Outright Favoritism Chapter 1081: : Yin Mo started playing Cheng Li



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In an instant, the whole cafe was surging.


He Chen is not good, but Yin Mo likes it.


He is poisonous and frivolous, but no one knows how hard he has been along the way, and the unknown sadness behind him.


Yin Mo, who endured for a long time, completely broke the tense string in his mind.


He Chen didn’t even have time to react, only to feel that the woman around him overturned the table in a swift motion. The next second, applause and screams resounded in every corner of the hall.


The spectators on the sidelines are dumbfounded, thinking that women fighting should not slap their hair?


Why that beautiful exotic beauty, watching Wenwen quietly, moves like a murderer.


At this time, He Chen twitched his forehead and the corner of his mouth twice, and Yun Li also sat down on the chair, folded his legs and watched the play leisurely, “Cheng Li learned kung fu?”


He Chen glanced at him, took out two cigarettes from his pocket, ignored the rules of the coffee shop, bit the cigarette holder and smiled frivolously, “Can Taekwondo count as Kung Fu?”


Yun Li touched his chin and looked at his handsome face, “Yin’s second child is not a good stubborn. According to this rhythm, it is normal for Cheng Li to break his arm and leg. Don’t you really feel bad?”


While speaking, Yin Mo already gave Cheng Li a back throw.


The other women didn’t watch the fight, but Yin Mo’s hand was very seductive.


He Chen held the cigarette holder and his eyes fell on Yin Mo, “Of course I feel distressed. She is delicate and tender. If I break it, I have to go back and give her medicine.”


Yun Li smiled, “Don’t pretend, you know who I’m talking about.”


He Chen raised his eyebrows and stared at him, his Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and his lips sneered, “Is it necessary for me to feel sorry for others?”


“You…” Yun Li leaned on the back of his chair, and shook his toes twice in front of him. “As a man, I have experienced some things. You should have heard one sentence, the most memorable thing in a man’s life A woman is always first love, will you admit it?”


He Chen looked down at the clearly disappearing cigarette, smiled evilly and said: “Acknowledge.”


Yun Li sneered unceremoniously with an expression of “I knew that you are not good at your dog stuff”, “You really don’t deserve Yin Mo.”


“Why don’t you deserve it, do you have the final say?” He Chen squinted at him and took a big mouthful of his cigarette. “It’s really unforgettable, because hate is hard to settle. Whenever I do it again, Lao Tzu will slash the dog and the man on the spot. .”


Yun Li narrowed his eyes and said a rather profound remark, “The background color of hate comes from love.”


“You are wrong.” He Chen pulled out a puff of smoke from the corner of his mouth, and his eyebrows became blurred. “I hate myself, and only by keeping her alive can I bring out how good Yin Mo is.” /


From the day when Yin Mo was selected, He Chen knew that he was completely sunk in mud.


He doesn’t care about Cheng Li’s life or death. If Yin Mo wants her life, he can take Cheng Li’s head and offer it with both hands.


At this time, Yun Li’s perception of He Chen quietly changed. In just a few seconds, he shook his head and chuckled, “If you say let it go, let it go. It’s no wonder that so many women are looking for life and death for you, so indifferent.” /


He Chen looked displeased and ridiculed: “You **** think that everyone is as confused as you are who you really want?”


I don’t know how many times Yunli has been deflated in front of He Chen: “…”


On the other side, Yin Mo and Cheng Li’s sparring is almost over.


To be precise, the unilateral beating is about to end.


As a straight woman of steel, Yin Mo has never been in a fight.


She has a bad temper in her heart, and she can’t let it go.


Even if Cheng Li’s arm had been dislocated, she still felt it was not enough.


The area where the two are fighting is already in a mess.


Yin Mo grabbed Cheng Li’s throat with one hand and pressed her to the table, and said without blushing and breathing; “Miss Cheng, you really can’t help but hit.”


Cheng Li couldn’t speak, his left arm was hanging on the corner of the table, unable to move, he could only use his right hand to constantly pat the back of Yin Mo’s hand, “Let…open…”


She imagined that Yin Mo would get angry, and guessed that she might play tricks in front of He Chen.


But it was totally unpredictable that she would be so rude to do it.


Ignoring Cheng Li’s slap, Yin Mo tightened his mouth and held her neck tightly, and stated in a flat tone, “You don’t love him at all, otherwise you won’t let him kneel.”


Cheng Li exhaled more and less air, and her red and swollen cheeks gradually turned purple, and she seemed to have a tendency to faint.


She really didn’t love He Chen back then. In that kind of environment, no one would like a man from a humble background who grew up eating bad food.


But now, He Chen has become more and more handsome and sexy. Not only is he sleek but also has a strong masculinity, Cheng Li is not sure.


Yin Mo relaxed a little, and saw Cheng Li breathing heavily, and asked calmly: “Speak up, what is your purpose for coming back this time?”


She thought that Cheng Li wanted to grab He Chen with her, but in the scene where she raised her hand and scolded He Chen, Yin Mo realized that things were not that simple.


That’s not an attempt to save the lover at all.


Cheng Li stretched out his leg to kick Yin Mo, but when he started to move, Yin Mo stepped on his calf bone, “If you don’t say, then kneel down and apologize to him, and I can let you go.” /


Yun Li: “???”


For a long time, Yin Mo and Cheng Li are trying to be fair to He Chen? ? ?


What’s the strange thing about these two people?


He Chen palpitated, opened the chair and strode to Yin Mo’s side, pulled the person into his arms, pecked her lips hard, and said dumbly: “Baby, I don’t need it.”


Yin Mo pushed him away, his expression faded a lot, “No way.”


After that, she asked bluntly: “Are you reluctant?”


He Chen sighed heavily, like a compromise, “Kneel, kneel, let her kneel, and roll after kneeling.”


The frost under Yin Mo’s eyes gradually melted, “Okay.”


Yun Li, He Chen: “…”


The two big men looked at Yin Mo in unison, and then they saw her pulling Cheng Li’s dislocated arm, pulling her up from the table, and kicking her on her leg.


With a sound of ‘plop’, Cheng Li’s knees fell straight to the ground, and he felt pain at the sound, “Ah—”


Yin Mo stood beside her, her dark eyes calm and unwavering, “Miss Cheng, letting a man kneel for you is nothing worth showing off. Stay away from him in the future, or I will beat you up.”


Cheng Li was already in a trance after being beaten. She knelt on the ground, her body faltering.


For a long time, she stumbled up from the ground, looking at He Chen with extreme hatred and disappointment, “He Chen, so, for me, you will regret it……”


Yin Mo wants to do it again.


He Chen circled her waist and prevented her movement.


Not long after, Cheng Li walked out of the cafe with a drag.


Yin Mo stared at her back, gradually curling her fingers on her side, until she couldn’t see Cheng Li’s figure, she fixed her eyes on He Chen, “Why are you stopping me?”


He Chen looked down at the back of her hand and raised his eyebrows with a smile when he heard the sound, “You still want to fight?”


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