A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1: 5 years of guarding the tomb


Chapter One Five Years of Guarding the Tomb

“Man is mortal. Unless he achieves ancient power, who can survive?”

“In my life, I am happy and decisive, and I once had a lot of glory, but now I die, it’s worth it!”

In a simple thatched house, a man of about 30 years old was lying on a bed with a huge wound on his lower abdomen.

The wound was terrible, almost cutting him in two.

It’s a miracle to be alive and still speak.

He has sharp eyebrows and handsome eyes, even if he is covered in blood.

An eleven or twelve-year-old boy knelt in front of the bed, tears in his eyes.

He cried out with weeping: “Master, who killed you, tell me, the disciple swears, even if he catches up with the nine heavens and ten earth, I will avenge you!”

“Shut up!”

The handsome middle-aged yelled sharply. He coughed vigorously and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

“The power of this great enemy of mine is beyond your imagination. Before you become a strong man in the Tianhe Realm, you should not even think about revenge!”

The young man was shocked when he heard this, the Tianhe Realm, a realm he couldn’t even imagine.

The Qianyuanzong where he is located is a first-class sect in Qingzhou, and he has never heard of the sovereign of Qianyuanzong reaching the Tianhe Realm!

When you reach the Tianhe Realm, you can communicate with the nine Tianhes that contain hundreds of millions of stars and lie across the universe above your head. Using the power of the Tianhe, they are extremely powerful and powerful.

Master’s enemy is so powerful!

“Disciple, what I say next, you must listen carefully!”

“After I die, you have to guard the tomb for me for five years! During these five years, you can’t go anywhere. Every day you practice the Bedoro leaf golden scriptures I taught you in front of the tomb. Don’t slack one day! Yes, you have a mediocre aptitude and been bullied by others. Without my protection, it will be even more dangerous. Within five years, you must never show up, even if someone else rides on you, don’t resist! There is only one Word: Forbearance!”

“Five years later, you dig up my grave! Everything I want to say is inside.”

“What?” The young man listened, his eyes widened, and he defended: “Master…”

Excavating the master’s grave is an unruly thing, and he will never do it.

“Are you still listening to me?” In the middle-aged handsome man, he vomited another mouthful of blood: “Do you want me to die?”

When the young man saw this, he nodded tearfully: “Master, I promise you!”

“Okay! Okay!” The handsome middle-aged laughed for a long time, and suddenly his whole body was shaken, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

He said with a long voice: “I have an immortal heart, but I am locked in the dust. When the dust is exhausted, I will shine through the mountains and rivers…”

The voice is getting lower and lower, and finally there is no sound. He lies on the bed as if he is asleep, with a smile on his mouth.

The young man knelt on the ground, tears streaming down his face, showing a touch of fortitude, and muttered to himself: “Master, don’t worry, I will listen to you, guard the tomb for five years! After five years, I will dig out you. I will continue to practice in the grave, and surely one day, I will find out who killed you and avenge you!”

After the boy finished speaking, he took the master’s body out, dug and built a tomb next to the thatched hut with his bare hands, and buried the master. The hands he dug out were full of blood, but it was as if he could not feel the pain.

The tears have drained, and only the hatred and the great wish to become stronger are left in my heart!

The death of Yan Qingyu, the first genius of Qian Yuanzong, did not cause any disturbance in Qian Yuanzong.

Great Qin Kingdom has a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, Qingzhou has a radius of tens of thousands of miles, and Danyang County has a radius of tens of thousands of miles.

There are dozens of sects in Danyang County, and Qian Yuanzong is a well-known junior sect in Danyang County. Yan Qingyu entered Qianyuanzong twenty-five years ago. At the age of eleven, he had reached the Ninth Stage of the Houtian Realm. At the age of twelve, he broke through the day after tomorrow, opened the divine gate and entered the first stage of the Divine Gate realm.

Before him, the record of the entire Great Qin Empire was thirteen years old.

Shenmen realm is also called the secret realm, the divine gate is also called the gate of good fortune, enter the divine gate realm, after opening the divine gate, you can enter the secret realm.

There are endless treasures in the secret realm.

After opening the secret realm, some people get a powerful martial arts soul, some are a natal soldier, some are a supernatural power, and some are used to improve their physical fitness. ……and many more. There are even legends that after the secret realm of some people is opened, they get a trace of the law of the heavens left after the collapse of the ancient heavens, and they are directly destined to become the unworldly strong in the future!

In short, after opening the gate, the strength will be greatly improved, and the realm will be completely different from before, and the strength will be extremely strong.

Even if it is the powerhouse of the Nine Layers of Houtian, it is not an enemy of the powerhouse of the gods!

After opening the gate of Yan Qingyu, what he got was a natal sword, extremely powerful, and a powerful secret realm that all sword repairers dream of.

This is an extremely superior secret realm. It is said that when his divine gate opened, seven yellow lights flashed one after another when the secret realm opened!

