The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 39: New World Carnival


Are those people still here? There is joy in Wang Xuan’s eyes. The separation is too long. Parents, elder brother, mobile phone, Gu Jin, Wu Liuji and others have not seen each other for thousands of years up.

In any case, the group of supreme beings did not die during the upheaval of the mythology, and here is the best news for the Taoism and rhyme left after their battle.

Actually, Wang Xuan Sanyou was a little boy. He said that the first update every day, but he didn’t believe it. How could a group of top true saints suddenly disappear. If they all died overnight, then the problem in the field of mythology would be really too big.

It took 9 years, Wang Xuan drove the boat in the mist all the way, walked on the route of the highest spiritual world, and officially looked at the legendary other shore.

Wang Xuan estimated that if he took the route of the real world, he would not be able to calculate how long it would take to arrive after passing through many decayed universes from the deep space.

Only the road in the spiritual realm, beyond the world, has infinite possibilities.

Of course, this is only for the 6 broken creatures in the whole field, and it is not applicable to others.

If there is no wonder in the mist-the mysterious boat, if the extraordinary person’s physical body alone travels in the spiritual world, the action will be hindered, and it will not be very fast.

Because the spiritual world is only a place suitable for the primordial spirit to travel.

Before the end of this era, the other side and the outside world have opened up a mysterious shortcut, otherwise communication will be extremely difficult, as if there is a wide moat across the sky.

Now, Wang Xuan has opened up a new route, but it is only suitable for him, and others are currently unable to take this route.

Wang Xuan smiled all over his face, hoping to see his old friends again. He cautiously walked all the way in the deep space, looking forward to reuniting with his relatives.

On the way, his face gradually became serious. What kind of battle broke out in this deep space? There are really many “remnants” left by the true saint.

There are still Immortal Laws in play today, forming dangerously destructive areas.

For example, in a cracked area, if top aliens rush into it rashly, they will be cut into pieces directly, and they will not be able to escape even if they want to escape.

During the period, Wang Xuan also sensed the true meaning of “Nine Destroyers Rebirth” left by his parents. They also shot in this eternally silent deep space.

Wang Xuan restrained his smile, as if he was not so optimistic, Wu, You, Dao, and Kong all appeared, and even the strange things of the mobile phone were in action. There was a big battle here, and the scene was absolutely terrifying.

835 years ago, Yihui mentioned that their super mythical world has been plotting the fragments of the real place-the other shore. At that time, he suddenly woke up, and instantly thought, is the supreme true sage on their side also paying attention to this other side?

Now it seems that his guess is correct. Wu, You, Dao, Kong and others controlled the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, and they also went deep into the land of eternal silence, and they really came to the other shore.

“How did the old center recover before the 23rd century? It is said that it is the mirror world of the No. Gradually clear.”

Wang Xuan believes that the group of old saints who disappeared are doing major experiments, just like the group of broken creatures behind Yihui and Mingxuan, they want to reproduce the mythical pure land that will never go out.

However, the old sage was more cautious, and did not directly experiment with the No. 1 myth source, but used the old center before the 23rd century to integrate with the fragments of the land of return to truth.

A clear network of veins, slowly being blown away by the mist, emerged in front of Wang Xuan’s eyes. Bingying/orzhe/100degreessearchsearch|three|excellent/small|sayevery/day|rush|first|read.

Obviously, the process is not so smooth, the opinions of the saints are difficult to fully unify, and the recovery of the old center before the 23rd century, and various preparations are far from easy, it is a “super big project”.

But in the end, the strongest group of saints joined forces to make a move.

“It’s just that even the Great Migration of Myths has taken place for more than a thousand years. After such a long time, how far have they progressed? Is it smooth?”

Wang Xuan is also deeply aware that everything can happen in too long a time. The scene is unimaginable when it is fully launched.

Wang Xuan stared at the bright place in the infinite distance, his brows were deeply furrowed, the universe on the other side was also torn open, pouring out torrents of fire, radiating into the deep space, is this the result of their melee?

Could it be all three losers, right? Many people died in battle, the other side was broken, people were burned, and blood flowed like a river. When Wang Xuan thought of this scene, he was very disturbed.

He stood on a small boat in the mist, approaching silently. The lake under the boat was crystal clear, with soft ripples. This mysterious misty lake seemed to never sail out. Cross the world.

Now, Wang Xuan can only stand at the stern of the boat, but still can’t reach the coffee table, scriptures, tea sets, etc. in front, but it’s okay, at least, he hasn’t soaked his feet in the lake for many years.

“The other side is really not suitable for living.” Although the distance is far away, Wang Xuan has already speculated that the power of radiation in that place is too abnormal. ?

What’s the situation? He was a little confused, at least those areas that were torn apart were simply considered Jedi.

“Huh?” As he approached Wang Xuan, he found something unusual. This endless deep sky was densely packed, with many land plates suspended and many stars, but they were all covered by the magic circle.

However, it is close to this kind of search three. The degree of excellence is small. It is said that it is the fastest updated every day. His spiritual eye can already find out that there is no secret to him.

In fact, as it approaches, even if there is no sky eye, a slightly stronger transcendent will be able to discover that those magic circles are not to cover up the secrets of the sky, but to dissolve the radiation.

As Wang Xuan continued to approach him, he was in a daze. There are countless islands of various kinds, and many normal planets, forming a magnificent picture scroll, like a sea of ​​stars, surrounding the other shore.

Moreover, after entering this mysterious area, which is obviously a mixture of islands and planets transported by humans, the popularity suddenly increased, and the entire deep space was no longer dead.

No matter on those planets or on those huge islands, there are creatures of all races, and the landscapes, mountains and rivers are very magnificent.

