Outright Favoritism Chapter 1082: : Got it, Chen Ge is afraid of Nei



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Yin Mo looks expressionless, but his eyes are entangled with small emotions, “If you don’t fight, I want her to die.”


He Chen snorted, and then he took out a gun from nowhere. It was loaded with two clicks, and it was stuffed directly into Yin Mo’s hand, and pushed her back, “Hurry up,” When you come back, I will take you to the hospital.”


The back of her hand was broken, bloody, like a tooth bite.


At this time, Yin Mo held the gun in his hand, looked up at He Chen, and then pulled his lips: “Forget it, she’s still useful, I’ll talk about it next time.”


Yun Li stayed on the spot, caught off guard and showed his affection.


He discovered that He Chen really has no bottom line to indulge Yin Mo.


Even if Yin Mo threatened to kill his old love, his mother would give her a gun directly…


Yun Li felt that he might not be able to do this.


Finally, Ayong came to the cafe to clean up the mess. In addition to the damaged tables and chairs, he also added a sealing fee.


A group of people walked out of the cafe, and A Yong stopped talking as if tangled.


He Chen took Yin Mo’s wrist and covered the back of her hand with a tissue, “If you have a fart, let it go.”


Hearing this, A Yong said bluntly, “Brother Chen, a car picked up Cheng Li just now. The license plate number is…”


“Tell her.” Without raising his head, He Chen concentrated on wrapping Yin Mo’s wound, “I won’t listen to other women’s affairs.”


A Yong nodded, I understand, Chen Ge is afraid.


Not long after, He Chen took Yin Mo’s car key and threw it to Yun Li, “Send it to Ziyun Mansion.”


“It’s North City One.” Yin Mo raised his eyes and corrected him seriously.


He Chen patted her on the head, “Baby, we haven’t settled the bills yet, you give me a little behave, eh?”


Yin Mo stopped talking.




In less than five minutes, the group left the cafe in Litang Bay.


In the car, Yin Mo’an sat steadily beside He Chen, possibly with a guilty conscience. She looked at the man’s profile from time to time, trying to speak but she didn’t know where to start.


Without words all the way, the car quickly arrived at the Royal Hospital.


He Chen took her directly to the emergency room, and said astonishingly, “Get a rabies vaccine.”


Yin Mo tugged at him, “It’s to break the cold…”


He Chen gazed at her gloomily, Yin Mo had no choice but to take off the tissue on the back of his hand, “Fight both.”


Her submissive attitude smoothed the man’s frowning eyebrows, and He Chen stared at the back of her hand in a vicious tone, “She bit you, won’t you hide?”


“I’m fighting back.” Yin Mo didn’t feel how painful the wound was. During the fight, her adrenaline soared. She was thinking about beating someone, but didn’t notice Cheng Li’s small movements.


Besides, it was just a bite, which was not serious.


At this time, the doctors in the emergency room felt that they were here to smash the scene.


Because of my identity, I didn’t dare to make any trouble, so I made an invitation gesture forward with a smile, “Brother Chen, you two come with me first.”


Yin Mo looked around, and it turned out that He Chen knew the doctor here.


In the consulting room, the doctor rubbed his eyebrows, looked at He Chen, whose eyes were watery, and reached out to signal Yin Mo, “Miss, please show me your wound.”


Yin Mo stretched out his hand naturally, and when the doctor was about to grab her wrist and waved, He Chen said, “You don’t want your paws anymore?”


The doctor took a deep breath and silently stuffed his hands into the outer pockets of the lab coat, “Miss, you can just put your hands on the table.”


Yin Mo kicked He Chen under the table, then nodded and smiled at the doctor, “Trouble.”


After the examination, the doctor said that one shot of tetanus would be fine. Don’t touch the water within three days, it will get better soon.


Originally, He Chen insisted on the rabies vaccine, but under the doctor’s explanation, he learned that the vaccine might have a fever, and he immediately dismissed the idea.


Half an hour later, He Chen walked out from the emergency room grandiosely holding Yin Mo sideways.


Yin Mo struggled to no avail, so he could only put his arms around his shoulders and whispered: “You let me down, myself…”


He Chen looked down at her silently, her thin lips pressed tightly, and her dark eyes were deep and cold.


Yin Mo can feel that he seems unhappy no matter how dull he is.


The reason?


Could it be… because of Cheng Li?


Yin Mo observed carefully for a few seconds, but couldn’t see any clues, and simply shut up.


Back to the parking lot, He Chen threw Yin Mo into the back seat and told A Yong to get away. Then he got into the car and slammed the door.


The back seat of the Eurocar is very spacious, but Yin Mo was pressed by He Chen by the door, the distance was shortening, and the space seemed to be cramped.


Yin Mo raised his hand to his chest and explained in a faint manner: “I’m just talking about it. I didn’t really want to kill her, you don’t need to… uh…”


He Chen kissed her lips desperately, no matter how Yin Mo struggled, he ignored it.


For a long time, Yin Mo felt that his lips were numb, and the struggling was getting more intense, even a little impulsive to do it.


He Chen kissed deeply, but soon realized something was wrong.


Because Yin Mo’s body became stiffer and stiffer, and his breathing was rapid but not emotional, more like anger.


In fact, He Chen seldom sees Yin Mo angry, except for the first time she met, and later in front of him, she always hid her thoughts gently.


He Chen let go of her red lips and opened her eyes to realize that Yin Mo’s eyes were very red and faintly glowing.


He breathed tightly and wiped the corners of her lips with his thumb, “Baby?”


Yin Mo swallowed, his voice was cold and not unpleasant, he was dumb, “You can’t bear to say it straight, there is no need to act in front of me.”


Yin Mo, with low emotional intelligence, suddenly lost control of his emotions.


At that moment, she felt that He Chen was kissing her, but she was thinking of others in her heart.


Cheng Li, Cheng Li, he must not let go of his little lychee.


At this time, He Chen put his hands around her waist and leaned back on the back of the chair, “Who do you think I can’t bear?”


It may be angry, the man’s tone has been raised a lot.


Yin Mo heard it out, and struggled even more in his heart, “You let go.”


“Impossible.” He Chen tightened her soft waist, pressed hard in his arms, raised his eyebrows, “It’s impossible in this life.”


Yin Mo didn’t react, his eyes became redder, “He Chen, you…”


As usual, this beautiful woman’s angry appearance will surely evoke He Chen’s fascination.


But not now, because Yin Moxuan was about to cry, as if he was about to cry.


He Chen’s heart suddenly twitched, and quickly lowered his posture, holding her face softly and coaxing: “Baby, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?”


Yin Mo frowned and pulled his hand, “You let go, you don’t have to worry about it.”


“Then who do you want to control, eh?” He Chen lowered his head and pecked at the tip of her red nose, rubbing her cheeks one after another, “Baby, you still don’t believe me until now? It’s better to take my heart out. Come out and take a closer look at who is inside.”


Yin Mo was accustomed to his sweet words and didn’t want to bother, but there was a sudden sound of loading in the quiet carriage.


In the next moment, a gun was stuffed in her hand, and the muzzle was pointed at He Chen’s heart.


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