Blissful Days After Widowhood Chapter 167: Flower table



Ning Xi was worried in his heart, but his hands didn’t stop. He made a horseshoe braised pork with bamboo sticks. The fresh aroma of the ingredients is delicious and not greasy.


Fried shredded eel with garlic sprouts is made with freshly harvested green garlic, added with rice wine, bean paste and minced onion, **** and minced garlic. The shredded eel is tender and slightly crispy, and the heat is just right.


Boiled cabbage is added with shredded cloud legs, sliced ​​bamboo shoots and chestnut meat.


The cook couldn’t help but admire: “Girl, your cooking skills are not bad compared to the chefs from the biggest restaurant in town, Cyclamen. If I had your cooking skills, I might be able to do it. If you go to a big family to be a cook or something, that moon silver will have to rise slowly.”


Ning Xi felt a move in her heart: “Auntie, are you saying that I can make money with this craft?”


“Yes, why not!”


“Then aunt, can you introduce me a job that can make money?” Ning Xi asked excitedly, just now she was still complaining that she only spent money, and she couldn’t help at all, and suddenly she knew that it was It is also useful for you, can you not be excited!


The cook licked her tongue and thought: “Well, your man promised you to come out to make money?” Generally, some families don’t let their women go out and show their faces.


Ning Xi thought about it carefully, it seems that since she woke up to now, Jun Qianyu has almost never refused to do anything she wants to do, and said, “Yes!”


Looking at the cook, she still looked a little unbelievable. She was afraid that she would not be willing to help, so she quickly added, “He asked me to find work to do it.”


The cook’s face immediately became disapproving, and she muttered in a low voice: “I see that your man looks like a man, but I didn’t expect it to be a thing.” That’s how her family’s men are. She can drink and beat women, and the family’s daily expenses depend on her to work outside. This girl looks delicate and tender. I thought it was the life of a young lady, but I didn’t expect it to be the same.


Jun Qianyu, who was lying with a gun in the guest room for no reason, suddenly sneezed, remembering that Ning Xi said to go get some food, and after walking for a while, he opened the door and planned to look for her.


Ning Xi was excited, but didn’t hear what the cook was muttering: “Auntie, what do you think I can do?”


The cook patted her thigh: “It’s just a coincidence. Tomorrow, Master Wu’s family will marry a wife, and they will set up a running water table for three days and three nights. I have a brother-in-law who helps the cook at Master Wu’s house. He said that he needed manpower that day, let me Help find a few people who can cook to help, and give you one hundred wen a day’s wages, just so you can go together!”


“Okay, okay!” Ning Xi hurriedly agreed, she didn’t know how much a hundred wen was, but listening to the chef’s tone, it seemed like a big errand!


“Then I’ll be waiting for you here in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Remember to come here. If it’s late, I won’t be waiting for you.”


“Ningxi!” Jun Qianyu called her from outside the door, “What are you doing, haven’t you done it yet?”


Ning Xi hurriedly put the prepared dishes into the basket: “That’s it, I’ll come out now.”


The cook raised her head and glanced at Jun Qianyu who was standing at the door. Although he was just an ordinary person at the moment, the majesty of his body still made her shiver involuntarily, and quickly suppressed her voice and hid in the stove behind the desk.


Ning Xi came out with the basket filled with vegetables, Jun Qianyu stretched out his hand to take it, and Ning Xi took his hand and jumped back.


“Why are you so happy?”


“Tomorrow…” Ning Xi was about to say it when she suddenly changed her mind and came up with an idea. Jun Qianyu was so kind to herself and bought so many good things for herself, and she also wanted to make money for her. He bought a gift, but there would be no surprise if it was told in advance.


“It’s nothing, I’ve cooked a lot of delicious dishes, and even the cook here says it’s delicious, am I amazing?”


“Of course!” Jun Qianyu pinched her nose dotingly, “My family’s Ningxi is the best!”


After dinner, Jun Qianyu asked the inn staff to bring hot water in. After the two bathed separately, it was time to sleep.


Ning Xi didn’t understand anything, so naturally she didn’t think there was anything wrong with the two of them sharing the same bed. When she woke up, the first person she saw was Jun Qianyu, and she naturally developed a chick complex. In addition, Jun Qianyu is good enough to her, so she is very attached to him, and she just wants to be able to stick to him all the time.


For Jun Qianyu, the two have long since become husband and wife, and sleeping together is a matter of course, but for him, this matter means more torment. There is nothing in this world than facing What’s more maddening than a beautiful wife who can’t do anything?


He really wants to complete their unfinished wedding room candles all the time, but he doesn’t want to wrong Ning Xi in such a simple environment, and secondly, more importantly, In the face of Ning Xi, who is as innocent as a child, he really can’t do anything!


Jun Qianyu thought, why is she so miserable? When she first met Ning Xi, she was a child, and when she grew up, her mind became a child again.


