The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 38: The other shore


Said he wanted to leave, but Wang Xuan still stayed there for decades. For no other reason, he bravely rushed to the Eternal Silence Black Umbrella to study the special wonders that occasionally appeared there.

In the end, he frowned, and once again fell into the inexplicable black realm, where he almost fell asleep.

Wang Xuan realizes that he is not a true saint, even if he can stay awake in the Eternal Silence Era, some taboo rules cannot be challenged, which is very dangerous.

After that, he no longer insisted on approaching and studying the Eternal Silence Black Umbrella.

47 years later, when he was walking in the starry sky, his body suddenly tensed up, and his 6-point sensor in the whole field was quite sharp. He stood on the edge of the fog and looked into the distance.

Time and space were shattered, and a creature covered in blood fell down. Moreover, the other party’s sense of consciousness was very strong, and he sensed it, and glanced directly: “Who?!”

“A passerby.” Wang Xuan responded.

“Get out!” The forbidden armor on the creature was broken, his hair was disheveled, some wounds were difficult to heal, and he had a very bad temper and was very irritable.

“Unfilial descendants, how can you talk to your ancestor? Wang Xuan responded coldly, what is the reason for this, and he didn’t provoke the other party, so he didn’t have anything good to say.

“Huh?” On the opposite side, the creature seemed to be startled, and opened its thunder and fire sky eyes, scanning the void here. He was severely injured and fled here in a bad mood.

After many years of silence, Wang Xuan saw a living transcendent who was very “desire to confide”, and hadn’t fought with anyone in the field of language for many years.

He is really not afraid, even if the opponent is a supreme being, but in terms of verbal fights and escape, this person is probably only a disciple.

The other side was silent, did not “fight” with him, and had no “desire to talk” at all, until it finally disappeared silently, and then suddenly descended on the edge of the fog.

Unfortunately, he failed.

The boat in the mist drifted far away, it was too fast, and when it reached the other side of the starry sky, Wang Xuan was sure that this was the supreme being, and he must have retreated from the battlefield on the other side, because his body was covered with strong radiation. residual rhyme.

“True saints are fighting fiercely and bloodily on the other side? It’s really fascinating and fascinating.” Wang Xuan said to himself, wanting to watch the battle very much.

“Who are you?” The wounded strong man stopped being domineering and asked cautiously.

“I said it all, passing by, I didn’t meet you.” Wang Xuan responded from a distance. Back then, he was chased and killed by Lu Po’s short-haired white hair, and he escaped successfully. Now facing a saint, don’t worry. blocked.

The other party was silent again, slowly dimmed, and then the figure was completely extinguished. Then, there was a big explosion at the end of the deep space, and the supreme being tore a big crack in the universe, and left the bustling old center.

Wang Xuan was stunned. At first, he felt that the other party wanted to lure him out, but then he was sure that the strong man had indeed gone away and ran away decisively!

In the end, the mist covered the sky, and he stood on the boat, avoiding a culling attack by the supreme being, which caused the other party to misunderstand.

“In the age of eternity, returning to the old center for 760 years, I fought against the true sage with the body of an alien 6th heaven, crushed him, and made him flee in panic.” Wang Xuan commented on this battle.

As for the brackets: a battle of words.

There is no need to mention those words, he follows the principle of simplicity.

After this battle, Wang Xuan’s confidence has greatly increased, and he feels that even if he meets the real saint, the problem is not very serious, not to mention other things, he should be able to protect himself.

“Rationally speaking, I should restrain myself and not rush to the other side. If I am not a true saint, I will never end up in the game. I am still far from the level of a chess player.” Wang Xuan said to himself, sighing.

In the land of decay, as long as he can resist the drowsiness, he can continue to practice in this era of law destruction. The most important thing is that he is safe enough.

Decades later, he got up on the meteorite, rubbed his temples, was a little tired, and said to himself: “If this goes on, one day, I will also hibernate in the mythical frozen age.”

He looked up, and saw the endless black umbrella with no end in sight, and the black wonders that descended on the resuscitators became more and more frequent.

He finally understood why the true saint would eventually fall into a long sleep. Also, his parents are strange people, walking the path of silence, but after each era ends, most of the time they choose to sleep for a long time


Unless this big umbrella is overturned, otherwise, it will always be targeted by it.

In the next few years, he chose to haunt various places, practicing while walking, to avoid sitting for a long time and being too silent, deepening sleepiness.

Now, he is practicing some scriptures that require intense stretching of the body and releasing the light of the primordial spirit, such as the scriptures of the Beast Emperor Fist, the Dao of Balance, and the scriptures of Wuyoudao air pressure in the 36th world, which are all being integrated and penetrated by him , not constrained by the original framework.

