The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth: 1. Mission failed


The floor of the luxurious and spacious room is covered with a dark red carpet. In the middle is a large European-style bed carved with gorgeous patterns. On the right side is the entire wall of floor-to-ceiling glass. Excellent.

The blond boy stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, quietly looking up at the starry sky in front of him.

He has a pair of jewel-like light blue eyes, and his short, soft golden hair seems to be coated with a thin layer of gold. The light-colored rose in the morning, the facial features are all exquisite to the extreme, without the slightest blemish.

He was wearing a small black dress, with a black bow tie around his neck, and a thumb-sized dark blue gemstone was inlaid on the bow tie. The brilliant light refracted by the gemstone matched his light blue eyes.

Although the young man is silent at the moment, his clear eyes seem to be covered with a layer of haze, implying a touch of melancholy, but it still does not damage his beautiful appearance at all, just like an elf who has fallen into the mortal world.

One can’t help but wonder, what kind of difficulties did he encounter that made him show such an expression?

However, to Ji Ling, it doesn’t matter how beautiful this skin is and how noble his background is…

The important thing is, why did he wear it back? !

He was originally just an ordinary college student in the 21st century. He died in a car accident not long ago. At this time, a guy who claimed to be a system bound him and told him that if he agreed to travel to a book to complete a Task, you can get a chance to resurrect.

For a dying person, what could be more attractive than resurrection? After learning that his task was to act as a malevolent supporting role in a danmei novel, and to match up with the protagonist in the book, Ji Ling agreed to the deal without hesitation.

Then he came to this world and became the 18-year-old aristocratic teenager Ling Ling who had the same name and surname as him in the future world Star Empire.

The original owner not only has this beautiful skin, but also has an extremely noble background.

His father, Ji Ting, is one of the few grand dukes in the empire, and a high-ranking nobleman second only to the imperial family. His mother, Mrs. Marina, is a close friend of the mother of the emperor of the current empire, and she also came from a famous and powerful family with a noble status.

Ji Ting and his wife have been married for many years, and finally they have a precious son, who is the original owner.

Therefore, the original owner can be said to have stood at the top of the empire since he was born. He has everything that ordinary people cannot have in a lifetime.

However, the original owner was pampered and neglected since childhood, and later grew up to be a typical imperial aristocratic playboy. In this book, he is a vicious male supporting role, and also the biggest stumbling block in the protagonist Shou Ning Yu’s pursuit of true love.

Because of an accident, the original owner died prematurely, so Ji Ling traveled over to replace him. Ji Ling’s task is to continue the plot after the end of the story instead of him, playing a vicious supporting role who is obsessed with the emperor and makes things difficult for the protagonist.

Ji Ling was born in a harmonious society. Since childhood, he respected the old, loved the young, dedicated his work and was friendly. die…

But in order to be able to go home, he endured all these.

Not only did he conscientiously play the protagonist Gong, the number one fan and suitor of Emperor Jing Sui, he also did not let go of any opportunity to suppress the protagonist Shou Ning Yu, and joined forces with all the villains in the book that could be united. Create difficulties for the protagonist’s love.

Fortunately, he is a vicious supporting actor who is destined to be slapped in the face, coupled with his deliberate actions, whenever his evil deeds are about to succeed, someone who likes Ning Yu will come out to slap him in the face, Let him fall short and give him a feeling of ‘attempted crime’, which can be regarded as consolation!

In this way, Ji Ling tried hard to play his role seriously, and used his stupidity and viciousness to set off Ning Yu’s perfect nobility time and time again, making everyone hate him. About to enter the palace of marriage… Ji Ling almost shed tears from his old father, wanting to applaud their bumpy love.

At this time, the plot is coming to an end, and he can almost retire, so when the biggest villain in the article, Grand Duke Carlos, hijacks Ning Yu and threatens Jing Sui, he goes to “bully and humiliate” Ning in person. Yu deliberately let Ning Yu find a chance to defeat him and escape, and when Jing Sui came to rescue Ning Yu, he blocked an attack for him and died honorably.

When Ji Ling closed his eyes, he felt extremely relieved and looking forward to it.

He can finally go home!

Ji Ling asked himself, he was serious about his work, never slack or slack off, he worked hard and forgot to sleep and eat, he perfectly completed every task assigned by the system, and finished every plot in the book. Don’t give up and not be discouraged in the face of difficulties, and the spirit of love and dedication to overcome difficulties and forge ahead throughout… Even the last moment before death, he will not forget the “dying remorse”, let go of his grudges and bless the love that has been overcome.

But who knew that when he opened his eyes, he was standing here.

This extremely familiar room.

He’s wearing it again!

