Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 5122: Main battle



Entering the nine-story building, the main hall is very spacious, but there is nothing there, only a huge purple Golden Dragon chair, a man with a blue-violet color, holding a pair of Blade, eyes closed, silently meditating.


“The general owner, Yuan azure-clothed, together with Pei Wanyong and Geng Pingshan, have an audience.”


Yuan azure-clothed nodded slightly, his voice low and heavy.


“Dougu azure clouds Interview!”


“Pan Feng interview!”


The five people all appeared in the ninth-story building. complexion was solemn and respectful. After all, the master’s strength was something they all needed to look up to.


Ten feet tall, with boundless strength, divine might unparalleled, aerodynamic nine, this is the owner of the building outside the building, Chu Xiong, the king of a generation!


“Chen family civil strife, it seems, is an indisputable fact.”


Chu Xiong indifferently said, for so many years, above the eternal night star, and the Chen family, he is the pillar of the sky. Without him, the building outside the building would have ceased to be exist(ence).


“The owner is wise, and because of this, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”


Pan Feng’s eyes are glittering, very excited, and his murderous eyes are full of fighting aura.


She also hates the Chen family deeply. Although there has been no real battle between the Chen family and the building outside the building for so many years, the people under her command have turmoil from time to time, and the foundation has not been shaken. , which side will not be the first to take action, that will definitely become the trigger for the entire Yongye Star to fall into the chaos of war. Therefore, Pan Feng’s heart has always been full of depression.


“Although there is news from the Chen family that there has been civil strife, the thin camel is bigger than the horse. It is an indisputable fact that the Chen family has been suppressing our building outside the building. In the event of large casualties, we must ensure that nothing is lost, which is related to the status of the building outside the building in the future, and once they lose power, it is also an excellent opportunity for them to counterattack.”


Dugu azure clouds said thoughtfully.


“What do you think, azure-clothed!”


Chu Xiong looked at Yuan azure-clothed, gaze solemnly.


“The Chen family just killed the people in our azure-clothed thirteen building, and it was a Nebula-class expert dispatched, absolutely not was idle, no matter if it was instigated by the Chen family, we can’t act rashly now, otherwise it is very likely to be consigned to eternal damnation. This is not a play. Home, but life and death Great Tribulation, be careful.”


Yuan azure-clothed thought.


“My suggestion is to catch the Chen family members who killed Kuang Tianheng and Ke Golden Dragon first. First, it can restore the reputation of the building outside my building, and secondly, it is better to do some detection. You must have heard of the family’s Nebula-class expert. The exact geometry of the Chen family and whether it is feasible or not depends on this person.”


After Yuan azure-clothed finished speaking, Pan Feng sneered and said disapprovingly:


“I see, this is some people harboring unfathomable motives, who want to use the power of the building outside the building to avenge their own subordinates, right? Private grudges, but want to involve us outside the building, they really know how to calculate, Yuan azure-clothed, do you really think that our general owner will be afraid that his Chen family will fail? The opportunity now is once in a lifetime. If we miss it, we will probably always be in this situation with the Chen family. If we want to dominate the family, we must kill the Chen family. We must let the Chen family know how powerful we are. When the time comes, we will see how he handles internal and external troubles.”


Pan Feng’s face is full of excitement, full of fighting intent, and she naturally disdains Yuan azure-clothed‘s words.


“You’re a bit one-sided when you say that. I think azure-clothed is right. This can stabilize the situation, restore the dignity of the building outside my building, and also detect how far the Chen family has reached, and act rashly. For us, there is no benefit at all, it is your business if you are belligerent, but once the interests of the entire building outside the building are involved, it may not be as simple as imagined.”


Dugu azure clouds pondered, also agreeing with Yuan azure-clothed‘s words.


“I think you’ve been overwhelmed by your emotions, and you have neglected the major events outside the building. Now you are hesitant, indecisive, and still not take action. The opportunity is fleeting, and the Chen family will definitely be wary of us. , and when they make a sure-fire plan, we’ll be gone.”


Pan Feng’s eyes are coldly said.


“You just go your own way.”


Dugu azure clouds said solemnly.


“That’s better than being emotional, too. humph humph.”


Pan Feng stands with his chest around his chest.


enough! This matter really needs to be discussed in the long run, Pan Feng, what azure-clothed said is very true, the civil strife in the Chen family is definitely not simple, but to what extent, we don’t know at all, we found the Chen family expert , maybe everything can be solved easily.”


Chu Xiong indifferently said, majestic and unparalleled, Pan Feng’s face is very ugly, so he can only lower his eyebrows.


“Yes, everything is under the command of the general owner.”


Although Pan Feng is not reconciled, the decision of the general owner, simply, is not something they can decide.


“After dealing with the Chen family for so many years, those guys are also shrewd. Once we make a move and the overall situation is violated, even if there is internal turmoil, they will definitely not mess up. Annei must fight the outside world first. It’s an outsider, and the Chen family is in a big situation, so we must take all measures. Once the Chen family dog ​​bites the dog, that’s what we want to see.”


After Chu Xiong finished speaking, Yuan azure-clothed and Dugu azure clouds both nodded slightly.


“Now, these Chen family disciples are very arrogant. Let you personally supervise this matter, azure-clothed, people who want to live, bring them to me, I want to ask myself, What happened to the Chen family?”


“Yes, the general owner! I will definitely live up to my trust.”


Yuan azure-clothed clasped her hands tightly, cupped her hands and said, her eyes were full of killing intent. She did this as an expedient measure, and she could see the relationship between the two parties more clearly, not to avenge private revenge.


Although Yuan azure-clothed is the most angry person, she absolutely cannot deal with those who killed Kuang Tianheng for her own selfish desires. This is her perseverance.


“Okay, they’re all back, ready for war at any time, but not now.”


Chu Xiong waved his hand, and everyone turned around and left Daxueping, the ninth-story building.


“This time I did what you wanted, Yuan azure-clothed. I think you can reach dozens of happys. Two people died in the azure-clothed thirteen building, and you were so nervous. It’s really enough to protect the calf.”


Pan Feng sneered, still brooding about this matter. Back then, her lover was killed by the Chen family, so she hated the Chen family so much that she was so belligerent and advocated war.


But Pan Feng’s efforts did not make Chu Xiong change his mind.


“Whatever you want.”


Yuan azure-clothed said disdainfully and turned away.


“With the heart of miniature person, you will be able to handle the belly of a gentleman, Pan Feng.”


Dugu azure clouds pouted and said with a sneer, the two also parted ways.


“What! One day, I will push you to battlefield with my own hands. I and the Chen family are inseparable!”


Pan Feng gritted his teeth and said.


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