A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 2: Continuous breakthrough!



Chapter Two Breakthrough!


Five years have passed in a flash.


This year, Chen Feng is sixteen years old.


The waste Yan Qingyu and his waste apprentice who died five years ago have almost been forgotten by the people of Qian Yuanzong.


The night is like water, Chen Feng suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a burst of light in his eyes.


He stood up, bowed to the tombstone, and said in a low voice: “Master, five years have passed. I will follow your order and dig your grave open. I hope you will not be offended. “


After speaking, he began digging the soil and digging the grave.


When he dug up the tomb and pried open the coffin, his eyes were shocked.


Yan Qingyu’s body has disappeared.


He couldn’t believe it, but he buried the body of the master himself.


He jumped down and found a small box at the bottom of the coffin. Opening the wooden box, on the yellow silk spread inside, a small tripod the size of a fist was placed impressively.


Bronze small tripod, covered with patina, three-legged round ears, strange in shape, full of the mysterious atmosphere of ancient wildness.


In the small cauldron, there is a drop of something similar to blood suspended.


He only glanced at that drop of mysterious dragon blood, and felt that there was a thunder in his mind, and the whole person suddenly lost consciousness.


He felt that the whole person seemed to be thrown into an endless world of ink colors. The sky was ink color, the ink color swirls all over the sky, and he kept choosing.


Under my feet is an endless black field, barren and desolate.


At the end of the wilderness, there is a black mountain range, which is taller than the Aomori mountain range where Qianyuanzong is located. Longer than a thousand miles?


When he walked into the mountain, suddenly the mountain moved!


The mountains raised their heads, it turned out to be a huge dragon head! With just a head, it is bigger than the highest peak of the Great Qin Kingdom.


And the black mountain range that stretches for thousands of miles turned out to be the body of this giant dragon.


The dragon looked up to the sky and groaned, and there was a majestic rain, and instantly the ground turned into an ocean, and Chen Feng was submerged.


Chen Feng couldn’t breathe, almost suffocated, and was terribly uncomfortable.


It took a long time before his head buzzed. Struggling out of the deep-sea illusion, Chen Feng knelt on the ground, panting heavily, cold sweat on his forehead.


He didn’t dare to look at that drop of blood anymore. What kind of creature’s blood was this? How could it be so terrible? A drop of blood is like this, so how powerful is this creature?


Is this dragon blood?


But at this moment, suddenly, the bronze small cauldron flew directly into his hand like a living thing, and then quickly disappeared from the palm of his hand.


Chen Feng was startled. He felt Xiaoding walking along the meridian of his right hand all the way up. Then, intense pain came, making him feel like he was torn.


The pain caused him to roll back and forth on the ground, screaming loudly. The skin and muscles on his body were cracking, and blood rushed out, as if he had been delayed.


Half an hour later, Xiaoding followed the meridian all the way up and reached the Dantian position.


Chen Feng only felt a thud in his mind, and he fainted without knowing the personnel.


When he woke up, it was late at night. Chen Feng took a look at his body and found that his clothes had become tattered and tattered. In addition to blood, there was a layer of black and black oil on the surface of the body, emitting a foul smell and sticky. It’s terribly uncomfortable.


But he was warm, light and comfortable, something he had never experienced before.


Chen Feng looked at his body inwardly, and suddenly let out a cheer with surprise and joy.


He discovered that his dantian, which was as hard as iron and had no space, had been opened up.


Of course, the dantian was only opened up to a very small part, about the size of a fist, and at this time, the bronze small tripod was floating in it. That drop of mysterious dragon blood tumbling inside, crystal clear.


Suddenly, a strand as thin as a thousandth of a hair came out of the dragon’s blood, swimming out of the middle of the dantian, and began to swim along his meridians. This strand of mysterious dragon blood contains majestic power and vast true energy. Those clogged in Chen Feng’s meridians, in front of this strand of dragon blood, have no power to fight back, and are directly dissipated by the impact of smoke.


The pain came again, but Chen Feng held it back this time. He gritted his teeth and held his head high. A voice in his heart screamed: “This pain is too much for anyone to bear, how can you set foot on it? Peak?”


He gritted his teeth, blood burst out of his mouth, trembling all over, but he finally resisted it.


Severe pain struck one after another, and half an hour later, Chen Feng exhaled a long suffocating breath.


The mysterious dragon blood traveled through his body at an extremely fast speed, and his blocked meridians were completely unblocked.