Not only did he fail to go home, but he returned to the initial node when he came to this world last time.

Today is the original owner’s 18-year-old coming-of-age banquet. Even though he won’t go out, Ji Ling also knows what a luxurious scene is outside at the moment. Grand Duke Ji Ting’s only son has come of age, and a grand banquet is a must. The nobles on the Emperor Star People sent congratulatory gifts one after another, all waiting for the protagonist to appear tonight.

Ji Ling was not in the mood to go out to the banquet at all, he called the system angrily in his heart.

Ji Ling: [System, system, where are you? System, please explain to me, why am I back again? ! 】

Seeing that pretending to be dead failed, the system replied slowly: [The mission failed, so I have to start all over again. 】

Ji Ling does not accept this perfunctory answer: 【Mission failed? What went wrong? 】Isn’t Gongshou’s relationship progressing smoothly?

The system said in its heart that I don’t know. If I know what’s wrong, do I still have to pretend to be dead? He was silent for a few seconds, and said in the usual mechanical voice: [The reason for the failure cannot be determined for the time being, the only thing that can be confirmed is that the protagonist is not together after your death, so the world collapsed and the mission was judged to have failed. 】

Ji Ling couldn’t believe it: [They’re not together? 】

System: [Yes. 】

Ji Ling: [How is that possible? Why? 】

System: [The reason is unknown, the world collapsed and the follow-up process cannot be queried temporarily. 】

Ji Ling said with a straight face, unhappy: [So you guys don’t know the reason for the error, but you want me to do the task again, it’s a waste of my time, and I should go home now . 】

System: [Sorry, you can only redeem your rewards if the mission is successful. 】

Ji Ling: [But why did I fail? You can’t provide any information and want me to do the mission again? 】

The system was quiet for a few seconds, and finally said: [If you are sure to refuse, you don’t have to do the task again. 】

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up: [Can you let me go home? 】

System: [I don’t have the right to send you home, but I can let you die peacefully and painlessly, return to your original destination, and then choose the next host to perform this task. 】

Ji Ling: 【……】

After a while, Ji Ling sighed quietly: [I thought about it, and there must be something I did not do well enough, which caused the result to be biased. This time I will definitely complete the task well, the next host or something I don’t think it’s necessary. 】

The system voice is confused: [Are you sure? 】

Ji Ling said firmly: [Of course, who else is more familiar with this task than me? I’m someone who has gone through the plots once, and I know the plots and characters well. Completing the mission is not a trivial matter. This time, I will succeed in no time. Don’t worry! 】

The system is finally relieved. In fact, he is not willing to find a new host. After all, it is rare to see such a dedicated host like Ji Ling these days, so he made a gratified voice: [It’s really great for you to think like this. Well, then, it’s time for you to get out. 】

Ji Ling resigned himself to his fate, comforting himself by pretending to have failed in the game and starting over. It seems that I was too naive to want to pass the level once…

Just thinking of going out to face the original owner’s gang of cronies made Ji Ling feel a little overwhelmed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the original owner was too ridiculous to play himself to death, he wouldn’t have to take his place in the plot and do the missions, but after thinking about it, if the original owner didn’t kill himself, he wouldn’t have the chance to live again.

Thinking about it this way, it seems reasonable for me to live instead of him.

Ji Ling paused, took a deep breath and pushed the door out.

The storyline in the book has not yet officially started. At this time, the protagonist Shou Ning Yu is still fighting against the Zerg in the distant Naduo galaxy.

The plot of the original book started when Ning Yu returned from victory with the army. There is still about a month before now.

The plot books before this did not use pen and ink to describe, so Ji Ling only needs to follow the original laws of this world, as long as the characters are not too collapsed, and there are not too many restrictions.

Ling just came to this world in the last century, and after accepting the memory of the original owner, he immediately participated in this grand coming-of-age ceremony banquet, cautiously lest someone would find out that something was wrong, it can be said that he was extremely cautious… This time Ji Ling is much more comfortable, and there is no main character in the book in this plot, so it is easier to deal with it.

As a second-brush player, Ji Ling is already familiar with the character image he plays, so it is not without advantages, Ji Ling thought bitterly.

He walked through the long and gorgeous corridor, and met the original owner’s father and mother on the way.

Duke Ji Ting is a very tall and mighty middle-aged man. Graceful and slim, with a delicate and beautiful face, the color of the pupils is lighter, standing next to the tall Duke Ji Ting, he looks extraordinarily petite, and his every move is elegant and noble.

