Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 207: Take a picture of Ziyang fruit


The reason is to sell it hard, but the price of 700 elemental coins obviously exceeds the psychological expectations of most bidders. And it’s clearly not the best lot of the day. After all, no one continues to compete.

“Seven hundred first time, seven hundred second time, third time, deal!”

Twelve Ziyang fruits were finally sold at a high price of 700 elemental coins. The ones photographed were of course Tang San and Zhang Haoxuan, master and apprentice.

Without the 50% discount, the element coins they brought would have been spent up to this point. And the 50% discount was used on Ziyang fruit, which gave them a surplus of more than 300 elemental coins. .

There was a faint smile on Tang San’s face, the effect of purple sun fruit to enhance spiritual power and nourish the sea of ​​spirit is very good. Not only can it be used by Du Bai to improve his spiritual power, and it is hopeful to help him advance to the fifth level. At the same time, Wu Bingji, Guli, and Cheng Zicheng also need spiritual power, especially Guli. His time change also needs spiritual power blessing.

Not long ago, Tang San also taught them the cultivation methods of Ziji Demon Eyes respectively, but their cultivation progress was far worse than that of Dubai. With the help of Ziyang Fruit, at least it can help them enter the first stage of Ziji Demon Eye, and improve and stabilize their spiritual power. Well worth the money. Their promotion is also Tang San’s promotion. After all, except for Wu Bingji, no one else has surpassed the fifth rank.

Tang San didn’t sell any more in the subsequent auctions. Although there were still more than 300 elemental coins left, it was not enough to buy those precious treasures of heaven, material and earth. And Tang San also planned to save some money to buy some materials he needed.

With the improvement of his cultivation, he can do more and more things now, especially as he understands the world more and more, it also allows him to have a more complete plan for his future. It is unrealistic to improve to a strength that can compete with god-level powerhouses in a short period of time. Therefore, while he needs to improve himself as soon as possible, he also needs to make himself stronger in combat before his cultivation level improves. At least one must have the combat power to be able to face ninth-order powerhouses.

At the auction, there was a lot of excitement, and it was true that there were many good things among the treasures of heaven and earth, some of which were not available in the store of Kerry College. But the prices are also staggeringly high. Tang San and Zhang Haoxuan could only watch.

For example, there was a fruit in which Zhang Haoxuan’s eyes were a little red, called Denglin fruit. This thing is used when breaking through the **** level. Being able to greatly increase the perception of the world when breaking through, and at the same time make the blood boil. The probability of breaking through the **** level is greatly increased.

The final transaction price of this thing is 10,000 elemental coins. At this price, Tang San’s master and apprentice can only look at it.

Accompanied by the auction of Denglin fruit, the bidding has also entered the final stage. The prices of the last three lots are extremely high. It is an auction of three kinds of blood.

The blood auction is unique to the monster clan Tianyu Empire. As we all know, apart from continuous cultivation, the easiest way to increase the strength of one’s own blood is to absorb and refine blood of a higher level of the same race, so as to make one’s own blood boil, hit a higher level, and even improve the rank of one’s own blood.

The last three bloodlines to be auctioned are two gold bloodlines and one gold bloodline.

Only those who have the blood of the Great Demon Emperor can be called above gold. It can be seen how precious it is.

As soon as the three major bloodlines came out, the audience boiled. The bidding became even more intense, to the point that strong players rushed out of the private room, and there was a danger of a big fight. It wasn’t until a cold snort shocked the audience that the situation stabilized. Rerun the auction.

The first type of golden bloodline to be auctioned is exactly what Tang San is familiar with, the golden lion dog Song Junhou’s bloodline of the same kind, the golden lion bloodline.

The innate ability attached to the blood of the golden lion is the golden flame, and Tang San clearly saw its power. This golden lion bloodline was left by a strong man of the ninth-rank golden lion family, and it weighs a kilogram. For all the powerhouses of the Lion Clan, it is an incomparable treasure, and it is a great opportunity for them to transform into the Golden Lion Clan.

The lion clan itself is a strong clan among the monster clan, and all branches are extremely powerful, and the competition is fierce as one can imagine.

In the end, it was won by a god-level lion king at a price of 9,000 Tianyu coins. Yes, it is Tianyu coins, not element coins. Nine thousand celestial coins are equivalent to ninety thousand elemental coins. Absolute astronomical figures, and only these powerful races have the background.

The second kind of golden blood that was taken out was what Tang San was most jealous of. The blood of the leopard is also the golden blood of the leopard clan.

The ultimate evolution of Tang San’s Flash Leopard Transformation imprint is in this direction. If he can obtain the blood of the Leopard, it will undoubtedly improve his Demon God Transformation enormously.

Of course, it is impossible for him to buy it. The appearance of these golden blood is exclusive to god-level powerhouses participating in the auction. In other words, the goal of their coming to participate in the auction is this thing.

The competition was equally fierce, and in the end it was 8,000 Tianyu coins, which were won by a strong Leopard clan.

Tang San’s 50% discount was only known at the final checkout, and it was only valid for items below 1,000 elemental coins. At this time, he was a little strange, why no powerful race came to him to cooperate, so as to obtain the possibility of a 50% discount.

The auction of the last blood is also the final axis of the auction.

When this blood was brought up, there were also four strong men following it. These four guarded around the cart respectively. All are god-level powerhouses. Everyone has a calm demeanor, but Tang San can feel that there are obviously very strong spatial fluctuations around their bodies, and the blood auction that is about to be displayed inside them seems to be isolated in another space like.

Undoubtedly, this is the strongest of the Peacock Monster Clan. Four god-level powerhouses came out for one lot, which shows the importance of this lot.

Reason Xin’s body trembled a little because of this lot. It first saluted respectfully to the four god-level powerhouses of the Peacock Monster Race, and then slowly said: “The next lot is also today’s lot.” The final big axis. Everyone who was emotionally impulsive before, please control your is a great honor today that our city lord of Kerry City also came to this auction in person to witness the history of this auction.”

The last sentence is undoubtedly a threat. The city lord of Kerry City is naturally the demon king of the contemporary Peacock demon clan, an eleventh-rank great demon king-level powerhouse with the top bloodline. With this person in charge personally, even if an existence of the same level comes, he will definitely not dare to do it lightly. After all, the strength of the Peacock Great Demon King is beyond the reach of ordinary Great Demon Kings.

Sure enough, after listening to Yuan Xin’s words, the audience became much quieter. And all eyes were focused on the cart in the center.

Cause Xin carefully lifted the golden cover on the top, revealing a round shield inside.

In the passport, a group of colored halos rippled out almost instantly.

When this colorful halo appeared, all the monsters present, including Tang San, felt dizzy.

Yes, this blood is colorful, and it looks unusually magnificent and moving. Around the seven-colored blood, there is obviously a faint colored halo fluctuating. This colorful color gives people a dazzling feeling, as if the soul is about to be absorbed by it.


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