Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1256: Happiness Train (3)



The beginning of the beautiful manga is a Zanpakutō chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-six the train of happiness (3)


Golden…chains? !


Hearing this, Iron Man and Mister Fantastic were both stunned, a daze flashed across their faces.


The two of them stared at Hawkmeng for a few moments, but couldn’t find the chain that Doctor Strange said, so they asked: “Strange, we didn’t see that chain you said, you are Isn’t it wrong?”


Oops…they can’t see!


Doctor Strange cursed inwardly, he forgot that ordinary people can’t see ‘soul matter’.


Even if they are both Iron Man Tony Stark, the individual’s soul strength is different in different parallel universes, so the fact that Tony in the original world can see does not mean that Tony in other universes can see.


Like the Iron Man and Mister Fantastic of this universe, the ‘hell chain’ of souls is completely invisible.


Taking advantage of their stupefied effort, Hawke stomped on the ground with his hind legs and leaped with all his strength. A large piece of sand splashed and rolled up, and the whole person was like a large torpedo shell, directly crashing into the last carriage of the train .




The train swayed violently, and the rails made a harsh rubbing sound, which nearly knocked them off the track.


When everyone finally stood firm, they heard bursts of violent roars from the last carriage, as if a beast was running away, charging towards them desperately.


The expensive red wine on the table also smashed to the ground due to the shaking.


The wine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars was sprinkled on the soft Arabian carpet under the feet, and the unique aroma spread in the air, filled with a charming atmosphere.


With the status of the three of them, although they wouldn’t feel bad for a bottle of wine, they would say a pity in normal times.


But in the current situation, no one speaks, eyes are fixed on the door of the carriage, and the spirit and attention are highly concentrated, like a taut string, ready to fight back at any time.


“Reed…I remember you, didn’t you set a trap?” Iron Man swallowed nervously, he couldn’t stand the atmosphere, he wanted to relieve himself, so he asked Mr. Fantastic .


“The trap… probably won’t work for him.”


Mr. Fantastic’s face twitched, and he scolded Tony for the bastard, which would ask which jug should not be opened and which jug should be raised.


Which traps he arranges are usually based on early warning, not to mention that ordinary traps can’t kill mutants. If he is given a few months in advance to prepare, then he is sure that he can make the whole train impregnable.


The problem is, it’s only been a few hours since we left.


No matter how big his brain is, he is still a clever woman, and he can only set up some early warning traps.


Gradually, the jostling and shaking ceased.


The three of them seemed to realize that the other party might have rushed outside the door, and they immediately held their breaths and waited.




After being remodeled, the one-ton compartment door was blown out by a huge force.


The huge door panel flew horizontally, with a squeaking sound, which scared Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic to dodge quickly, only to hear the piercing sound of iron sheet tearing, and the entire door panel was embedded in the side wall of the train, scratching Make a hole several meters long.


“The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons”


And the two who were lucky enough to escape the disaster, subconsciously looked back at the door panel.


The huge wolf claw mark on it flattened the metal gate, pulling it out like a hairspray dough, and the metal cracks were more like thorns stuck in their hearts.


“Gu Dong…are you kidding me?”


Iron Man swallowed hard, his lips were dry for a while: “This is… a door made of gold alloy!”


Golden Alloy…that’s the hardest and toughest metal he can craft!


Even the Mark model armor is made of this metal.


Now, Hawke’s actions are undoubtedly telling him that he can easily shred the suit of armor you are wearing.


“Be careful, Tony, he’s coming!” Mister Fantastic turned his head back, staring intently at the door.


Iron Man, who was reminded, turned his head and aimed his palm cannon at the door.


Amidst the rising smoke, a burly and burly figure, almost reaching the roof of the car, walked in slowly.


The gray hair on the body is like a steel needle counting down. On the ferocious werewolf face, two scarlet eyes full of murderous intent swept across them. The sound cut out an irregular crack.


“Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Stephen Strange…”


Hawk’s icy eyes swept across the three of them in turn, and finally landed on the body of Kuaiyin, who had been repressed for a long time. The anger that had been suppressed for a long time broke out at this moment, almost swallowing his reason: “Very good, I’m going to kill it. You!


! “





The next moment, the tyrannical hurricane swept through, and the sharp wolf claws tore the air, and the target was Doctor Strange.


Hawk knows very well that among all the people present, only Doctor Strange poses the greatest threat to him. If he wants to rescue Quicksilver successfully, he must kill Stephen Strange first!


Sharp dewclaws cut through the air, making a high-pitched air-cracking sound.


Dr. Strange could feel that before he even came, the fierce wind was like a knife, cutting blood on his face, but he was very calm, and he interlaced his hands to draw the lines of the spell.


“Shield of Seraphim!”


When the fist was clenched, a black magic shield appeared, and Doctor Strange stepped forward and put the shield on top.




The sharp claw slammed into the magic shield, sparking a dazzling spark.


The terrifying shock caused the whole carriage to shake As if they were going to derail in the next second, Iron Man and Mister Fantastic were thrown aside and slammed into the glass.


Such a bumpy impact almost made Iron Man pale and spit out the wine in his stomach.


“If I had known, I shouldn’t have been drinking so much alcohol!” He was remorseful when he heard Doctor Strange roar:


“I’ll hold him back, you two will leave immediately with Kuaiyin, don’t leave that wall of light, this is the only way!”


“Don’t think about it! None of you want to leave!”


Hawk let out a loud roar, like rolling thunder in the car, and the eardrums of the three people were buzzing.




When the voice fell, he took a long breath, and the air around him poured into his lungs like a whale.


After being squeezed by the lungs, the air shoots out of the mouth like sharp arrows, the heart beats like a pump frantically, pumping blood to the whole body, the violent force fills the muscles, and the jet-black blood vessels wrap around his arms like a python.


“Give me…die-!”


In the thunderous roar, Hawke slammed his fists like heavy cannons.


Not good!


An ominous thought flashed through Doctor Strange’s mind.


But then, he felt a fiery and severe pain, his arms and bones were torn apart and blood shot out, the magic shield was shattered by the violent force, and then the fist shadow like a torrential rain, in a second The clock slammed into his face.


A punch is heavier than a punch, a punch is faster than a punch.


“Eula Euler Euler Euler… Euler!


! “


The last punch sent Doctor Strange flying backwards like rotten flesh, smashing more than a dozen seats along the way. +Bookmark+


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