From the appearance point of view, the original owner inherited Duke Ji Ting’s pale golden hair, and the color of his pupils is more like his mother’s, which is a very light and clear water blue. His appearance is also more like his mother’s, less A rough and heroic, with an indisputable beauty, and the unique arrogance of a young man makes him even more dazzling.

Duke Ji Ting is very majestic in front of his subordinates on weekdays, but when facing his precious son, he has a completely different face of pampering, and his voice is much gentler than usual. Come out? Your friends are waiting for you outside.”

Ji Ling replied obediently, “It took a while to change clothes.”

Ms. Marina stroked his short, soft golden hair, her voice was melodious, and her eyes were smiling: “Our little baby is an adult today, and will be an adult in the future. What gift do you want?”

Ji Ling showed a shy smile to his parents. Although this character is a **** on the outside, he has always been very obedient in front of his parents. And he himself has a good impression of Ji Ting and his wife. They just spoil their son too much and neglect to take care of him. No matter what others think of him, they are the people who love him the most and never abandon him.

Although this scene has already been experienced once, Ji Ling still said sincerely: “Thank you, Mom and Dad, as long as it is a gift from you, I like it.”

When Mrs. Marina heard the words, she looked at her son dotingly, kissed his forehead and said, “Little-mouth is so sweet, well, you are the only protagonist today, mom and dad don’t dare to waste your time .”

Ji Ling smiled and followed his parents to the banquet hall. The door opened, and all eyes fell on him instantly.

Grand Duke Ji Ting politely expressed his welcome to everyone, thanked them for coming, and then the banquet began, and everyone gathered around to congratulate Ji Ling and present the gifts they had prepared.

The people who came to the banquet today, apart from some friends and subordinates who are closely related to Ji Ting and his wife, are mainly the friends of the original owner. Deal with Ning Yu’s helpers and dogs!

For example, Ji Ling saw a shrewd young man with gray hair in front of him at a glance. He was the youngest son of the Earl of Sinclair. His name was Ross. small role.

Roz put his arms around Ji Ling’s shoulders familiarly, and said with a smile: “Why did our protagonist come out so late?”

Ji Ling pulled Ross’s hand off his shoulder calmly, looked around with a lack of interest, and said casually: “Something has delayed me for a while.”

After seeing Ji Ting and the other elders go to the hall inside, he found a place to sit down, propped his chin lazily on one hand, and looked at the people in the field thoughtfully.

The second brush player Ji Ling decided to be lazy this time. He is just an insignificant character in the original book. For pen and ink, it doesn’t matter what you do at other times, there is no limit.

Last time, because he was not familiar with the world and the mission rules, and he was afraid of revealing his secrets, he was cautious, not to mention how tired he was, so naturally he would not waste time and energy in unnecessary places this time.

At any rate, he is an experienced person.

Ji Ling propped his chin and was a little absent-minded. When someone came to talk to him, he responded with a few perfunctory words.

The table in the hall is full of precious gifts of all kinds. Last time, Ji Ling, a young man from the 21st century, was frightened. He was born in an ordinary family and had never seen such shocking and rare treasures. , was really an eye-opener, and almost exposed his ignorance, but this time he was very calm.

Vision is trained.

Given the Ji family’s status in the empire and his identity, it is quite normal to accept these gifts. The extravagance of the imperial nobles is beyond his imagination. The aristocrats possess status, money and power beyond the reach of ordinary people, monopolizing almost the important resources of the entire universe. Although these gifts are precious, they are all for Ji Ting’s face in the end.

Ji Ling is recalling…

Suddenly there was a loud noise in front, followed by a loud voice at the door: “Duke Carlos is here!”

Ji Ling was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly stood up in shock, with a look of surprise in his eyes!

In fact, Ji Ling was not the only one who was surprised at this moment. The hall was quiet for a moment, and people turned their heads to look at the gate, and soon began to whisper to each other… so no one noticed Ji Ling’s abnormality, Or see nothing.

At this moment, everyone’s thoughts are: How could Grand Duke Carlos come here in person? !

The thought in Ji Ling’s mind is: the biggest villain in the whole text, the lifelong enemy of Emperor Jing Sui, the ruthless, insidious and cunning black-bellied boss-BOSS, Grand Duke Carlos, why is he here now? He obviously didn’t come over in his last life!

Although Grand Duke Carlos and the Ji family are considered family friends, the original owner had to call Carlos Uncle Carlos when he saw Carlos, but then Carlos and Ji Ting gradually became estranged due to their different political views.

Ji Ling recalled carefully that in the previous life Carlos only arranged for his housekeeper Anderson to send a congratulatory gift, which was regarded as a good etiquette, because as Carlos, there was no need to attend such a junior’s coming-of-age banquet in person… What’s more, the Ji family doesn’t have such a big face.