Unfortunately, this child was still trying to tease him, so Jun Qianyu finally calmed down the churning blood in his body, and lay flat on the bed, watching the world with his eyes, nose, nose, heart and mind, slowly adjusting his breath.


Ning Xi suddenly turned around and leaned on top of him. He looked at his face carefully through the bright moonlight outside the window, and touched his eyelashes with his little hands: “Why do you look so good-looking?”


Jun Qianyu grabbed her hand: “Don’t make trouble.”


“You’re mine, right?”


“Well, it’s yours.”


“The cook just said you are my man!”


Jun Qianyu’s heart was hot, he turned over and pressed her down, and said hoarsely, “Do you know how I can truly become your man?”


Ning Xi was taken aback: “What are you doing, you hurt me.”


Jun Qianyu pushed her away angrily, walked to the outside, took a shower with the cold water that she had taken a bath just now, and drank three cups of cold tea on the table, which took a long time to relax. Come here, I really don’t understand why I want to make trouble for myself.


Finally calmed down and walked into the room. The person who set up the fire and didn’t care about extinguishing it was already soundly asleep, Jun Qianyu sighed, and finally tucked the quilt for her. Lie down on her side.


Ning Xi had something in her heart, so she woke up early, just after dawn, she got up lightly and was about to get out of bed when someone grabbed her wrist: “What are you doing up so early?”


Ning Xi turned around and patted Jun Qianyu on the back softly: “Go to sleep, and I’ll make you something delicious.”


Jun Qianyu suffered for most of the night last night, and finally fell asleep when it was almost dawn. Now is the most sleepy time. After hearing what she said, she fell asleep again.


Ning Xi washed up, changed clothes, and walked out on tiptoe.


Jun Qianyu slept soundly this time, mainly because the scene in his dream was so charming that he didn’t want to open his eyes when he woke up. Then, I suddenly felt something was wrong. Ning Xi had been in the kitchen for a long time. The simple version of Buddha Jumps over the Wall should be made. Why hasn’t she made this breakfast yet?


Thinking of this, Jun Qianyu got up quickly and ran to the kitchen. Just as lunch was being prepared, the kitchen was very busy, serving dishes, passing messages, people coming and going, and several large stoves were burning vigorously. Yes, before the person entered, he was choked by the heat of the cooking and coughed for a while.


Jun Qianyu shook his hand in front of his eyes a few times, waving away the lingering heat in front of his eyes, and looked around in a circle, but Ning Xi was nowhere to be seen, he grabbed a piece of mutton in his hand and hurried in front of him Man passing by: “Have you ever seen a young woman who borrows your kitchen to make breakfast in the morning?”


The man didn’t look at him, and said impatiently: “What time is there for breakfast? Don’t look at what time it is. After a while, the lunch will be finished, don’t bother me, there are already few staff today. , there are still a lot of guests, so it’s all my fault for Mrs. Xie, who took away several of me, and when she came back, she had to deduct her half a month’s monthly payment.”


Jun Qianyu didn’t want to listen to his nagging. He walked around in the kitchen. After confirming that he couldn’t find anyone, he immediately ran outside to look for it. The entire inn was searched, and there was no trace at all.


Jun Qianyu suddenly panicked, her hands that had never trembled in the face of the thousands of enemy troops, were trembling slightly at the moment, who would kidnap her under his nose? Go, for what purpose, what do you want to get from him?


In just a short moment, Jun Qianyu has gone through all the things he has done over the years and the people he has offended in his mind. A clue.


Walking dazedly on the bustling street, I suddenly felt that the crowds around me were running in one direction, and someone was anxiously pulling the companion beside him: “Hurry up, you won’t be able to eat good food later.”


“What’s the hurry, this water mat will last three days and three nights!”


“Isn’t it? The Wu family spent their entire blood this time. When I heard about the running water seats on the street, they paid a lot of money to invite the chef from the provincial capital to come and cook. That’s the smell, keep your food safe. It will never be forgotten once in this life.”


“Impossible, then Wu San is a stingy, willing to spend money to hire a chef in the provincial capital?”


“Whether it is or not, people who have eaten it say it is delicious. In our town, no one can make that taste.”


Jun Qianyu’s heart moved, and he grabbed the person beside him: “Where is the Wu family’s running water mat?”


The man pointed forward casually: “It’s over there, the street is at the end of the street!”


There is a share for those who come to the running water table, and the running water prices of various dishes are continuously delivered, and the words on the empty plate are replaced. The way of eating, changing in front of him, Jun Qianyu naturally won’t even glance at it.


But now he also took the bowls and chopsticks, and picked up a piece of braised pork feet with soybeans on the table. As soon as the dish was eaten, the familiar taste lingered on the taste buds, and Jun Qianyu’s heart suddenly burst into anger!


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