Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2730: Best man candidates



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The strange thing that Rhodes crossed space and brought to Luna is the doomsday crystallization of other kings as gifts.


The Doomsday Crystal contains a unique power. Even if all the flames in the world have been taken back by the Fire Elemental Monarch, the Doomsday Crystal has not lost its power, but appears even more dazzling.


Rod believes that the Crystal of Doom is what Luna wants to contain the element of fire. Because the doomsday crystal is extremely dangerous, a little carelessness will lead to the doomsday judgment that burns the world, and Rhodes has to store it in the area where dangerous goods are stored.


After handing the doomsday crystal to Luna, Rhode clapped his hands with satisfaction, and then said: “This is what you want, as for other things… you go to the parliament in the city first, and then go there and talk in detail. .”


After speaking, Rhodes crossed the space again, ready to find a way to counteract the bad luck. The words that Cecilia reminded before are still deeply in Rhodes’ heart. If he can’t find such a way, Rhodes may not feel at ease.


Despite getting the doomsday crystal that Rhodes brought back, Luna couldn’t be happy. Compared with happiness, it is more a kind of loss, even the flame aura contained in the doomsday crystal, it is difficult to make her heart excited.


It wasn’t until Rhode left for a long time that Luna realized what she had just said, and she couldn’t help but reach out to cover her mouth, and her face was a little flushed.


Lord, who crossed the space, came to the magic plain deep in the snow-capped mountains.


As soon as he arrived, Rhodes felt a familiar aura, which belonged to Cecilia. She was staying beside the lazy king. According to what she said before, she was waiting for the arrival of the beast. , only the power of the lazy king can save her from the attack of the beast.


The realm of the lazy king is very strange. Even the power of a hero will be limited by the lazy realm. Even the lustful king will use this power when necessary.


What really makes Rhode helpless is that, including the **** king, three **** kings have gathered on the magic plain. What is this? Is he the base camp of **** here? As the most important party in the Doomsday War, half of the kings in **** have come to Rhodes, and spreading it out will inevitably cause unnecessary influence.


Thinking of this, Rhode’s mouth twitched as well, but all in all, it wasn’t a bad thing. With the assistance of these kings, Rhodes will surely do a lot in the Doomsday War, and what Rhodes is looking for is the greedy king in hell.


Coming to the familiar wooden house, this time the big dog did not continue to sleep, but woke up after a long absence, and was running continuously in the spacious plain grassland. But it didn’t make any movement, instead it seemed light and agile.


According to what Rhodes knew about the big dog, he didn’t bother to control his power, and it didn’t matter to him whether it was shaking the whole plain with constant noise or causing a landslide. As the lazy king’s big dog, he wouldn’t spend his energy on such trivial matters. He was willing to do so because of the **** his back.


Ceccia was there. She was riding on the back of the lazy king, laughing loudly as the big dog ran. melted.


Lord retracted his gaze, aware of his approach, and Messika was already waiting here.


“Has Cecilia charmed the lazy king?” Looking at the big dog that was running wildly in the distance, Rhode’s mouth twitched. This scene was indeed beyond his expectations. If he can charm the lazy king, he may have to be more careful.


“No, they are old acquaintances. Even in hell, their connection is very close.” Listening to Rhode’s question, Messika also put her eyes on the scene in front of her.


Lord is still puzzled. Judging from the karma they have mastered, laziness is difficult to associate with lust, right? When the karma reaches its limit, those who are too lazy will not have any **** in their hearts, but will only sleep soundly all day long like that big dog.


Mexiga saw Rhode’s doubts and explained: “When Cecilia was a human, she knew the original owner of the Lazy King, and the Lazy King also knew her, even though the karma between them was not the same. related, but they don’t become estranged from each other because of that.”


Listening to the explanation of the greedy king, Rhodes also has a clear understanding in his heart, who can think of it


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Is there such a connection between the king of **** and the king of sloth? It’s no wonder that after seeing the girl, the lazy king didn’t even sleep, but instead ran wild with her.




At this moment, Rhodes heard a familiar voice, and looking around, he saw Rowling’s figure.


Rowling at this time looked in poor condition. She wore an apron in front of her, covered with dark blood stains, as if to prevent other parts from being stained, she tied her hair behind her head, the blood stains along the spread all the way to her face.


“What are you doing here?”


Looking at Rowling in this state, Rhode’s eyes twitched. He didn’t know what Rowling was doing. Judging from the bloodstains all over her body, could she be slaughtering animals? Just leave this kind of thing to the undead, and you don’t need to do it yourself.


Rowling whistled and looked aside, as if she hadn’t heard Rhode’s question, Rhode was full of black lines: “You heard my question, right? Don’t play stupid, You are not Innota.”


“Fairy Wood”


Mexijia, who was still on the side, took the initiative to speak to answer Rhode’s doubts: “She is practising a secret sorcery technique. Give up. And she’s working so hard to practice magic just to help you at a celebration that’s coming soon.”


Listening to Messika’s explanation, Rhodes also understood why Rowling was covered in blood, but he was still puzzled: “If that’s the case, then you’ll just tell the reason, what’s there to hide? Are you saying you don’t believe me?”


“It’s not like this…” Hearing Rhodes say this, Rowling suddenly became a little anxious. She puffed out her mouth and said a little aggrievedly: “How could I not believe my brother? It’s just that this secret method is too evil, let me It’s hard to mention to my brother…”


From Rowling’s words, Rhodes also saw her unnaturalness and couldn’t help laughing: “Evil? Some people say that necromantic spells are evil, some people say that black magic is evil, just because these abilities are too powerful. It just violated their interests. There has never been any evil secret, only evil people. Compared with me, what is your evil? Tell me, what is the secret you are practicing? “


Rod patted her on the shoulder, listening to Rod’s calm and somewhat proud words, Rowling also put down her worries, just as she believed, she believed that no matter what she practiced. How evil the secret method is, my brother will not blame her for it, and their relationship will not be affected in the slightest.