“What a big tortoise, it’s alive, it’s an extraordinary tonic.” Wang Xuan was surprised. On the edge of the very remote universe, among the dense meteorite debris, he found a giant tortoise, which was many times larger than a normal planet. , it is hiding in this barren land where spaceships cannot pass, and it is sleeping.

Undoubtedly, this is an extraordinary giant tortoise, whose strength is quite extraordinary, and belongs to the strange tortoise corresponding to the strange man.

Wang Xuan estimated that this must be a strange turtle at the end of the Jiuzhongtian. If it breaks the limit and is strong enough, it is not an exaggeration to call it a quasi-sage.

“Hey, who wants to cook me?” Laogui woke up on the spot, very vigilant. Obviously, his Taoism is indeed terrifyingly high.

“Who are you?!” When it regained consciousness, it raised a giant claw thousands of miles long, and slapped towards Wang Xuan.

Wang Xuan stretched out his hand and pointed upwards, sending out infinite light, instantly resisting the huge tortoise claw, and exuding 6 layers of imperial texture, illuminating the entire sea of ​​stars, resident in the world, showing unparalleled brilliance Divine power.

For a moment, the old turtle at the end of the Jiuzhongtian, who was as tyrannical as an alien, was shaking, its shell cracked, and its entire head was numb, completely horrified.

“Fellow daoist, I misunderstood, please be merciful!” With a whoosh, its head and limbs were all retracted into the turtle shell, circulating the mysterious texture of the royal way, and defended cautiously.

“I didn’t intend to attack you, but a casual sentence caused you such a big reaction?” Wang Xuan stopped, but the place where he stood was still clear and clear, and the world seemed decayed and dusty. completely different.

“Are you that old turtle in the strange sea?” Wang Xuan was surprised. In the past, he was tricked into the strange sea by a mobile phone. In addition to getting five sets of karmic fishing rods, he also met Zhuo Yanran, Xuantian, Hei there. Cranes, net red crows, and a petrified old turtle in a different sea.

“Ah, the stone tortoise in Yihai is a slough left by me. I am the real body.” Dagui nodded quickly and admitted that he felt that the other party was not so strong, and this time it should not be a bad fate.

“I know, it is still conscious, and it mentioned you.” Wang Xuan said.

In the past, the petrified old turtle had a good relationship with Wang Xuan. The most important thing is that the old turtle had rescued Wang Yusheng in a different sea two centuries ago.

The old turtle once said that its real body was probably seriously injured, otherwise it would not disappear, and please Wang Xuan, if he saw it in the future, or dug it out from the ground and tried to rescue it, he might still be alive.

Wang Xuan was amazed that some causes and effects on the Chaofan road were quite strange, and it became a prophecy. He really met him and dug them out from the meteorite group.

“How about you?” he asked.

“Well, I was injured back then and just took a nap, but when I woke up, the world was turned upside down. I didn’t keep up with the transfer of the supernatural source, and wasted an era.” The old turtle said helplessly.

“You mean, you were asleep during the Great Migration of Mythology?” Wang Xuan felt outrageous.

“Not this time, go back one era.”

The old turtle was a little embarrassed, and then it became depressed again, saying: “I haven’t caught up with this era. After the decaying universe recovered, I retreated for more than a thousand years, adjusted my state, and took a nap again. Hundreds of years have passed, and I set off here, entering the highest spiritual world on my way. Going and stopping like this for hundreds of years, **** it, when I arrived here, I missed it again, and it ran away again from the source of mythology!”

Wang Xuan was dumbfounded when he heard this. This efficient tortoise took a nap twice in a row, and also slowed down. He actually missed two extraordinary center transfers perfectly. He is really a top-notch tortoise!

“So, you started to sleep again after running over here?”

The old turtle also felt ashamed, his face turned green, and said: “If I don’t die after the end of the extraordinary cold winter night, I will wake up and start to move in the next century, and I will definitely not doze off.”

“What a genius!” Wang Xuan nodded. It was the first time he had heard of such a strange turtle.

Since the other party rescued his elder brother and he also has a good impression of the petrified old turtle, it is natural to help.

At that moment, he informed the precise coordinates of the supernatural source No. 1, and he gave the old turtle a lot of supernatural factors, of course he chose the softest kind.

“Actually, you can leave now.” Wang Xuan suggested.

“It seems very far away. Moreover, under the eternal silence, the highest spiritual world will occasionally be haunted by demons. I’d better wait until the new era opens before going on the road. Well, let’s sleep first.” This turtle is a bit ridiculously lazy , with clear coordinates, and a large number of extraordinary factors as “travel expenses”, it is unwilling to leave.

Fortunately, it has now become a strange turtle similar to a strange man, and can survive in eternal silence.

“Up to you.” Wang Xuan really has no temper for this lazy turtle, so he casually tossed it a damaged holy artifact, and paid back part of the cause and effect for his elder brother, and the rest needs to be met when the parties meet. It’s over.

“Flawed prohibited items?!” The old turtle was dumbfounded and then ecstatic.

