Blissful Days After Widowhood: 166. Shopping



“How is it? Is it delicious?” Ning Xi was still staring at his answer anxiously.


Jun Qianyu resisted the sourness in his eyes and nodded: “Delicious, very delicious.”


Ning Xi smiled happily: “I knew it.” He ate happily.


Jun Qianyu gently wiped the soup from the corner of her mouth: “What else would you do besides noodles?”


Ning Xi tilted his head and thought for a while, then said in anguish: “I don’t know either, as soon as my hand touched those things, I would do it naturally, but now you want me to think about it, but I can’t think of anything. !”


Jun Qianyu hurriedly said: “Then don’t think about it.”


“Yeah!” Ning Xi nodded happily and continued to eat noodles.


Jun Qianyu looked at her tenderly and thought, even if she doesn’t remember what happened in the past, it doesn’t matter, she is still the same she, I just hope that the years to come will be peaceful, and I will be able to accompany Yiren and spend time together. Life.


Suddenly I heard footsteps, and the boy stood at the door panting: “It turns out that you all came here and made me look for a while.”


Jun Qianyu asked, “Why is my brother in such a hurry?”


The boy said, “Didn’t you say you’re leaving today? The boat is ready and waiting for you on the dock!” He stirred his nose a few times, “What’s the smell, so fragrant?” Only a few noodles and a little noodle soup left, “Did you cook noodles today? Why didn’t I know?”


Ningxi said generously: “I made it, you can eat it if you want!”


The boy was not polite. He found a bowl and ate two bites. Then he exclaimed: “It’s so delicious, how could I swallow two bites? I really should taste it carefully. Sister, You really made this? It’s so delicious, definitely the best noodles I’ve ever eaten in my life.”


I was so happy that Ningxi laughed, Jun Qianyu took her hand: “Let’s go!”


The boy grabbed Ningxi’s sleeve from behind: “Sister, sister goddess, why don’t you go first, or make me a bowl of noodles before you go!”


Ning Xi hesitated for a moment and wanted to turn back, but Jun Qianyu didn’t care and pulled her strongly: “I’ll buy you a lot of delicious food after going out.”


Ning Xi glanced at the boy apologetically and followed Jun Qianyu’s footsteps.


It’s still the boatman who came here, seeing only Jun Qianyu and Ning Xi getting on the boat, without any shock, still with a familiar expression, punting the boat.


Entering the pitch-dark waterway, Ning Xi was afraid and buried her head tightly in Jun Qianyu’s arms. Jun Qianyu gently patted her back: “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”


Ning Xi was in his arms, rubbing her head and shaking her head: “I’m not afraid.” But he still refused to raise his head, Jun Qianyu hugged her, only feeling soft in his heart.


The scenery along the way is the same, but the mood is completely different from the worry and worry when he came, and a smile is raised on the corner of Jun Qianyu’s lips.


The scenery of the border town below the mountain is far from the prosperity of the Central Plains, and the shops on the street are full of vulgar things. In the past, the high-ranking Prince Yu would not look down on him anyway, but Tu Bao Zining However, Xi couldn’t walk, his eyes were attracted by the colorful clothes in the ready-to-wear shop, and he couldn’t move.


Jun Qianyu took a few steps and found that she hadn’t followed, so she had to turn back: “What’s the matter? Let’s go, there is an inn not far ahead.”


Ning Xi pouted: “You promised to buy me nice clothes.”


Jun Qianyu patiently said: “Yes, back in the capital, I will let the best embroidery workshop in the capital make clothes for you alone.”


“No, I’m going to buy it here.” Ning Xi pointed to the ready-to-wear shop across the street.


Jun Qianyu is helpless: “Okay, then go in and have a look.”


Ning Xi immediately smiled, took his hand and jumped into the ready-to-wear shop: “I want to see that set of clothes.” He stretched out his finger and pointed to the bright peach-colored bosom that he had already seen outside. Yellow skirt.


The proprietress is a good person. When she saw Jun Qianyu, she knew that she was not an ordinary person, so she quickly flattered: “This girl is like a fairy, this dress is just made for you, look at this color How bright it is, it must look good on it, why don’t you try it?”


“Okay, I’m going to try it.” Ning Xi was elated, and quickly went into the inner room to change it out. She learned things very quickly. At first, she didn’t know how to wear a woman’s clothes. No matter how complicated the style is, it can be put on very quickly.


Like a butterfly, she turned a few circles in front of Jun Qianyu: “How is it, does it look good?”


I have to admit that as long as a person is beautiful enough, no matter how ugly the clothes are, they can hold up, even if it is such a tawdry color scheme with hot eyes, it is also very attractive to wear on her.


“It looks good.” Jun Qianyu reluctantly replied that buying such poor clothes would really detract from the style of his prince, that’s all, he thought, children always like brightly colored things, and they can only go back to the capital after they return to the capital. If I teach it slowly, in the future, when she is used to seeing good things, she will naturally not like them anymore.