These giant islands, stars, etc., are separated by the deep space far away, receiving the illumination of the fragments of the land of return to the truth, and are purified by the magic circle, and have not been affected by harmful radiation.

This is obviously a man-made world.

Even now, there are aliens who are moving one planet after another, rearranging them, and transforming them into an ideal extraordinary world.

Here is full of vitality, the mythical civilization is highly developed, and it is in full swing.

Obviously, not all of them are creatures from the other side. Many of the voices Wang Xuan heard were from the super myth of Yihui and Mingxuan

The world’s languages, in addition to the No. 1 extraordinary source ancient language and so on.

There is no doubt that the creatures here are quite complicated.

“Chunchi Yanyun!” Wang Xuan’s emotions were a little intense, and he couldn’t help it.

He thought that the heavens and worlds were dead, and the land on the other side was also suffering from radiation, which was also very uncomfortable. After all, even the true saints had fled, and even the big boss Ge had left. It’s not like that.

The curtain has indeed come to an end in other places. The myths of the major universes have decayed and are covered by the umbrella of eternity. All extraordinary beings are struggling under the “severe cold” and forced to fall into “hibernation”.

As a result, there is a place that is so lively. When others are frozen under the mythical black snow, there are “festive lights and feasting”, the atmosphere is warm, songs are sung, dances are danced, it is simply a celebration of prosperity.

“After the promised myth changes, everyone will die together forever, and the six extraordinary sources will be frozen for hundreds of millions of years. As a result, after coaxing everyone else to fall asleep, you start to exchange glasses, drink and drink, and revel alone This is what Wang Xuan felt after comparing the current situation of this place with the outside world.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, this place is extraordinary and bright, the power is moving huge land, pulling planets, and is reshaping a new mythical universe.

In the transformed area, a large number of extraordinary people gather, discuss the Tao, have a good time with wine, visit friends, and look for good fortune and opportunities.

There is a sword fairy who travels to the islands of millions of miles, and spends the night in the sea of ​​clouds where the gods and clouds gather, so he is happy and happy.

Wang Xuan’s eyes are red. He has survived for 860 years in the decayed place – the old center.

Thinking of the group of acquaintances from the No. 1 Transcendent Source, Lao Zhang, Fang Yuzhu, etc., including Shou, Ge, and a group of true saints, as well as Lu Po, Baimao Weiluo, etc., some people may be eating Heixue in their sleep, Immediately, Wang Xuan was a little anxious for them.

“Anyone can enter the new mythical universe, but don’t sneak in, queue up to enter, and after participating in the construction of the new world, you will have your own dojo.”

Near this magnificent new world, a mysterious super magic circle is arranged. As long as there is a life approaching, there will be order ripples to remind.

“Whether it is the aborigines who retreated earlier or the new comrades, they can enter the venue in an orderly manner through the North Heaven Gate, and don’t cause trouble.”

Wang Xuan was startled, this is still the period when the new world is forming.

He didn’t try to smuggle, because he saw warships, mythical giant ships, etc. in the distance, and there were also casual cultivators like him.

The most important thing is that the situation here is complicated, and there should be no shortage of supreme beings. If you misunderstand, you will be in big trouble.

He also didn’t want to use a boat in the mist to escape on the first day of his arrival.

What makes him feel at ease is that he hasn’t sensed the true saint yet, so let’s try to get close first.

As they moved forward, more and more creatures entered the area in front of them in an orderly manner. At the same time, through their conversations, Wang Xuan gradually learned some specific situations.

On the other side, there was indeed a war. For thousands of years, many aborigines have escaped and scattered in nearby and farther areas. In recent years, they have begun to return one after another.

Many creatures run back every day, because it has been determined that there is no danger.

Some people came back on a warship, and some superhumans returned from a huge dojo. Of course, there were also many casual cultivators in extremely poor physical condition. The power can also spread to those areas where they fled.

At the same time, there are also visitors from other places that are more glamorous and splendid, and the huge ships they control are quite extraordinary, and the textures of royal roads are often intertwined.

On some huge giant ships, there are accents similar to those of Yihui and Mingxuan, so you don’t need to think about where they come from.

“This super mythical world finally became the victor?” Wang Xuan frowned. It was obvious that the super big universe was immigrating.

But soon he stretched his brows again, and heard a certain familiar “ancient sound”, which should belong to the old center before the 23rd century, and there were huge ships carrying new migrants.

Everyone entered through the huge and majestic Beitianmen, and was reminded that no matter what their status was, they had to participate in transforming the new world after coming here, so that they would have their own dojo in the future.

The crowd was diverted several times and scattered to various places, which soon turned into hundreds of roads.

Wang Xuan was speechless. He thoroughly understood the rules here on the way. After arriving here, he first went to open up wasteland, cultivate new continents, arrange magic circles, move planets, etc. In short, he first went to be a high-level job to create mythical value.

The giant ships and other powerful instruments were put away by their respective owners, and everyone followed the team forward.

Not far A group of people came down from a top warship. Bingying/orzhe/100degreessearchsearch|three|excellent/small|sayevery/day|rush|first|read.

She sent a voice transmission in the dark, and quietly took out a token, saying: “I know Fairy Ling Han from the Nirvana Dojo.”

Others can’t hear it, but Wang Xuan, who has 6 breaks in the whole field, can intercept the secret words between her and the gatekeeper.

“Ni Mie Dojo…” Obviously, the name of this orthodox system made the pupils of the guards constrict, and they gasped.

However, he really doesn’t know Fairy Ling Han in Nirvana Dojo.

Beside him, someone secretly reminded: “Miss Ling Han is a junior sister of the stranger Mingxuan.”

“6 Breaking the Nirvana Dojo, the former genius of the sky, and now the supreme stranger…Mingxuan?” aisle.

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