This also means that his secret realm is at least also a seventh-rank Huang ranked secret realm. Of course, it is also extremely rare. There may not be one out of 100,000 martial artists.

For a time, the empire was shaken, and Yan Qingyu was hailed as the number one genius and received thousands of honors and was extremely prominent.

Next, his cultivation level is also going to great speed, but a big change occurs suddenly.

When he was seventeen years old, when he was out, he was severely injured by a mysterious man with a realm five levels higher than him, his meridians were broken, and he could no longer practice, and his realm would always stay in the fourth level of the gods!

The genius fell to the altar, expectation turned into disappointment, praise turned into mockery, and vicious curses and squeezing followed.

He was demoted from the core disciple to the inner disciple, and then to the outer disciple. In the end, he was taken care of by the old clan, and he was given the status of the outer sect elder, which made him live in confusion.

Yan Qingyu didn’t seem to care and didn’t live in the sect. He built a thatched hut under the mountain and led a plain life.

He also accepted an apprentice, the young man in front of him, named Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s aptitude was extremely poor, his meridians were blocked, his dantian was like iron, and his cultivation speed was extremely slow. After six years of cultivation, he did not reach the second level of the acquired, and soon became the laughingstock of Qian Yuanzong’s outer sect. The two of them were even called As the’waste mentor’ But Yan Qingyu didn’t dislike him, and taught patiently, as if he had come out.

Chen Feng kneels in front of the tomb every day, his eyes are dull and expressionless, if he is not breathing in his chest, he will definitely make people think he is dead.

Actually, he was cultivating the Bedoro Leaf Golden Sutra taught to him by Yan Qingyu. He didn’t know the use of this golden scripture. He had been practicing since five years ago, but his talent hadn’t improved at all. It was already a waste in the eyes of others. But this is what Yan Qingyu ordered, and he will continue to practice.

Soon, it spread in Qian Yuanzong, saying that Yan Qingyu’s trash apprentice was crazy.

Next, someone came to Yan Qingyu’s grave, humiliated Chen Feng, cursed him viciously, and spit on him, but Chen Feng didn’t respond.

They became more courageous and took down Yan Qingyu’s hut and snatched all the treasures inside. After all, Yan Qingyu was a genius back then, and he had traveled around. There were some good magical artifacts, all of which were snatched away. Chen Feng seemed to have not seen, stopped, and was indifferent.

Half a year later, a woman in white came to the tomb.

At the age of twenty-five and six years old, she has a beautiful appearance and an elegant temperament, just like a person in a fairy. And the infuriating energy that surging in her body almost overflowed also declared that she was at least a powerhouse in the Divine Sect realm!

She stood beside the grave, looking at the head of the grave with complicated eyes.

Chen Feng finally reacted and looked at her blankly. Suddenly, he jumped up and exclaimed excitedly: “You are Uncle Ran Yuxueran!”

He remembered that five years ago, when he and Yan Qingyu went to the Waizong to receive the spirit stone, they saw her from a distance. At that time, she was surrounded by a large number of core disciples and inner disciples~IndoMTL.com~The arrogant and powerful foreigners all smiled flatteringly at her. She didn’t see Yan Qingyu, who raised her head proudly and left. .

After coming back that day, Yan Qingyu was so drunk that he was drunk and told Chen Feng about his past with Ran Yuxue.

It turns out that when Yan Qingyu was in the midst of the sky, there was always a little girl carved and jade-shaped behind her butt, and she yelled sweetly as “Brother Qingyu”.

That’s his junior sister, Ran Yuxue, who is also extremely talented.

The two were once considered to be wise men and women, and they were married to gods and goddesses. Later, the two experienced together outside. The time Yan Qingyu was seriously injured, he was seriously injured because he protected Ran Yuxue, otherwise, he could actually escape easily.

But what happened later, Yan Qingyu didn’t say. After he woke up, when Chen Feng asked again, Yan Qingyu refused to say it again.

Chen Feng thought to herself that she had such a relationship with Master, maybe she came to worship Master.

But his enthusiasm was exchanged for Ran Yuxue’s extreme coldness, she just glanced at Chen Feng lightly, and then wrinkled her brows. With her cultivation base, it is natural to see through Chen Feng’s cultivation base at a glance.

“The meridians are blocked, the dantian is like iron, it has not been opened up, it is not a material for spiritual practice at all, it is really a waste!”

Ran Yuxue’s eyes were cold, and she looked at him with disdain.

This made Chen Feng feel like he was being poured down by a basin of cold water, and his whole body was chilly.

“The waste master can only teach the waste apprentice, you two masters and apprentices, really a pair.”

After Ran Yuxue said this, she turned around and left without looking at him.

Looking at his back, Chen Feng clenched his fists.

He screamed frantically in his heart: “Ran Yuxue, you are waiting, one day, I will let you treat me and my master with admiration!”


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