The Legend of Futian Chapter 2686: Integration



Above the sky, the terrifying devouring storm directly swallowed Ye Futian into it. In different directions of this storm, Ye Futian saw several top figures, among them there were demigods, and only those at this level were strong. Only then has the opportunity to shake the will of the emperor.


This is obviously the will left behind by Mahuraga. It is integrated into this world. Among the mountains, his will exists, and it has not been completely destroyed. Now, the will is showing signs of awakening.




In one direction, a divine light of destruction rushed straight into the sky storm, trying to pierce a hole. Ye Futian had seen the man who shot, the Supreme Sword Master, his sword seemed to break through the storm. , This left a gap.


The sky-shaking hammer in Ye Futian’s hand was shining with the light of Buddhism, and then Ye Futian blasted towards the sky, and the sky-shaking hammer went straight to the center of the whirlpool storm, as if the sky would burst and the earth would burst into the sky, causing the storm Some are scattered.


But the awakened will is still there, and the storm area is getting lighter and lighter, directly enveloping Ye Futian and the others into it.


“Attack there.” The Supreme Sword Sovereign said, his sword locked the huge figure condensed by Mahuraga, and opened the sky with a sword, but the condensed will figure seemed to open his eyes. The huge double pupils contained incomparable will, his huge body moved downwards, and a python **** opened his blood basin and swallowed the sword directly, and even continued to swallow it towards the Supreme Sword Sovereign.


The Taishang Kendo burst out with an unparalleled divine light, directly breaking through the huge figure of the python god, and rushing out from it, but seeing Mahuraga stretch out his hand, suddenly another python **** entangled directly and took the Taishang sword. Zun is involved.


Mahuluga opened his mouth, and an unparalleled suction force caused the Supreme Sword Master Divine Soul to separate from his body. His divine soul turned into a divine sword, and the sword soul continued to chase upwards, killing him straight. Hou, the existence of a demigod level, but it is definitely not a simple generation.


“Om!” Ye Futian also made a move at this time. He stepped on the void and walked straight towards the figure of Mahoroka. He lifted the sky-shaking hammer and blasted it out, and the shock wave swept out, and At the same time, a divine light directly hit the figure of Mahuraga.


At this moment, another terrifying sword intent appeared. The person who followed Ye Futian turned out to be Xi Chi Yao. She was holding a divine sword, and her temperament changed, surrounded by divine light, like a female emperor.


She came out in one piece, and the emperor’s will suddenly bloomed, just like the great divine sword, using the divine sword to release the sword technique “Drop Rain Divine Sword”, the two merged, it rained in the sky, and countless raindrops turned into one. The thread passed directly through the body of that statue of Mahuraga.


Under the simultaneous attack of the three powerhouses, the congregation of Mahuraga also collapsed. It was not completely formed, but above the sky, it was still the meaning of Mahuraga, and he seemed to have nowhere. No, the entire sky is turned into a face, and many practitioners are still involved in the sky above, swallowed by the giant, the soul is swallowed, and the will is collapsed, as if directly integrated into the will of Mahuraga.


A ray of extreme danger came, and Ye Futian sensed that his face changed slightly. He raised his head to look at the sky, the whole sky turned into the face of Mahoruga, and that face overlooked all the creatures, as if It is difficult to attack him.


The Supreme Sword Sovereign and Xi Chi Yao and other powerful people have a feeling of being stared at, as if the will of Mahoruga is still awakening, and they can’t destroy it.


The even more terrifying Consuming Feast came, the storm flooded the entire small world, and all the strong were covered in it. Ye Futian saw the figures and souls being swallowed, and merged into the huge shadow of Mahoraka. in.


A terrifying force engulfed his body and dragged him into the sky. He wanted to leave with supernatural powers, but found it difficult to do so.


After that, Ye Futian felt a terrifying force of sucking, trying to swallow his soul and will. The wisps of avenue aura on his body was flowing outwards, and everything in his body was about to be swallowed.


He clasped the imperial weapon in both hands, the light of the Buddha was horrible, sweeping everything around, but even so, he still could not stop the invasion of that will power, he seemed to have entered a world of will, and the face of Mahoruga appeared , Let his will be incorporated into it.


Not only him, but other strong men also suffered the same scene. They were all resisting desperately. In different directions, there were brilliant divine lights lit up. The Supreme Sword Master turned his will, and Xi Chi Yao’s will merged into it. In the Di Rain Divine Sword, tearing and devouring her willpower, other positions, there are many strong people are also resisting.


