Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1255: Happiness Train (2)





Boom boom boom…


The train in the name of “Happiness” galloped fast across the wasteland.


At speeds of up to 210 mph, the scenery outside the window flickers like a beautiful comic strip.


Iron Man put his arms around his chest, leaning on the soft and comfortable leather sofa, wearing a full set of steel armor, with Erlang’s legs crossed, and looking away from the window from time to time, he turned his attention to Kuaiyin lying on the sofa on the other side.


At this moment, Pietro, who has fused all the remains, has officially entered the stage of ‘living sacrifice’.


At the same time, his body has also been affected by the presence of the saint, and is gradually being completely replaced by the corpse. The vitality is deprived over time, and the body parts of the assimilation corpse are showing signs of lignification.


This bodes well for the integration process.


As long as there are no accidents, in twenty minutes, a ‘new world’ will be born.


Although he appeared calm, he was actually so nervous that his heart was almost jumping out of his throat.


The road to “happiness” is so close at hand, it is impossible for anyone to remain calm.


Especially, at this most critical moment, they must keep the ‘fruits of victory’ without being careless.


Mr. Fantastic patrolled around, walked in through the door, and said: “The train has been checked and there is no problem. I have arranged some traps and traps along the way, which can be used to block the enemy.”


After that, he turned his attention to Kuaiyin and frowned: “The speed of fusion is too slow…”


“You need to calm your mind, Reed.”


Iron Man raised a glass of wine and said, “We can’t interfere with the fusion speed. The more this happens, the more we have to keep calm.”


“Drink less, it’s important now.”


Mr. Fantastic frowned and said in a rather dissatisfied tone: “Alcohol will affect your brain, make correct judgments, Tony.”


“No, I think the exact opposite.”


Iron Man didn’t care, shook the glass and said: “A moderate intake of alcohol can help you relieve tension and allow your brain to think better. Tightening your nerves will only make you tired faster.”


“You better not delay the big thing, Tony.”


Mr. Fantastic gave him a cold look and said solemnly: “Otherwise, I’ll be the first to get rid of you.”


Now, he values ​​the arrival of a new world of ‘happiness’ more than anyone else.


Since the death of his pregnant wife Susan, he has been like a walking dead, seeing this rotten world as a murderer, and wanting to bring a new world to life at all costs.


At such a critical time, he would not hesitate to get rid of anyone who dared to destroy, including Tony Stark.


“You better take care of yourself first.”


Iron Man saw his kind invitation, but he got a sullen face, and said angrily: “With a stinky face, I don’t know who owes you money, I was too nervous and broke, and I was finally caught by someone. to death.”


Facing Tony’s curse, Mr. Fantastic snorted coldly and sat across from him, closing his eyes.


The atmosphere froze for a moment, and neither Iron Man nor Mister Fantastic spoke.


And Doctor Strange didn’t mean to reconcile, he sat next to Kuaiyin and closed his eyes.


Soon, the train crossed the Atlantic Ocean on its way.


Looking at a large ocean current in the distance, Iron Man is at ease, and they will soon arrive in New York.


And at that time, it is also the time when the remains are fully fused.


“Here it is!”


At this moment, Doctor Strange opened his eyes and said in an inexplicably excited tone: “Happiness… is here!”


Before Iron Man and Mister Fantastic could understand the meaning of this sentence, they saw a shocking scene.


I saw that it was almost completely replaced by the corpse. It was like a puppet. Suddenly, a golden light burst out from the body that looked like a corpse. It was as dazzling as the blazing sun. to look directly.


The next moment, the light turned into a vertical wall of light, extending straight into the distance.




The golden light wall is like a miracle, and it descends in front of everyone.


A wave of respect and awe from the bottom of their hearts made them lower their heads unconsciously, not daring to look directly at Quicksilver who turned into a puppet, as if they were blaspheming the “sage” by doing so .


In fact, today’s Quicksilver can also be regarded as half a “saint”.




The three got up at the same time and looked out the window.


Their eyes, along the golden light wall, looked at the world outside the carriage.


“My God, is this…is this the power of a saint?” Iron Man, who has always been a staunch materialist, now sees the scenery outside the window, and his inner three views are overwhelmed. Crushed to smithereens.


“It is this power… Sure enough, only saints can guide and save the world!”


Mr. Fantastic is even more frenzied, his eyes full of excitement, and he leans against the window and stares out.


Even the quiet Doctor Strange couldn’t help but be short of breath.


To make the three of them so excited is naturally the miracle caused by that ‘wall of light’.


The golden light wall moves rapidly with the train, and at the same time, ocean currents, land, birds, animals, plants, etc. are all moving with the train, as if they are consciously moving towards the corpse.


The wall of light…a huge space-time dislocation caused by it!


And the dislocated space-time is like a giant black hole, attracting and pulling all things!


The dislocation in space affects everything, and everything in the world is moving towards Quicksilver.


The earth is being torn apart and the sea is being shifted.


Objects are overlapping and wounds are moving.


All of this seems to be that all the ‘misfortunes’ are far away from Quicksilver, and with the cracks created by the spatial dislocation, a huge golden light wall is the so-called ‘happiness’ itself!




Iron Man swallowed, his face full of shock.


This is the first time he has seen a real miracle, the impact of the saint’s presence, to such a degree of horror.


But just as they all looked out the window saw a dark figure approaching at high speed.


“That’s… the enemy?!”


Mr. Fantastic was stunned, his face showing a bit of horror: “The current speed of the train is 210 miles per hour!”


At two hundred and ten miles an hour, the shadow was approaching extremely fast.


Within a few breaths, they saw that the true face of the shadow was the werewolf Hawk Orphans.


Doctor Strange frowned, “Are you… still here?”


“What now?”


Iron Man was ready, looked back at Doctor Strange, and asked nervously, “Do you want to stop him from continuing to approach?!”


“Tony, Reed, you all go together.” Doctor Strange narrowed his eyes, observed it carefully, and said solemnly: “Be careful of the golden chain on his body, don’t get hit, or he will die immediately. .”


He recognized it, that golden chain… had the most annoying aura of ‘Lord’.


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