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Facing Rhodes’ move to open the realm of love, the corners of Messika’s mouth rose slightly, her nose was curved like a hook, and her eyes were deep and sharp, as if she could see through other people’s minds at a glance.

Listening to Messika’s words, Rhodes sneered. He didn’t expect that his actions to test the realm of love would be seen through by the prophet in front of him at a glance.

Although the realm of the king of **** is powerful, it does not mean that she is completely invincible. Otherwise, she has already relied on the power of the realm of love to rule the entire hell. Where can other kings exist? Not to mention Rhodes who is not as good as her in using the field of love.

At least in the face of those **** kings, the realm of love has little effect and can’t have any impact at all.

This discovery also made Rhodes frown. He originally wanted to use this unique ability to deal with Moriel after testing the full effect of the field of love, but he didn’t expect this to happen now. It seems that the realm of love has greater limitations for creatures at the legendary apex.

Temporarily putting aside the following countermeasures, Rhode explained to the prophet: “I just want to test this power. Now it seems that its ability has certain limitations.”

Mexiga laughed: “That’s because you didn’t realize its true power. The field of love performed alone is only equivalent to high-level mental magic, and its ability is very limited. It can only be combined with other things. For example, other realms, or the power of sinful karma, can bring out the true efficacy of the realm of love.”

Listening to the teachings of the greedy king, Rhode seemed to have a clear understanding in his heart. Before that, he had combined the realm of love with the realm of burning on his body. Under the superposition effect formed, this affected the fire element. Make Luna.

Although Rhodes obtained the domain of love, he obtained it directly from the source of sin, and he did not understand the detailed usage of the domain. This teaching from Messika undoubtedly saved Rhodes a lot of effort and made him take a lot of detours.

Even Rhodes can’t help but sigh with emotion. Messika is worthy of being a greedy king in the depths of hell. Can also give pointers.

Remembering the meaning of the name greed, Rhodes glanced at Messika without a trace. If the most deadly weapon of the **** king is beauty born for lust, then the weapon of the greedy king is the thirst for infinite knowledge, and this is what Messika is best at.

Aware of Rhode’s sight, the smile on Mexica’s face was even greater. Her smile did not look sweet and attractive like Cecilia’s, but it was full of deadly danger, and it contained the possibility of choosing someone to eat. madness.

Lord pulled his gaze back. Judging from other kings’ evaluations of her, Mexiga was far more dangerous than other kings. Even the protagonist of the third expansion, the arrogant king, planned to put her on fire. The sacrifice was sacrificed in the trial of God, but unfortunately it was destroyed by Rhodes in the end.

After obtaining the realm of love, Rhodes found that his perception in this area has become sharper. Things that he always ignored in the past are now being penetrated by him.

In any case, Messika is a king who has lived through the age of gods and traversed hell. Even if she looks very harmless, Rhodes will not be deceived by the appearance in front of him. Even if she says that she will meet her requirements, Rhodes will not dare to offend her suddenly.

For example, at this moment, Rhodes originally wanted to find a way to overcome the misfortune of the goddess, but he got an unexpected answer.

Rod scratched his head and switched back to the original topic: “Let’s talk about the goddess… why don’t I have to do that?”

Mexijia stared at him: “Is it the King of Lust who told you something? Although I don’t know what she said specifically, but I think there is only a test or something… You can rest assured that you will become a god. God’s test is over long ago, from the moment he swung his sword to the angel, God has been disappointed in him, his bad luck no longer exists, and the strong luck in you is not under his bad luck.”

Speaking, Messika’s eyes became hot, she brought her head close, stared at Rhodes carefully, and put it on others, Rhodes would only feel that it was the influence of the realm of love, but the prophet in front of him , her understanding of the field of love is no less than that of Rhodes in front of her, and she will not be affected by that kind of power at all.

After ruling out the influence of the realm of love, it seems that there is only one possibility left

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, that is Rhode’s own charm is high enough. But Rhodes doesn’t believe this. The profession of necromancer will automatically reduce the charm. If it is not the field of love, the word has nothing to do with him.

Resolved the confusion in his heart, and at the same time confirmed Rowling’s whereabouts. Rhodes wanted to leave, but as if thinking of something, he asked Messika: “What is the secret method that Rowling needs to use? To a fake baby? Even if it is a sacrifice ceremony, it is generally not necessary to use a close relative?”

Recalling the secret technique Rowling was studying, Rhodes couldn’t help but have some doubts in his heart. According to Rhodes’ understanding of sorcery, ordinary sacrifice rituals simply do not use fake blood relatives like fake babies. What the ceremony sees is purely the quality of living things, and even if the quality is not enough, it can be made up for with quantity.

As recognized as the top black magic ritual, the sacrifice ritual can bring unimaginable benefits. Just by offering other creatures, you can exchange everything you want, countless gold coins, powerful power, ancient army, unparalleled world All of the artifacts can be exchanged for sacrifice rituals, but the number of creatures required is extraordinary.

Due to the versatility of sacrifice rituals, in most cases, the magic rituals that require fake babies can be replaced by sacrifice rituals. No matter how unique effect it can bring in the ritual of fake babies, the sacrifice ritual can be imitated closely. , nothing at all.

This is known to any spellcaster who has studied Hex.

In the past, only the rulers of the underground world were qualified to master the sacrificial rituals, and Rhodes also obtained relevant knowledge by exploring the tombs of the sorcerers, not to mention the Messika in front of him. As a greedy king, it is impossible for her not to know the sacrifice ceremony.

Even so, under the guidance of Messika, Rowling still began to study the secret method of making fake babies, which made Rhodes a little surprised. He didn’t understand what the sorcery ritual was. He could only use sacrifices. Relatives come to achieve.