Ye Futian’s hand has a very brilliant light from the Sky Shaking Hammer, and his willpower madly floods into it. In his body, the ancient trees of the world have turned into the power of Buddhism, and they also madly poured into the Sky Shake Hammer.


Suddenly, the Buddha’s light lit up on the Sky Shake Hammer was extremely gorgeous, and wisps of terrifying shock waves swept out. With the power of the world’s ancient trees pouring into it, a gorgeous tree appeared around the Sky Shake Hammer. The phantom, the sacred tree shrouded in Buddha’s light, is like a bodhi tree.


The shock wave of destruction continued to sweep everything around. At this moment, Ye Futian seemed to feel the will of Mahuraga retreating, and he seemed to be a little afraid of this power. This was the first time he felt Mahuraga. Of retreat.


This scene seems to have been similar, and a similar scene happened in the magic sword, the meaning of Garuda, retreating, a little afraid of the power of the world’s ancient trees.


“Perhaps, what Mahoruga is afraid of is not the power of Buddhism, but the power of the world’s ancient trees.” A ray of thought appeared in Ye Futian’s mind. Since a similar scene happened in Garuda, then It is very likely that this is the case. Mahuraga and Garuda are both eight tribes under the heavenly path, and the king of the Mahuraga clan in front of them, how can they fear the power of Buddhism.


Thinking of this, Ye Futian lit up with an extremely splendid splendor, and the meaning of the world’s ancient trees turned into strands of invisible air, which flowed towards the surrounding heaven and earth, spreading wildly, and flowing towards the entire sky.


When this power and the will of Mahuraga were gone, they merged with the will of Mahuraga. It was not swallowed, but merged. Ye Futian discovered shockingly that Mahuraga did not lead. This fusion of will, but let him take the lead.


This discovery made Ye Futian’s heart extremely shocked. Could it be that the ancient tree of the world is a more advanced power than the Babuzhong, that makes the Babuzhong fearful?


Before that, the awakened will of Mahoruga swallowed all existence, including the will of all people, and after swallowing it, it merged into its own will and made it grow stronger, but when faced with the meaning of the world’s ancient trees, he chose Made concessions.


What is the reason for this?


However, Ye Futian did not take it lightly. His previous lessons are still fresh in his memory. At the last moment, Garuda rebelled and wanted to devour his will. Does Mahoruga mean the same way?


But at this time, he has no choice.


The meaning of the world’s ancient trees spread madly and merged with the meaning of Mahuraga above the sky. He really felt that this will is letting him dominate, so he did not stop and continued to merge this will. .


His will continues to expand. On the boundless and huge phantom that covers the sky, gradually, he can see everything in the sky below, very clear, and even he sees the endless mountains outside. At this moment, he is possessing The vision of Mahoruga.


As the fusion continued, and gradually, above the sky, the phantom of Mahoruga gradually solidified, but it was not as violent as before. Ye Futian’s eyes were closed tightly, and his will perceives everything. He perceives Arrived at the existence of a **** shadow, it was a huge **** figure surrounded by a huge python god.


“Mahuraga!” Ye Futian knew that this should be one of the eight Mahouluga, but he was not sober, just leaving a ray of will in the world, and purple Wei Dadi is somewhat similar. He has been integrated into this world, and even after countless years, he is still destroying and devouring the invading practitioners.


His will was directly integrated into the figure, without any backlash or resistance, Ye Futian easily merged with it. At this moment, the vast sky was violently shaken, and everyone felt it. There is an inexplicable force awakening.


Mahuluga’s figure opened his eyes As if truly awakened, at this moment, Xi Chi Yao was horrified and felt a little desperate.


If Mahuraga recovers, who else can resist?


They are all going to die.


“Quit this territory!” A sacred and majestic voice resounded through the sky, and then the swallowing power disappeared, but the pressure remained. Everyone saw the extremely terrifying figure above their heads, hanging over their heads. It seems that as long as you open your mouth, you can swallow them.


The hearts of the strong were beating, and then many people ran away from this area frantically, worried that the other party would regret it.


“Mahuraga, one of the eight sects, is awakened!” There was a thought in their minds, and they only felt extremely shocked. Will the great emperor of ancient times be resurrected when he wakes up?


How terrible will it be if you return?


Even the top figures like Supreme Sword Sovereign looked up, and sighed, turned and evacuated. The memory of the crisis that I experienced just now is still fresh, and I can only give up this territory. What a pity, there are many relics of the great emperor. in!


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