Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 5121: Snow Eagle Mountain



“By the way, brother, who are the two of them?”


Long Shisan looked at Chen Yingying and Chen Dianya, but they were both amazing and talented people. Although they were a little embarrassed in the previous battle with Tianqingwei, they still stabilized the situation and were not completely suppressed. Not easy.


“These two are friends of Feng’er, God Killing Stream, which is what Yingying told me.”


Jiang Chen said in a deep voice, very serious.


“Yes! With the help of the two of you, I also believe that Feng’er will be able to get out of the sea of ​​misery. Brother, let’s go, it’s not too late!”


Long Shisan said.


“Where’s the girl Yibai? Do you really want to leave her here alone? Some things are the past. There has never been Space-Time back in this world, and there is no regret medicine to take, just like Feng’er entering eternity The world, the initiator, after all, I have a problem with his management. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, which led to Feng’er‘s disappointment in me. This is my failure as a father. There are some things and some people that must not be missed, otherwise If you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong with a white girl. You cannot punish her by punishing yourself. In her heart, you are the only one in this world. Otherwise, she will not follow you until today. .”


Jiang Chen said earnestly, especially as a past person, he still knows Long Shisan quite well.


“Big brother…you’re right, I thought it was too simple.”


Long Shisan‘s eyes lit up.


“I’ll go find her now, big brother wait for me!”


After Long Shisan finished speaking, it turned into an stream of light and rose into the sky.


In less than an hour, Long Shisan rushed back with Mu Yibai. Mu Yibai’s face was a little melancholy, but she was quite happy to see Jiang Chen.


“Big Brother!”


Mu Yibai nodded at Jiang Chen and said.


“Well, just come back. The monkey told me, let him go after the past, clean up the mood and then depart. With you here, I Jiang Chen will never feel solitary.”


Jiang Chen laughed.


“Thank you bro, I understand.”


Mu Yibai smiled softly and held Long Shisan‘s palm tightly.


Everyone left together, heading straight for the God-killing Stream.


At this moment, when Long Shisan looked back, he seemed to see a familiar smiling face.


“In this deep land, there will always be your memories.”


Long Shisan murmured, full of emotion, but everything should go with the wind.


Louwailou Headquarters, Snow Eagle Mountain.


azure-clothed thirteen building is also the most powerful general building outside the building. It is almost the same as the building outside the building. Even above the Evernight Star, many people do not know what the building outside the building and azure-clothed thirteen are like. In fact, the azure-clothed thirteen building can represent the highest level of the building outside the building. However, in addition to the azure-clothed thirteen building, there are also the Fengyi Building and the azure clouds building. The two buildings are the mainstays that really manage the building outside the building.


azure-clothed, the main courtyard of the azure-clothed thirteen building, is also the real master of the azure-clothed thirteen building.


Yuan azure-clothed was wearing a white shirt at the moment, as cool as a tide, as beautiful as Divine Immortal, passing by calmly, and settled on the top of Snow Eagle Mountain.


Xueying Mountain, covered with nine layers of ice and snow, the first-generation owner of the building outside the building, who loved Xueying, was named Xueying Mountain.


Yuan azure-clothed has long hair like waterfalls, a generation of women, and the wind of women is daunting. The owner of azure-clothed is peerless and the fourth person in the entire building outside the building, second only to azure clouds Building and Fengyi Building, and that The first person is the real boss of the building outside the building, the general owner of the fifteenth floor.


In the garden azure-clothed behind, followed by two complexion stern and powerful middle-aged men, dressed in azure-clothed, with a powerful momentum.


“There is Xueying Mountain and Daxueping in front. The owner of the building, I don’t know if the owner called us this time. Do you want to take action against the Five Sacred Mountains city?”


Pei Wanyong said in a low voice, he is the second owner of azure-clothed thirteen building.


“It’s hard to say, the fall of Five Sacred Mountains city and the killing of Kuang Tianheng are a great challenge for us in the azure-clothed thirteen building. In the past, no one dared to do anything to us. I heard that this time the murderer was still Chen’s family, and the previous death of Ke Golden Dragon was also done by this gangster Demon King. We must be careful, the main owner may be guilty, maybe.”


The third owner, Geng Pingshan, said in a low voice.


Both of them are disturbed, their faces are Yan Jun (severe), and the death of Five Sacred Mountains Cheng Kuang Tianheng is of great significance to them. This is not just the death of a City Lord, a landlord, but also a provocation to the azure-clothed thirteen building.


“It is said that the Chen family has gone into trouble now. Kuang Tianheng’s death is not the most important thing. Let’s go and see it first.”


Yuan azure-clothed indifferently said, beautiful eyes glittering, the temperament is cold as frost, the beauty is indescribable, in this white snow, it is unique, like a beautiful landscape.


Before the three of them entered the largest mountain in Xueying Mountain, it was inaccessible and extremely cold, like a perpetually frozen heaven and earth.


Thousands of mountains and birds fly away, and thousands of people disappear.


The big snow flat is shrouded in clouds and mist, blessed by formation, and everything in this big snow flat can’t be seen outside.


After Yuan azure-clothed entered Daxueping, there was a small heaven and earth, a nine-story tower, standing proudly on the top of the canyon, towering and domineering.


For dozens of days, Qingwei guarded around Daxueping, guarding the nine-story tower.


“Long time no see, azure-clothed!”


A young man with a purple and gold crown on his head, smiling slightly, wearing a yellow robe, full of the aura of the superior, although he looks young, but how many years he has lived, I am afraid that even he himself does not remember.


“As the owner of the azure clouds building, Dugu azure clouds, don’t come here, it seems that your strength has improved again.”


Yuan azure-clothed coldy said, this Dugu azure clouds, looking at her eyes, is full of admiration, even coveted, but she has never been stern.


“If you smile more on your face, I’m afraid it will be more beautiful.”


Dugu azure clouds said with a smile, his eyes were filled with color flowing light, and his brows were beaming.


“Luohua is intentional, flowing water is ruthless, it seems that I’m here at precisely time.”


A beautiful woman in a purple dress, with flaming red lips and a long and narrow eyes, is like a knife, extremely sharp, her eyes are slightly narrowed, and she walks step by step.


Yuan azure-clothed calmly turned around and walked straight into the ninth-floor tower.


“Pan Feng! Take care of yourself. There are probably no less than a hundred men dying on your bed every month.”


Dugu azure clouds coldly snorted, gaze are also very cold.


“It doesn’t matter to others, it depends on the owner of azure clouds. Is there such a Yaxing? giggle.”


Pan Feng said with a smile, among the silver bells, you have to win as many times as you want. Who would have thought that this woman would actually be the owner of the Fengyi Building that no one dared to underestimate the entire building outside the building?


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