“You are an extraordinary person, and you haven’t even caught up with a holy artifact? It’s a bit miserable.” Wang Xuan commented.

The old turtle yawned and said: “I don’t have that much ambition. Everyone, every turtle, has his own way and his own dream. I think it’s good to eat, sleep, and sleep. I never thought of becoming the number one master in the world, maybe the first master in the sky will appear at any time, and shoot the number one master to death.”

What else can Wang Xuan say? I can only agree, saying: “You are so right. Everyone’s Tao, as well as the other side of the dream in their hearts, are different, so you can’t force it.”

He said goodbye and turned to go away.

“Where are you going, don’t you sleep for a while? This is the mythical frozen age!” The old turtle shouted from behind, reminding loudly.

Wang Xuan replied: “I’m going to enlighten the Tao and practice, and I may go to a fragment of the land of returning to the truth when I turn around, and I won’t come to say hello to you.”

“But this is obviously the hibernation period under the eternal night.” The old turtle was a little suspicious of Guisheng, and said to himself: “In the period of eternity, the geniuses of the sky are still practicing, and they are really masters. If you compare it this way, I seem to be a bit of a scumbag. Sigh, let’s get some sleep, I’ll be a tyrant in the next century.”

Ten years later, Wang Xuan really felt that he was being targeted by the black umbrella of eternal silence. In the era when everything in the extraordinary world was dead, he was the only one with supernatural powers and was active. The scene is shrouded all the year round.

He decided to leave the old center and get close to the other shore to have a look. It doesn’t have to be deep, he just needs a place where he doesn’t have to be forced into a long sleep.

Based on the Yuanshen clock, the No. 1 extraordinary source has been frozen for 894 years, and Wang Xuan returned to the old center for 860 years, and now he is 2409 years old.

“Years, years, I can’t imagine that most of my life is spent in this universe.” Wang Xuan said with emotion.

He has only lived in the mother universe for 183 years, and lived for more than 22 and a half years on that special road to the extraordinary central universe.

Now, he can’t find the coordinates of the mother universe, and he can’t go back for the time being.

In this year, Wang Xuan officially set out to go to the depths of the Land of Eternal Silence, to find the “other shore” where the extraordinary fire has never been extinguished.

When he was enlightened at the 36th remnant of the old center, he had clashed with aliens from the other side, killed two of them, and had already obtained the exact coordinates.

Unfortunately, there was originally a shortcut, but only the true sages knew it, controlled by them, could effectively teleport creatures in and out.

However, this is not a problem for Wang Xuan. He travels to the highest spiritual world, and drives a boat in the mist to go on the road at a speed beyond the limit.

The highest spiritual world is very quiet now, deathly silent.

Even this time, Wang Xuan didn’t see anything unusual, such as Saint Lao Pi.

The world is vast, and he is the only one who walks alone. The highest spiritual world corresponding to these universes on the road currently belongs to him alone, and there are no other extraordinary people.

“It’s a long way!” Wang Xuan exclaimed, hurrying in the highest spiritual world

He spent half a year, and he is still not close to the destination!

It would be even more unimaginable if this took the path of the real world.

However, he has already passed by the Jedi where Laomo Judao, Silver-haired Vero, Lu Po and others once slept.

He didn’t go there to investigate. If a living old monster was dug up, it would be a lot of fun, and he couldn’t stand the excitement.

In the following journey, the highest spiritual world turned into a barren land with no vitality. It can be said that this is a desert in the spiritual realm.

Because, this area does not belong to the category of the normal universe anymore, and ordinary creatures have long since disappeared.

When he came out of the spiritual desert world, what he saw was boundless darkness and emptiness, nothing.

Wang Xuan is no stranger to this kind of environment. When he returned to ancient times, a group of them went on an expedition with the Beast Emperor to the Land of After traveling for a long time, they have far exceeded the place where the other side is located. area.

Not long after, he returned to the spiritual desert world again, driving the boat in the mist at high speed.

A few years later, he felt that there was no longer a spiritual desert ahead, and he entered the real world ahead of schedule.

“Hiss, it’s so magnificent!” Wang Xuan’s pupils constricted, feeling very shocked, the light in front of him was overwhelming, and the boundless universe seemed to be burning, radiating boundless extraordinary flames.

“Someone tore apart the universe on the other side?” His heart trembled, and the power it radiated penetrated into the deep space of eternal silence. You must know that he was far from the other side yet.

“Huh?!” Wang Xuan’s complexion changed slightly. In this deep space, he sensed the remnants of the familiar rules, which were left behind by nothing and something.

Subsequently, he even noticed the faint daoist breath of the strange thing on the phone tearing through the deep space, and even caught the residual rhyme left by the red sleeve.

“This group of supreme beings are really capable of tossing around, they really came here!” Wang Xuan’s heart was racing.

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