The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 1924:







When Gu Zheng appeared inside with Yan Ge, he frightened Yan Yue who was stroking the kitten, but when he saw Yan Ge, he was still stunned, and Yan Ge couldn’t help but speak. This brought her back to her senses.


“Leave a little time for you. I’ll go out and come back soon.” Gu Zheng stepped forward and hugged the kitten, and said in disbelief.


I said that I was leaving. In fact, Gu Zheng just came out of the cabin. As long as he wants to, everything about the other party has no privacy, but he is not so boring. Check the kitten’s injury here and see this time. How much has been recovered, and I will go back when it’s almost time.


Here, Yan Ge and Yan Yue have tears in their eyes, and they didn’t expect that there will be one day to meet.


Be aware that Yan Ge felt that it would take a long time to see her sister, and during this time she had to serve the ancient master.


After the first transaction, there is a second one. As long as he wants Gu Zheng to heal his sister, no matter how long it takes, he is willing. No matter what order Gu Zheng is giving him later, he has no choice at all. .


I even thought about the disadvantages, is there some way for Gu Zheng to delay and relieve his sister’s injuries, but he can’t heal her sister at all, but even if there is only a glimmer of hope, he will not give up.


But I didn’t expect that just after this time, his sister would be completely healed. There was no leftover injury inside or outside, even better than his condition. It was a miracle.


Even Yanyue doesn’t know how to be cured, but she just feels like she is asleep, without the previous pain, she wakes up and everything is fine.


And Yanyue was also extremely excited. From the information left by Yan Ge, she knew that Yan Ge was working for her because of her injury, and she was also afraid of letting him fall into the realm of life and death. Very worried.


After all, that group of information just told her, let her feel at ease here, and simply mention her own affairs, there will be no other news. Now that Yan Ge is only inquiring about a very simple news for the other party, it is also relieved in my heart. He breathed, but soon raised it again because she thought of a question.


“It’s just these unimportant news, will the other party not let me out.”


Yan Ge sighed when she heard her sister’s worry. In fact, after seeing that Yanyue was completely healed, she was also worried.


His sister’s injury, he naturally knows how difficult it is to treat. With so much time, almost catching up with himself, he can’t heal Yanyue, and the other party is healed so quickly, it must have taken a lot of effort, even if the other party requested it. It seems a bit difficult to the other party, but compared to this, it still seems very simple.


Moreover, this place is still the other party’s magic weapon. Without the other party’s consent, even he can’t go out.


“Don’t worry, sister, I will solve this problem. I can’t do more for the other party. As long as you get better, everything else is nothing.” Yan Ge comforted Yanyue.


He is very poor and worthless, only to continue to do something for the other party.


“If it doesn’t work, take an oath and I will go out too. If we are together, it is estimated that this transaction can be completed soon.” Yanyue said from the side.


“No, I would rather spend more time on my own, sister, don’t worry, you can go out soon, give me more time.” Yan Ge flatly refused the other party, and then promised.


Yanyue sighed when she saw that her brother’s opinion had been decided, and she knew that she couldn’t change it.


“I know you suffer a lot. Tell me what you did before.”


After a short period of time, when the Gu Zheng outside estimated that the time was almost the same, he came down and saw that the two were still chatting, shrugged and walked directly over.


“I know you still have a lot of things to talk about, but I don’t have that much time now, so I’ll bother you.” Gu Zheng came to them with a smile, put the kitten down and said.


“Of course I understand, so let’s go out first.” Yan Ge nodded at his sister, then stood up.


Gu Zheng grabbed Yan Ge’s shoulder, and then reappeared in the small cave in a flash.


“Thank you for helping my sister recover. I’ll tell me the news of the inquiries.” When she appeared outside, Yan Ge said directly and wittily.


Gu Zheng just tilted his head and made the intention of listening.