“She wants to wake up the trump card in the prophecy card.” Messika didn’t hide this, and she didn’t need to hide anything from Rhodes.

“The trump card? Is it the one from the God-becoming one?” Thinking of the six trump cards in the prophecy card, Rhodes asked her if he realized something in his heart.

Mexijia shook her head: “No, it’s the hero of the light. When it comes to the real destructive power, the hero of the light is still above the gods. It can only be described as invincible.”

“Really…” Rhode didn’t doubt Messika’s words. As the maker of the prophecy card, of course she knew the true power of each card, and even Rowling was still learning with her.

Speaking of this, Messika seemed to have thought of something, and added: “The initial awakening condition of this prophecy card is to sacrifice blood relatives. Monsters created through fusion rituals are not counted, only fake babies can meet the requirements. And this is about the past of Ancient Erathia, in the age of the gods, the saints…”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to listen to those old stories right now. Let’s wait until these things come to an end and tell me about those Erathian stories.”

Rod felt a little helpless, but he still interrupted Messika’s words. It’s not that he didn’t pay attention to those secrets, but now he is more busy testing the realm of love, trying to improve a little before the celebration officially starts. The hope of success, but there is no time to listen to Messika’s long speeches here.

The words were interrupted by Rhodes, but Messika was not annoyed, but understood Rhodes’ choice very well: “That’s right, when you want to know those past events, come back to me, I will tell you Tell, the stories behind those prophecy cards. Angels, demons, heroes, and Doomsday.”

Rod realized the meaning of her words, but he didn’t have time to ponder, so he said goodbye to Messika, ready to continue to test the power that belongs to the realm of love. The realm of love, as the core strength of the King of Lust, took her hundreds of years to master it, and Rhodes can’t test it too much.

Although Erathia’s past is magnificent and wonderful, Rhode was only attracted by the fragmentary fragments from Messika’s story, but if a person indulges in those past events, it will affect the current plan .

Rod doesn’t want his subsequent big plans to fall short because of his indulgence, causing all his efforts to be wasted under the power of time. For this reason, he can only suppress the doubts in his heart and turn instead

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Continue to test the power of the realm of love.

Although the Lust King is now on the Magic Plains, Rhodes does not dare to ask her directly for her experience in the realm of love. Using the power of the realm of love to restrain the king of lust, it is wonderful to see her full of self-confidence constantly being deflated, but if things in the realm of love are revealed, Rhode may be entangled by her, and Rhode does not want to cause trouble at this time. .

Rod thought for a while. So far, the subjects he tested in the realm of love were people who didn’t like him very much, and who were really happy with him, he had never tested.

Thinking of this, Rhodes hesitated for a moment, but finally took action.

Fire emerged from Rhodes’ body, and when the flames subsided, Rhodes was already enveloped in the extreme darkness.

The light has completely disappeared from the vicinity of Rhodes. Even if the flames are silent now, it is difficult to have that extreme darkness in the world, and that is the effect of a field.

Sally, the leader of the Thieves Guild, her realm cannot be closed on her own. All the light around her will be engulfed by the endless darkness. In the deepest part of the darkness, only Rhode’s scarlet eyes can see through the extreme. deep.

The ignition of the flame naturally aroused the awareness of people in the dark. Sally was already very familiar with that flame aura. In the era of silent flames, there was only one person who could still use the power of flames, that person. It was her dream.

“You shouldn’t be here now.” After seeing Rhodes, Sally used the power of the Shadow Realm to completely erase all traces left by him when he crossed the space, so as not to be alerted by others, “In case of being caught Your fiancée, or Yoonota found out, how would you explain it to them?”

“Explain what?”

The corners of Rhodes’ mouth twitched. Did Sally make a mistake? To tell the truth, he and Moriel were just political marriages, each getting what they needed. Rhode didn’t worry about what Moriel would think. As for Yin Nuota, her wisdom still doesn’t allow her to think about such complicated things…

No, Rhode shook his head, his thoughts seemed to be led by Sally, he didn’t come to do anything else, he just wanted to test the efficacy of the realm of love, take a look at the realm of love When faced with creatures who have a different opinion of themselves, it is just what different responses will be brought, and there is no need to have any other ideas.

What makes Rhodes a little helpless is that Sally is showing a playful smile. Unlike Messika, her smile is not as sinister and crazy as Messika, but with a bit of intertwined love. Love, even Rhode, who has been looking at him like this, couldn’t help but let out a dry cough.

“You do have some truth in what you said… If I came to you and exposed it, I’m afraid it will trigger Moriel’s alert and have a negative impact on our future actions. If she targets the Thieves Guild because of this, then It’s all me that has implicated you.” Rhodes thought for a while, then pulled the topic away.

Because the subsequent actions are of great importance, if the matter is exposed, let alone Rhodes, even the thieves guild will be implicated. Under the furious Morril, the thieves may be uprooted, and the entire thieves guild, are at risk of being delisted.

Sally looked at him and pouted, her eyes filled with a bit of resentment: “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“What? Isn’t that what you mean?” Rod scratched his head, looking puzzled.

Sally was a little helpless, and immediately turned serious: “But you came just in time, the flames have been silent from the world, the darkness has completely shrouded the earth, our era is coming, and during this time, my strength has been continuous. Enhanced, when darkness completely engulfs the world, my shadow realm will increase like never before.”

Listening to Sally’s words, Rhode’s eyes also showed a bit of curiosity. Because he was busy with various affairs, he really didn’t know what happened to Sally during this time. Judging from her words, Sally also has her own adventures. The disappearing flames and the darkness that completely covers the earth are her greatest adventures.

Under the shroud of darkness, Ms. Shadow’s power will increase to an unprecedented level, and I’m afraid that even Moriel will not be able to defeat her in this state.

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