He is someone who can sit on an equal footing with the emperor.

Although they are both dukes, Carlos is the most powerful among the dukes. He has a wealth that is almost comparable to that of the entire royal family and controls the most important energy mines of the empire. But the power of the enemy country is monstrous… He is the ultimate villain who has fought with Jing Sui for a whole book!

At the same time, Carlos is also the dangerous person in this book that Ji Ling is least willing to provoke and fears the most.

With no time to think about it, the crowd in front of them automatically parted ways, and an elegant man with brown hair and brown eyes came slowly.

He has a handsome and elegant face, with an elegant and decent smile, the corners of his lips are just right, and his light brown eyes are full of a faint smile. He was wearing a black dress, holding a silver and black cane in his left hand, and a blue velvet box in his right hand. He turned his head to look at Ji Ling from a distance from the crowd, and the curve of his thin lips deepened slightly.

Ji Ling met those eyes suddenly, almost took a step back in fright, but quickly suppressed the shock in his heart, stepped forward affectionately, and said in a puzzled voice: “Uncle Carlos, why are you here?”

Ji Ting also got the news and hurried out to greet him. He didn’t get the news that Carlos would come in person beforehand, and besides, didn’t Carlos order the housekeeper to give a gift long ago? What do you mean by coming here suddenly now?

This kind of person has his own deep meaning in every move, Ji Ting dare not relax his vigilance. He stood in front of Ji Ling calmly, laughed boldly, and said, “The dog is just living his life, there is no need for you to come here in person.”

Carlos smiled and shook his head, his deep eyes were dark, and he said in a calm tone: “Xiao Ling also called me uncle, why can’t I not come to his coming-of-age ceremony? This is a gift I prepared for him.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and opened the flannel box in his hand.

Ji Ling looked at his good relationship with him, recalled those things that happened in his previous life, smiled on the surface and spurned this shameless old thing in his heart, thank you for remembering that I called you uncle, in order to achieve myself You can send me to die without hesitation. Fortunately, I am lucky, otherwise I would have fallen into your hands long ago.

Calling you a villain is not wronging you at all.

Although he thought so in his heart, Ji Ling still looked at the box in Carlos’s hand with a smile, showing a look of being very happy to receive the gift.

There is a drop-shaped blue gem in the center of the box. The transparent light blue is without any flaws. It seems that there are waves rippling in it. It changes with different angles. Every time you look at it, it is completely different beauty.

Ji Ling recognized it immediately. This is the blue starfish gemstone at the bottom of Fersha Lake. Only after tens of thousands of years of precipitation can it be dipped into such a beautiful color at the bottom of Fersha Lake.

Although it is extremely precious, it is still within an acceptable range.

Ji Ting obviously recognized it, and he was slightly relieved. He was afraid that it would be something tricky just now… If it was just a gem, it would be nothing. While he was thinking about Carlos’ intentions, he heard Carlos I spoke.

Carlos looked deeply into Ji Ling’s eyes, and his voice was low and soothing, clearly spreading throughout the hall: “The sapphires of Fersa Lake are as beautiful as your eyes. After thinking about it for a while, I think it’s the most It is a suitable gift, so I decided to give it to you – Blue Starfish.

I hope you like it, my boy. “

“Thank you… what?” Ji Ling opened his mouth halfway through speaking, then suddenly opened his eyes wide, looking at Carlos in disbelief.

Not a sapphire, but a blue starfish? !

Blue Sea Star is a small planet with a diameter of 12,000 kilometers. Although it is small in size, it has a great reputation. You must know that the empire commands countless star fields, and there are countless small planets. Many planets don’t even have names. , named only by numbers, but the blue sea star is completely different.

In this year’s latest referendum, Blue Sea Star was selected as one of the ten most beautiful planets in the universe. It is easy to make money in the industry, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it as priceless.

Just because Blue Sea Star belongs to the private property of the Grand Duke Carlos, and this wealthy lord never opens this planet to the outside world for tourism development, so Blue Sea Star is also the most mysterious among the top ten beautiful planets. It is the place that people most want to go but can’t go. Everyone on the star network can only rely on pictures and videos to see its style.

Even a sapphire at the bottom of Fersha Lake can fetch a sky-high price on Starnet, let alone this planet!

This gift…is a bit too heavy.

Ji Ling’s brain has crashed.

So when Carlos took his right hand and gently kissed the back of his hand, Ji Ling had already stiffened and forgot to move.

After a long while, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and he raised his eyes to see Carlos’ deep eyes, trembling slightly.

Ji Ling shouted frantically in his heart: [System! ! ! Come out of the system, and explain to me what’s going on! 】


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