“On the side that surrounds the soul alliance, it is the soul of the candle who is trusted by the heavenly king. However, this plan has penetrated in before the other party is responsible, just let the other party finish it.”


“And this time, only a small part of the subordinate demon souls participated, and many of the remaining demon souls had some people from various races, but according to the news I got, because there is almost the end, most of the demon souls. The soul has passed, and the candle soul sits in it personally, but I don’t know where it is.”


“Do you know when the other party will do it?” Gu Zheng interrupted suddenly.


“After an event of the Soul Alliance, the Star Yaoshi was said to be taken out by the current Soul Alliance leader to reward the city lord who won the first place. Of course, there are other rewards for the second and third places. , It’s just that there is no reward for the first place. That star shining stone is said to be full of space power. It is said that it can break through the space blockade and even leave the sealed location, but you know that it is basically not used here.”


“And this event was due to the sudden outbreak of internal fighting some time ago, so that everyone had a solution on it. After that, all hatred must be put down. After the event, the leader will gather everyone to discuss something together. I know so much from the Soul League.”


“On the side of the demon soul, there are also some people lurking in and taking refuge in the soul league. When they discuss it, they will catch them all at once, but I don’t know who it is.” Yan Ge was afraid of ancient disputes. Misunderstanding, explained in detail.


“It turns out that this is the case. During these hours, you have been inquiring so much news.”


Gu Zheng was already very satisfied. After only so much time was separated, he even thought that the other party hadn’t left yet, but didn’t expect that the other party would have inquired about the same and started busy with his own affairs.


“There are some more, I don’t know if you can use them.”


Yan Ge poured out all the news she knew, and let Gu Zheng understand a lot. She even knew that Gai Jin, who had fought with him, was under the hands of Soul Candle and seemed to be quite reused. Running around for some things.


“Very well, the news you got this time is enough, but there is one last thing. If it is done, the monster in the air will be free. Before that, I want to ask you, what are you doing here? Do you want to destroy the blessing ceremony again?”


Gu Zheng nodded in satisfaction. The news from the other party was enough for him. It seemed that he had to go back. That star shining stone must be handed anyway. For the kitten, maybe Speed ​​up his recovery, if there is extra in the opponent’s hands, it’s even better,


However, he still has some doubts about Yan Ge’s arrival here. You must know that since Yan Ge’s destruction, it is now strictly forbidden to appear any redundant people around, and even lower layers of formations are set up around the altar to prevent some accidents. , And after the other party gets the news, he doesn’t come to him. Is this matter more important than his enchantment?


“Of course it’s impossible. I didn’t know why before. When I wanted to contact you, I felt like you were missing. Thinking about your destination, I guessed that you should enter Miyagi at that time. I couldn’t sneak into that place. Go in, just when the blessing begins here, I will come here to wait for the end, find a chance to solve the two newly blessed people, and grab some things from each other that we can use.” Yan Ge said in detail, not wanting Gu Zheng felt any doubt.


“It turned out to be like this, but I also need to do this thing after blessing. You know you asked you the way to go there. You accompany me this time. Time is very tight, but the other party is not I need to go there. I can just ambush you and help you.” Gu Zheng said directly.


Originally, Gu Zheng thought that the other party would be very happy. After all, with his own help, the other party’s success rate would be greatly improved, but after he finished speaking, the other party’s face showed a wry smile instead.


“I don’t need an adult to help me. From the news I’ve monitored before, the other party will use their concealment to do one thing after the blessing is over. If you are really in the soul river, even you and me, I can’t keep them, but I am willing to give up and go there with you.” Yan Ge said helplessly.


“That thing is important to you?” Gu Zheng asked suddenly.


“It’s also very important, because you also know that our blessings did not go through the altar. This has a huge flaw for our future growth. As long as the other party is killed, it can complement my sister and me. It’s like going inland to do something at a time. With my intentions, I can definitely leave them behind, but I can take you there first. If the speed is fast, it may be too late.” Yan Ge told the truth.