It was just such a distracted effort, Ning Xi had already picked out a lot of colorful clothes, looked at him with sparkling eyes, and asked expectantly, “I want all of these, can I?” /


The proprietress also helped: “The girl is so beautiful, it’s not an exaggeration to buy any number of beautiful clothes.”


Jun Qianyu certainly couldn’t refuse: “Then buy them all, how much is the total?”


The proprietress picked up the abacus and “crackled” for a while, and quoted a price: “Shenghui eighty-five taels.”


Jun Qianyu’s eyes widened: “So…” Before he could finish, the proprietress hurriedly defended: “This price is the cheapest, I think the girl looks good, and the cost price for you is only I beg you to patronize the store’s business more in the future. When people praise the girl for her beautiful dress, don’t forget to mention the Zixia clothing store on Changsheng Street.”


The cost of the palace, even the most common clothes, is not less than one hundred taels of silver. Eighty-five taels can buy such a large amount, which is beyond his expectations. Ning Xi’s cautious eyes seemed to be afraid of the word “expensive” coming out of his mouth. Jun Qianyu couldn’t say anything, so he obediently took out the money.


Having made such a big deal, the proprietress was overjoyed, she specially took a large piece of floral cloth, folded the large pile of clothes, made a large package, and handed it to Jun Qianyu: “Okay, guest. !”


Jun Qian was stunned for a moment. Usually, when he buys something, he just needs to say “I want it.” He can turn around and leave. Naturally, someone will follow him to take care of everything. Now it’s okay to ask him to pay for the bill in person, and he has to work as a coolie. Anti baggage?


Ningxi pulled him strangely: “Let’s go, what are you still doing?”


“Go out and turn left and pass two more facades. It is the famous Shengji Silver Building. The girl has bought so many new clothes, how can I make it without buying some beautiful heads and faces?” The proprietress reminded kindly.


He came again, with those pitiful little eyes, Jun Qianyu resigned and said, “Let’s go, go buy jewelry.”


Aside from the poor workmanship and quality of the jewelry in Xiaoyinlou in these small places, this feeling of buying and buying with her own woman is really good. Jun Qianyudao finally liked this kind of jewelry. Feeling that, I kept encouraging Ning Xi: “Do you like this one? Just buy it if you like it, and that one is also good. Let’s pack it together.”


In the end, the wise and martial prince Yu turned into a humanoid transporter. Every corner of his body was covered with packages and boxes of different shapes. He struggled to live in the inn’s room, and threw his body down. Before he could speak, he heard Ning Xi sigh heavily: “Alas, it turns out that shopping is so tiring!”


Jun Qianyu was stunned, you stole my lines and told me what to say?


Of course, Ning Xi is not an idiot. In order to reward Jun Qianyu who has worked hard all day, she went to the kitchen to prepare a few side dishes for him. She found it on the street today, although she couldn’t remember herself. I know how to cook, but as long as I see the ingredients sold by the street vendors, I can naturally think of how to cook this kind of thing to taste the best.


The inn they live in also provides meals for the guests. The ingredients in the kitchen are quite rich. Ning Xi picked a few and told the cook in the kitchen, and asked her to count the price of the ingredients in the hotel. In the room fee, they borrowed their kitchen to use.


Usually some picky guests don’t want to eat the dishes made by the cook, and they also borrow the kitchen of the inn, so the cook is not used to it. Just pay for some firewood, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.


Ningxi picked some fresh clams, and the cook said casually: “These clams are fresh and sweet, and they are the best for soup.”


At this time, there was already a shredded yam soup simmering on the pot. Ning Xi didn’t want to make any more soup.


While she was frying, the cook continued to nag: “How can there be such a practice? We don’t eat it like this. The sweet and fresh taste is gone. How delicious is it.”


Ningxi wasn’t angry either. After frying, she picked one for her: “You can try it.”


The cook hesitated for a while and still ate it. The clams were tender and delicious, with a little spicy taste. The cook was addicted to eating them and wanted to pick up a few more chopsticks: “I didn’t expect it to be delicious, I’ll try it again. , after learning it, we can also have one more dish in our inn.”


Ning Xi protected the plate and said, “This is not good, I don’t have much left here.”


The cook smiled shyly: “The girl is so kind to your men.”


Ning Xi thought about it for a while, Jun Qianyu was just a man, he nodded and said, “If he treats me well, I will also treat him well.”


The cook said enviously, “Your man is so generous. He bought you so many things and spent a lot of money!”


Ningxi has no concept of silver coins, so he said casually, “A few hundred taels!”


The cook was stunned: “My dear, you can spend a few hundred taels of money?”


Ning Xi wondered: “A few hundred taels a lot?”


The cook is so angry that her chest hurts: “Why not much, I work hard for a month, and I earn 5 coins of monthly silver. At the end of the year, plus the benefits of the New Year’s Eve, I have a lot of money. Ten taels of silver should be snickering, you say a few hundred taels is not much!”


“That’s it!” Ning Xi was a little worried, Jun Qianyu didn’t know what he was doing, how much money could he earn in a month, wouldn’t she spend all the money he had saved over the years on this day? Well, no wonder his mouth twitched so embarrassingly when she said she wanted to buy clothes, why was he so ignorant?


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