Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 206: Imagination of the ancient golden tree



In the world where he lived in his previous life, there was the strongest academy in the Douluo Continent called Shrek Academy. After the rise of Shrek Academy, the core is an ancient golden tree. With this ancient golden tree, Shrek Academy has always been the top power in the world. The life energy of the ancient golden tree has bred many powerful Shrek experts. Although it was destroyed later, when it took root and sprouted again and grew up again, it even became a parasite of its mother in the previous life, and finally evolved into an eternal ancient tree, existing as the core of life on that planet.


And the golden trees in front of them are clearly the branches of ancient golden trees. Are these things very common in the Sun Empire?


The ancient golden tree is also called the ancient tree of life, that is to say, there are not a few ancient trees of life in the Richen Empire. No wonder the breath of life in this world is so strong!


He can’t wait to go to Sun Chen Empire to get some golden wood.


“Is there no one who needs it? Carving golden wood into decorations is also a very valuable existence. It is exquisite, light in weight, easier to wear than precious metals, and can also nourish itself with the help of divinity.” The girl is still working hard. But still no one responded.


“Okay, if that’s the case, then…” Shixin didn’t plan to waste any more time, as there were still a lot of items to be auctioned.


At this moment, it suddenly moved in its heart, “One hundred elemental coins, there is a bidder for one hundred elemental coins. Sure enough, there are people who know the goods.” The smile on its face suddenly became stronger . Someone really made a bid.


As the first item to be auctioned, the golden wood is obviously not very optimistic about the big auction. Now that there are bids, it is better than being cold.


However, this is the bid. In the end, this pile of golden wood with a total weight of 68 kilograms was auctioned off at a reserve price.


On the stands, Tang San let out a long breath, with his calm mind, he couldn’t help showing a bit of excitement on his face at this moment. Zhang Haoxuan beside him frowned.


“Are you really sure this thing works?” He whispered.


Tang San nodded silently, he didn’t explain anything to the teacher at this time. Some words are not suitable to say. And these golden woods are more than useful! It’s really useful. Moreover, the wide range of uses is definitely beyond Zhang Haoxuan’s imagination.


For Tang San, its importance is even higher than that of Tianhuo Refined Iron, and it is even related to the most important thing in his own future growth.


The second lot was delivered soon. It was a natural treasure that could enhance the strength of the blood, and the enthusiasm for bidding was immediately rekindled. But Tang San didn’t take much interest in the things these monsters were interested in. If he wanted to improve the bloodline strength of the demon **** transformation, he only needed to find monsters with stronger bloodline power than his own, and absorb their bloodline power directly. And this kind of natural material and earth treasure is available in the store of Kerry College. The golden wood is not available in the college store. I don’t know if it is because the college store doesn’t like it, or because the golden wood has never appeared in the monster clan Tianyu Empire.


If it wasn’t for his heart to find mistakes, Tang San wanted to leave now. He couldn’t wait to go back and deal with his Skyfire Refined Iron and Golden Wood. These two things will be of great help to him.


Sitting next to Tang San, Zhang Haoxuan could clearly feel Tang San’s happy mood at this time. He found that he couldn’t understand this disciple more and more. Accompanied by continuous growth, Tang San gradually gave him a profound feeling.


Before Tang San ignored his own danger and the risk of exposing his ability, he still went down to kill the giant claw demon scorpion, and brought back the corpses of two human vassals, which made him feel more at ease about this child. No matter what secrets he still has, his heart is completely on the human side, there is no doubt about it.


In the redemption organization, the only one among the younger generation who can compare with him is probably the blue-level redemption beauty. Of course, within the organization, the importance of Young Master Mei can almost be said to be the first, and even the hope of the entire redemption, far from being comparable to the little-known Tang San.


The next few lots are all kinds of natural treasures, with different functions, but most of them are related to improving bloodlines. Moreover, the targeted races were also different, and they sent out expensive prices one after another.


But Tang San remained unmoved, just waiting and observing silently.


These items are almost available in the college store, Kerry College is definitely well-deserved as the number one college in Kerry City. It’s just that he can’t really touch the good things in the academy yet.


“I believe that many clansmen will like the item below. It is of immeasurable benefit for us to break through to the **** level. As we all know, it is not us who are most prone to bottlenecks when the ninth-level powerhouses of all races break through to the **** level. The power of the blood, but the spiritual power that needs to evolve with the power of the blood. Only the coordinated evolution of the two can finally break through the bottleneck. Except for a few races, the cultivation of spiritual power is a must for most races. It is a very difficult thing. Therefore, the treasures of heaven, materials and earth that are used to enhance spiritual power are becoming more and more precious. What we will auction next is this kind of precious treasures of heaven, materials and earth. There are a total of twelve Ziyang fruits. Spiritual cultivation is of great help. The starting price is 300 elemental coins. Every time the price increases, no less than ten elemental coins.”


The trolley was pushed up, and from the stand, the lot could not even be seen clearly, only a faint purple halo in the protective cover could be vaguely seen.


Tang San could only see with his eyesight, those were twelve purple fruits slightly bigger than his thumb, above which exuded a faint purple halo.


This kind of fruit also exists in the shop of Jiali Academy, and the quantity is very rare. Tang San once tried to feel it, and it was indeed of great help to spiritual power. He just catches the breath, and it helps him a lot. It’s just that his spiritual power is already at the ninth level, unless it is used directly, the improvement is still limited.


Three hundred element coins, this is definitely a sky-high price. Just as Yuanxin said, the treasures of heaven and earth used to enhance spiritual power are priceless. The transaction prices of the previous lots did not exceed two hundred elemental coins.


“Teacher, this is it.” Tang San nodded to Zhang Haoxuan beside him.


“Okay.” Zhang Haoxuan didn’t ask any more questions, he even photographed the golden wood for Tang San, is it even worse?


“The auction begins!”


“Three hundred and thirty, three hundred and forty, three hundred and fifty, three hundred and sixty!” The auction of Ziyang fruit had just started, and a round of riots immediately set off. Obviously, there are not a few monsters who are eager to improve their spiritual power, heavenly materials and earthly treasures.


Almost in the blink of an eye, it broke through 400 elemental coins.


Zhang Haoxuan turned his head and glanced at Tang San, the price was really too high.


Tang San nodded slightly to him, and said: “It’s worth it, and don’t forget, we have a chance of 50% off.”


Zhang Haoxuan’s eyes lit! Tang San won the beast fight before, and there was a 50% discount on one lot, the higher the price, the more profitable it is obviously. He immediately proceeded to bid.


“Four hundred and fifty, four hundred and sixty…”


When the bidding price exceeded 500, the rate of increase dropped significantly.


“Five hundred and twenty…, is there any more five hundred and twenty. Okay, five hundred and thirty…” The price of this batch of purple sun fruits continued to rise due to the non-stop quotation.


“Six hundred! Some bidders offered six hundred elemental coins. Is there a higher one?”


“Six hundred and ten, six hundred and ten. Is there a higher one?”


“Seven hundred! Some bidders directly bid for seven hundred elemental coins. It is obvious that this one is bound to win! Is there anyone who is willing to compete? These purple sun fruits are of excellent quality and are the best The state, picked at the most ripe time, is the time when the effect is the best. If the twelve purple sun fruits are vassalized, the improvement of spiritual power can even be used as the basis for promotion to the **** level. The preciousness of the purple sun fruit Everyone knows that in the whole continent, the output does not exceed a hundred pieces a year. It is extremely rare for twelve pieces to appear at an auction.”


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