Under normal circumstances, when the blessing is over, the water monster will leave here soon, and there will be someone to protect him during the whole process. In addition, in the soul river, he has no chance, but the other party seems to be leaving for a trip, which is only a thousand miles away. Come here, once you miss it, you really miss it.


“You don’t necessarily need your company. Does your sister know how to get there?” Gu Zheng asked again.


“I know, you mean to let my sister take you there.” Yan Ge was not stupid, and immediately understood what Gu Zheng meant.


“Well, in that case, let your sister take me there, but before that, you have to join forces to kill someone. After the blessing, I am looking for you, and after your sister leads me, The same will be released.” Gu Zheng said with a final word.




Yan Ge has no objections, because only in this way can this problem be solved perfectly. If he loses this opportunity, he will probably never have another chance. He knows in his heart that this is an opportunity deliberately given to him by Master Gu, and he is very grateful. .


Thinking about the process of getting to know the two, I saw that my thoughts were a little dirty, and at the same time I secretly remembered that although the other party is not a demon soul, he is obviously a person worthy of deep friendship.


“If this is the case, then after the blessing, where can I find you?” Gu Zheng raised his foot and prepared to leave. He thought of a question and quickly asked.


“Still here, there is a dark river below this, which allows me to monitor that side without hindrance in the past.” Yan Ge said, pointing to the soul water exposed next to it.


“That’s good.”


Gu Zheng nodded, and then left here.


Wait until he went back, and didn’t go around anymore, he went straight to the small houses where they temporarily rested, and waited quietly.


Time came to the blessing time in an instant. At this time, the nineteen elders and the female mirror demon were on the top, looking down at the bottom with a serious face. Two water demon tribesmen, with their two phantom feet, carried the incomparable sacredness. Expression, step by step, stepped up from below.


And Gu Zheng and Mo Dou are like two guards, standing on both sides of the entrance, one on the left and the other on the right. In front of them is the same solemn aqua elder, still in the air with praise that the monster does not understand.


In the crowd, Gu Zheng also saw Ma Nan, and the other party was still pretending to be in the crowd, looking at it.


However, Gu Zheng didn’t pay attention to the other party. After the blessing was over, that time was the time when the other party died.


The blessing ceremony is also very troublesome. I don’t know the specific principle of the ancient war. Anyway, after a huge shock, the entire altar seems to become a huge golden egg. Everything inside is invisible, only the constant inside can be heard. The vibration, after a long time, the vibration slowly diminished.


When the altar reappeared, the two previous water demon tribesmen had been completely promoted to the early stage of Daluo, a stream of water continued to surround their bodies, and it took a long time to return to their bodies.




Elder Nineteen brought the female mirror demon down and said to the guards beside them.


At this time, the nineteenth elders seemed to be seriously ill, and the mirror demon next to him was also weak and no longer escaped.


Gu Zheng and Mo Dou hurriedly followed and left here, and after welcoming the two clansmen, the Water Monster clan also sealed the altar and returned to their previous water cave.


“Elder Nineteen, thank you for taking care of you all the way, now I want to leave.” In the house where Elder Nineteen was, Gu Zheng bid farewell to the other party.


“Let’s go, I know there are some reasons why you stay here, and I can’t control you. Is there anything I need to take back?” Elder Nineteen knew this for a long time, but still asked.


“Please tell the second elder, Mengzhen, I will definitely save it.” Gu Zheng said seriously, and then left here without looking back.


“Hey, I hope so.” Looking at Gu Zheng’s back, the nineteenth elder thought silently. Of course, he didn’t hold any hope in his heart, and the other party couldn’t even get in.


Later, the mirror demon, whom she had kept in the picture scroll, was released by him. They only had to wait for a day before they completed the task and returned to Miyagi.


After Gu Zheng left, he immediately went into seclusion and ran towards Yan Ge’s place.