Lord’s enlightening words seemed to have a unique magic power, which made Rowling believe everything he said, and turned to say: “That is the false baby secret method taught by the Prophet Messika, by creating a Sacrifice fake babies, so as to meet some more stringent ritual conditions, such as sacrifice rituals, or summoning rituals of prophecy cards.”


Listening to her explanation, Rhodes nodded involuntarily, that was indeed a good method. In some ceremonies that require the sacrifice of blood relatives, the fake baby secret method can meet the requirements very well. Rowling is contacting this secret method, obviously to prepare for the future plan.


Seeing that Rowling was still a little uneasy after saying the secret law, Rhode couldn’t help laughing: “You don’t think that I will blame you for this, right? Why should I blame this secret law? Been helping my sister?”


“Because… the fake baby secret method requires blood to make fake babies. In addition to using my own blood, I also used some… yours.” Rowling pursed her lips before she said.


Rod’s mouth twitched: “Well, it’s not a big deal, as long as you don’t make any **** monsters.”


Speaking, Rhode looked at Rowling, who was covered in blood by the fake baby before him: “The celebration with Moriel will start soon, as my sister, you should be My best man…I think you’d better change up.”


Hearing Rhodes say this, Rowling was stunned for a moment, followed by joy from the bottom of her heart, but there was still one thing that was bothering her: “But… shouldn’t the best man be a man?”


Rod can tell that Rowling is not familiar with the wedding process. Although she has extraordinary intelligence, she has never experienced such a thing. From this aspect, Rowling is very suitable for her as a girl.


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She doesn’t want to be like the **** king, who has lived for hundreds of years and still looks like a young girl.


Even on the side, Messika laughed and answered Rowling’s doubts: “Best man refers to the important person who accompanies the man in the wedding, and there is no gender requirement. Don’t be misled by this title. Just like the barons are not all male, there are also baronesses.”


After stopping Messika’s explanation, Rowling understood what it meant. Apart from her, no one is really suitable to accompany Rhodes at the celebration. Rowling’s willingness to choose her as the best man at the celebration shows her trust in her.


At this moment, Rowling remembered Rhodes’ request for her to change her outfit. She saw that her clothes were covered in blood, and her blood-stained face seemed to be as red as the blood. The clothes she wore when she practiced the secret method were directly worn in front of Rhodes. Fortunately, there was only Rhodes here. If they were placed on top of the celebration, she would probably no longer be ashamed.


“Once I have mastered this secret technique, I will go to the Congress to find you, and I will definitely make a fake baby before the celebration starts.” Rowling immediately assured, and then returned to the wooden house, as if studying Her secret is gone.


The corner of Rhodes, who stayed in place, twitched slightly.


Although he didn’t need to display the effect of the domain of love in front of Rowling, Rhode still couldn’t help but activate the effect of the domain in order to test the ability of this domain in detail.


As a unique field that can passively increase the charm attribute, the field of love is extremely effective. Even Rhodes can’t help but turn it on all the time, enjoying the various benefits brought by the improvement of charm, which also makes him in the conversation. There is no disadvantage, although it is not like the king of lust, who can capture all beings by raising his hand, but it can also slightly affect the sanity of others.


Rod found that he seemed to have overused this field. Although he really wanted Rowling to be his best man, he didn’t want to completely interfere with her sanity.


Thinking of this, Rhodes also scratched his head, then turned his gaze to Messika who was beside him.


Mexiga always showed different shapes. She sometimes appeared as an old-fashioned woman, and sometimes she appeared as a tall witch. Even Rhodes didn’t know that was her reality. Appearance, now she is undoubtedly the latter.


Lord did not end the effect of the realm of love. There are all kinds of mysteries hidden in Messika. She has mastered spiritualism, but the dark holy word is ineffective for her. This is also in Rhodes memory. failure situation.


“The Prophet of Messika, I want to find a way to overcome the misfortunes of the goddess.” At this time, Rhode finally expressed his intentions. From Cecilia’s mouth, he heard about her feelings for the goddesses. After the evaluation, Rhode’s heart has been unable to calm down.


If everything the King of Lust said is true, then the God-becoming can be regarded as an oversized source of doom. Everything near him will be shrouded in deep doom, not even Rhodes. Dare to rashly try things true or false.


Because of this, Rhodes had to go to the Prophet Messiah and ask her for some help. Rhodes believed that Messika, who was able to inscribe the god-giver in the prophecy card, must have a deep understanding of it.


“You don’t have to.”


Mexiga’s answer was somewhat beyond Rhode’s expectations. He didn’t understand what Mexica’s words meant, and what did he mean he didn’t have to do it?


The greedy king dressed as a witch saw Rhode’s doubts, but he didn’t explain anything. Instead, he came to Rhode’s side, gently lifted the ghost king’s cloak behind Rhode, and sniffed on it.


Rod coughed dryly, as if someone had done this not long ago. He didn’t expect that under the influence of the realm of love, even Messika was affected.


The next moment, however, Rhode couldn’t laugh at all. Messika put down his cloak and looked at Rhode with a half-smile, “That’s the smell of the realm of love. It seems that you have already I am thoroughly familiar with the use of the source of sin, and it is worthwhile for me to give you the soul fragments of the stigmata.”


What made Rhodes complexion slightly changed was that Messika actually called out the name of his ability. It seemed that all of his methods would be seen through by Messika.


“Are you using the realm of love for me to make me fall in love with you? In fact, you don’t need the power of the realm, as long as you ask me, I think I will satisfy you.” Messika laughed .


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