If his previous meridians were silted Xiaohegou, now his meridians are completely unblocked. Although very thin and narrow, they are unblocked. True Qi rushes in it, even Chen Feng can Hear the sound of running water!


Chen Feng was extremely excited, and his body was full of Zhen Qi at this time.


Feeling the tide of pain disappearing quickly, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and there was ecstasy in his heart.


He looked up to the sky and yelled: “I can practice now, my meridians are smooth, and my dantian is opened up! I am no longer a waste!”


The tears are pouring down, if not for personal experience, who can understand his pain?


Since childhood, the qualifications are extremely poor, ten years of cultivation, no progress, being humiliated and contemptuous, no one can value, except for the master. How great is this pain?


And now, he can finally practice.


Zhen Qi wandered around in the meridians and returned to the dantian, but it was vigorously surging in the dantian, eager to move, and did not calm down at all.


Chen Feng’s heart moved, and the zhenqi in the dantian suddenly surged, leaping out of the dantian, swimming in various meridians, and as the dantian zhenqi swimming, there was zhenqi in every meridian. Appeared from the corner and gathered in this true energy. This zhenqi continued to grow, and soon changed from the thickness of the hair to the thickness of the fingers.


The true energy that appeared in these corners was accumulated by Chen Feng during his daily practice.


Although he was unable to cultivate due to the obstruction of his meridians, and his realm was not advanced, logically speaking, he could not cultivate even a trace of true energy. However, the Bedoro leaf golden scripture he cultivated was extremely magical, which not only made his foundation very solid, but also allowed him to develop a lot of zhenqi abruptly and hide it everywhere in his body.


I haven’t found it before, because his meridians are blocked and his true energy cannot circulate. And now that the real air is flowing, it naturally follows.


The true energy flowed, Chen Feng was shocked, feeling that his body was full of vigorous power.


There was a touch of joy in his heart.


“What a miraculous little tripod, what a miraculous dragon blood, the dragon blood is just a sliver of it, which allowed me to break through directly! Of course, there is also the credit of the Bedoro leaf golden scripture. I always thought this golden scripture was useless. , But now it seems that I was wrong. The golden scriptures are really amazing, and they can make me develop innocence from this trash!”


“And now, it seems that the remaining power has not disappeared, and there is still an impact!”


Chen Feng’s heart moved, and the true energy in his body surged like a spring.


He has reached the second level of the acquired realm, and he is not satisfied yet, he wants to hit the third level!


The third stage of the Heaven Realm after the impact, the amount of zhenqi needed is quite huge. Chen Feng extracted all the zhenqi in his body, and the zhenqi in his body became thicker~IndoMTL.com~ became the thickness of the little finger. Finally, the whole body trembled violently again, the meridians all over his body groaned in pain, and the true energy surged like a tide.


He has already advanced to the third level of the acquired heaven.


Chen Feng clenched his fists, feeling the surging power in his body!


Suddenly he punched, and there was a bang in the air, and the air vibrated.


Chen Feng can feel that his punch has a full force of eight hundred jin, reaching a strength of one and a half!


In the Houtian realm, the first weight has a strength of 100 catties, the second weight is 200 catties, the third weight is 500 catties, and the fourth weight is 1,000 catties…and so on. Five hundred catties is the power of a tiger, and although Chen Feng has just reached the third level, he has reached the power of eight hundred catties, which is more than half the power of the general Houtian realm triple power!


He punched a tree next to the tomb, and the big tree with the mouth of the bowl was suddenly interrupted.


Chen Feng looked up to the sky and smiled, feeling very refreshed.


From a waste that cannot be cultivated to an acquired triple powerhouse, how can he be unhappy?


Furthermore, not seeing Master’s body also gave him a good guess.


“Master, where did you go? There is no corpse in the grave. It seems that you are not dead, and you have left me this treasure. Now that you are dead, I can rest assured, you can rest assured, I will Practice the exercises, and I will find you!”


You can practice now, and knowing that Master is not dead, he is naturally very happy.


Chen Feng rummaged the box and made sure that there was nothing else in it, then put the box back and buried the tomb again.


He looked at the dirt on his body, smelled the stench on his body, gave a wry smile, and said to himself: “Chen Feng, you are also dirty enough.”


After speaking, I turned around, found a nearby river, and jumped in to clean it.


The whole body was washed clean, and then put on a simple but clean clothes, Chen Feng went back to sleep next to the grave.


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