“Master Gu.” Yan Ge said respectfully when Gu Zheng appeared.


At the same time, I was deeply moved. I don’t know how many cards Gu Zheng has. When I saw Gu Zheng looks like a mirror demon, if it weren’t for his sister’s belief that he was on the other side, he didn’t dare to recognize it before, so I repeated it. It was confirmed that Gu Zheng was finally attracted. This camouflage was absolutely flawless and seamless.


“How is it? Did I let the person you monitored leave.”


Although the blessing is over, there is a high probability that the other party will not leave, but Gu Zheng still asks, if the other party leaves early, it can really fight him if he can’t do it well, so he hurried over here. .


“No, I can vaguely feel that the other parties are all gathered together. As usual, there are at least three days left. Generally, let the blessed tribe get used to it. Master Gu, please stay calm.” Yan Ge is not very satisfied. Knowing that there is a monster in the air, he said.


The opponent’s strength is not strong, but rushing to the past, it is easy for the target to escape, and there are life-saving things on the patriarch, and he can take other people to leave with him at critical moments.


“You always look at the other person. Once the other person leaves there, follow me.”


Gu Zheng knew that their water demon could leave through the dark river. Of course, there was no direct connection to the soul river. They had to cross a long distance. Since Ma Nan had become a demon soul, it was impossible for the other party to leave through the soul water.


Besides, the other party will also come out. There is a high probability that they will not take Ma Nan away from the water, and they will not know that Gu Zheng is ambushing Ma Nan, so Gu Zheng is waiting here with peace of mind. Adjust your own state and wait for them to separate on the third day before starting to act.


Three days passed in a flash of time, and Gu Zheng was also ready to set off at any time. Although this look made him a little awkward, it seemed to him that the monster in the air was dead. Before there was no black tower, He dared to fight each other, and now that there is a black tower, there is no suspense.


Allowing Yan Ge to help herself is just the best way to prevent accidents and let the other party escape. The black cat’s own ability seems to be similar to that of a kitten, so Yan Ge will naturally be more on guard.


Gu Zheng and Yan Ge were chatting casually. Listening to some other small news of Yan Ge, Yan Ge’s expression suddenly changed, and immediately jumped directly below, leaving a continuous rippling water surface.


“What’s the matter?”


An unpleasant feeling suddenly arises in Gu Zheng’s heart. Standing on the edge and looking down carefully, although he can enter, he will never hide his figure like Yan Ge. If you really want to follow it, it is easy to alarm the other party, and you can only wait on it.




Soon Yan Ge’s figure jumped up again from below. Before Gu Zheng asked, Yan Ge said anxiously.


“Master Gu, the other party has disappeared. The Ma Nan and the two blessed tribesmen you showed me to have all disappeared together.”


“What the **** is going on?” Gu Zheng was no longer calm, and hurriedly asked.


“I don’t know, but I guess the other party must have teleported and left. You will have to go and see for details.” Yan Ge said, shaking his head.


“In this way, the other party can run away.” Gu Zheng was a little depressed. He knew that the other party must not know his existence, that is to say, what task he has on him, let him leave with the two water monsters. Here.


After half a day, after all the aquariums here left, Gu Zheng followed Yan Ge to the other side’s place and began to investigate carefully.


“That’s right, the other party sent away, but I know the exact location too much. The only thing that is certain is that the other party did not go back to Soul River.” After a while, Yan Ge reported the situation.


“Then can you still find the other party?” Gu Zheng said quickly.


“Yes, but I need at least half a month. The longer the time, the greater the chance of finding each other.” Yan Ge said affirmatively, and he didn’t want to let go of the two water monsters.


“Time can’t wait.” Gu Zheng shook his head, then released Yanyue directly, and said directly to her.


“You take me to the passage where you left, Yange, you go to track down the other party, if you can kill, kill, if you can’t kill, then finish your own business first, and come back together to help me.”




Yan Ge and Yan Yue said in unison.




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