marriage, so it didn’t count: “But I don’t even remember, it doesn’t count, let’s get married again!”


Jun Qianyu is the one who said that if she wants the moon in the sky, she can’t wait to jump up into the sky to pick it off for her, so she paused and turned back in the same direction: “Then let’s get married.”


In the wedding hall of the Wu family, the bride had just entered the door, and was about to worship the hall in a lively manner, when suddenly a strange couple of men and women broke in and showed a golden token: “Prince Yu is here. , I’ll lend you this happy hall.”


Mr. Wu, with a look of fortune, stared blankly at the gold medal: “You are…” Although the Wu family is the number one wealthy in the area, it is a businessman’s family after all, and the mountains are high and the emperor is far away. Wang or something, I really don’t know it. Of course, I can’t tell if this token is true or not. His stupid son is in his twenties. I really don’t want to be messed up by people.


Fortunately, he has a good relationship with the local magistrate, and he specially invited him to be a witness today. When the magistrate saw the gold medal, his legs softened, and he knelt down with a “thump”: “Yu, Lord Yu! “Others hurriedly knelt down when they saw this.


Therefore, in front of everyone’s eyes, the dignified Prince Yu took off the bridegroom’s dress and put it on his own without any hesitation. He asked a female relative next to him for help, and changed her red wedding dress to Ning Xi’s, and then ordered without changing his face: “Go on!”


The old man who was in charge of the ceremony was stunned for a moment, then came back to his senses and hurriedly raised his voice to sing: “One worships the heaven and earth, two worships the high hall, and husband and wife worship each other…”


Ning Xi was confused, and was dragged by Jun Qianyu and finished worshiping, only to hear: “Licheng, send it to the bridal chamber!” Being dragged by Jun Qianyu, the red hijab swayed in front of his eyes, and a group of Festive colors.


The two of them swaggered into the bridal chamber, leaving a group of people in the hall with big eyes and small eyes: “Well, do you want to continue to worship in this hall?”


Master Wu slapped his thigh: “Bye, why don’t we bow, can’t we change the bridal chamber?”


“Wait!” Jun Qianyu suddenly turned around and waved to the bride: “Come here.”


The young bride was trembling with fright, but she walked over tremblingly. Jun Qianyu tried his best to soften his facial expression: “I heard that the groom is a fool, you are willing to marry him? If not, just say Come out, this king will make the decision for you.” Jun Qianyu got what he wanted, and he was in a good mood, wishing that everyone in the world could be like him.


The bride lowered her head and whispered, “I know that although Brother Aling has a bad mind, he is really good to me. It is my blessing to marry Brother Aling.” Light, the meaning is really firm.


“That’s good.” Jun Qianyu no longer cares about her.


As soon as she entered the new house, Ningxi couldn’t wait to remove the red cloth from her head: “Is this a kiss?”


Jun Qianyu nodded with a smile: “That’s right.”


“Then let’s go!” Ning Xi took Jun Qianyu’s arm. .


“I can’t leave yet, it’s time to enter the bridal chamber when I become a relative.”


Ning Xi blinked: “Do you mean we are going to sleep here tonight?”


“Yeah!” A mass of heat ignited in Jun Qianyu’s body from bottom to top.


Ning Xi walked over to Xi’s bed and touched the bedding: “The material of this quilt is quite comfortable, but the color is too dazzling, but it doesn’t matter if you sleep for one night! I don’t know if there is water to wash it. Taking a shower, I have been busy in the kitchen all day, and my body is full of odor.”


Said and ran to the clean room next door to see, and cheered: “It really does!” He happily showered and changed his clothes, picked up the brand-new underwear next to the bathtub and put on it, “Mr. Wu is really polite. , and even prepared the clothes for us.”


Jun Qianyu rubbed her head: “Remember to dry your hair, I’ll wash it first.”


When Jun Qianyu came out, Ning Xi was already lying on the bed and fell asleep. She got up too early this morning and was busy for another day. When she saw the bed, she couldn’t help but stick to it. After resting for a while, I got up and wiped my hair, but I didn’t expect to fall asleep as soon as I touched the pillow.


Jun Qianyu shook his head and sighed. He picked up the dry handkerchief and wiped her hair. He didn’t deliberately let her down. He didn’t plan to let her go to bed so early, but she said he wanted to marry him. children’s.


Ning Xi was awakened by him and muttered impatiently, “Don’t disturb me, I’m sleepy.”


Jun Qianyu leaned down and whispered in her ear: “I can’t sleep yet, I haven’t finished what I need to do to get married!”


Ning Xi suddenly jumped up: “What else do you want to do?”


Jun Qianyu led her to the table: “Come, have a drink first.”


A pot of fruit wine was prepared on the table. The taste was a bit filling. Ning Xi was a little thirsty and couldn’t help drinking a few more glasses. The place to hold her up: “The rest have to go to bed to do.”


Ning Xi was dragged to the bed in a daze: “Can’t you sleep yet? I’m so sleepy.” After drinking, he wanted to sleep even more.


“No, if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to have a child.” Jun Qianyu’s voice was hoarse, and he reached out to untie her belt.


Ning Xi was only wearing a tunic, and the belt was loosely tied. With a slight pull, the front opened, revealing pure white and soft skin. In Jun Qianyu’s eyes, it was as if she was wrapped Fine snow cheese, you can imagine the sweet taste even before you taste it.


Ning Xi didn’t realize it at all, and didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it. She just naturally followed his example and untied the ties of his clothes. As early as two nights ago, she wanted to do this. I did it, but unfortunately Jun Qianyu never let it go. Now, while he was not paying attention, Ning Xi quickly poked him in the chest, um, it was as hard as I imagined, and it was a little bit flexible. hand.


It’s so comfortable, Ning Xi couldn’t help but touch two more hands.


Jun Qianyu said with a low smile: “You did it first, don’t blame me for being rude.”


Ning Xi still doesn’t know what’s going on: “You’re welcome, what are you doing?” Suddenly, he exclaimed, the whole person was pressed across the bed, and the two of them wanted to stick their skins, no gaps.


“What are we doing?” While panting, Ning Xi couldn’t help but be curious.


Jun Qianyu said, “Breakhouse.”


“So this is the bridal chamber, it’s very comfortable!” Ning Xi said mortally.


Jun Qianyu couldn’t bear it for a moment, he sank, and finally fell into the most wonderful place in this world.


“Ah, it hurts to death.” Ning Xi was so painful that tears came out, “What are you doing, go away quickly, it hurts me.”


How could Jun Qianyu be willing to leave, he just kissed deeply: “Be good, bear with it, it will be over soon.”


Ning Xi was stupefied by his kiss, and he had to endure his tossing for a while.


After the incident, Ning Xi spread out on the bed and refused to move. Jun Qianyu had to fetch water to clean it up for her. Ning Xi thought of his cruel heart, and angrily ignored him. Jun Qianyu was pitiful. She whispered in her ear: “Ning’er, don’t blame me, I also had to do this because I wanted to have a child.”


“Jun Qianyu, you really think I’m stupid!”


Jun Qianyu was startled, raised his head to look at her carefully, and saw that her eyes were very clear, with a trace of anger and jokes, and couldn’t help but be overjoyed: “You remember?”


Ning Xi gave him a push: “It turns out that when I wasn’t awake, you just coaxed me like this!”


Jun Qianyu, who has always been with the old god, couldn’t help but blushed a little: “If I knew this would make you sober, I wouldn’t have to wait so long.”


Ning Xi hugged his waist and buried his face in his chest: “Jun Qianyu, thank you!” Thank you for your deep love, thank you for your perseverance.


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