The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 256: Use the resource immediately



Li Lin is peaceful and quiet, her gestures are a little ethereal, empty and out of the dust, and there is no strong sense of oppression from other people.


Although she is based in a place with a strong red dust like the bronze arena, she does not get caught in the fireworks of the world, as if she is distant from the world, and even has a sense of alienation. Perhaps it is because of this, the strange thing on the phone said that she wants to enter the world, and she has to travel through the red dust and fireworks of the great world, from birth to entry into the world.


Wang Xuan was calm and felt that it was no big deal. That day, he was passively fishing Li Lin in Yihai, but he didn’t bring her up straight. They were far apart across the starry sky.


In the final stage, Li Lin had a vague outline and wanted to settle accounts with the person who was fishing for her. Wang Xuan was able to recognize her at a glance, mainly because the clothes and accessories on her body were all too familiar and had been used before.


“What’s the situation, why did she come here!” Wang Xuan thought that she was leaving the Bronze Giant Palace, so why did she come to him? It was protected by Diaotai that day, and there was no trace after the incident. At this moment, he is indeed a bit polite, but he has to pretend to be calm.


In the Bronze Arena, many people did not leave the arena. All of them looked over. A few people were shocked when they learned of Li Lin’s identity. Most people don’t know her roots, they just look at her rhythm possessed, her temperament is refined, and they are attracted by her demeanor |


“The two great kings of the Five Elements Mountain were conferred gods in the first battle, and they gained all the fame and benefits. Now they even have the luck of peach blossoms!” In fact, Wang Xuan didn’t want her to come over at all, and now he didn’t want to have any interaction with her. At this point, he wanted to say, don’t come here!


However, Li Lin walked into the iron cage, obviously coming towards him.


There was a sudden commotion in the VIP seats. Some of the super peers knew about their roots, and they were all shocked. The extraordinary person of the Moon Holy Lake actually knew Kong Xuan?


“Look, my brother used to be doomed to be alone for life, and now there are such good women approaching.” He sighed in the distance that in the past, the two kings of the Five Elements Mountains, whether male or female, would swing a mace at every turn, knocking off a person’s head, and never approaching strangers. With a bang, he was struck in his head, and Elder Qingkong personally warned, and quickly reminded the Black Peacock Holy Mountain not to talk nonsense.


“This woman looks sure.” The black and white bear clan’s Xiong Shan opened his mouth and wanted to say more, but was smashed by a bamboo shoot and staggered, and his mouth was blocked! Wang Xuan stood still, was he discovered? , is her spiritual intuition so sharp? He reflects, what went wrong? It’s not enough to expose it.


The red-headed rope is in the killing array, and theoretically the outside world cannot perceive it. Now that the other party is here, he can’t even pretend he didn’t see it. “Brother Kong, let’s talk first.” The beast girl turned around with a smile, and then said sweetly, “This sister is blunt.”


Although she didn’t know Li Lin, she was very good at seeing people and seeing people. She realized that there was a peerless person watching here, and she realized that most of the people who came here were extremely difficult. “Isn’t it looking for you?” Wang Rong said quietly to the beast girl. The beast girl just smiled, put on her snow-white fox tail, and exited the stage lightly.


It’s true that his heart is blue, but he controls the beating of the heart. The mechanism is subdued, and Yiri has a peaceful face. He calmly opens the factory: “This is what you are.”


On the VIP table, Qingkong stroked her forehead with her hand and said in her heart, didn’t you see me winking at you? How dare you call me a girl. It’s a pity that the clear sky can’t transmit mental fluctuations there, otherwise it will definitely be intercepted by Li Lin.


“Kong Xin, I heard that you are rebellious and wild.” Li Lin came and gave such an evaluation.


After this is suspected, I started to buckle my hat. Are you ready to deal with him? Wang Xuan was alert, took two steps back, and said, “Little girl, who are you?” Calling a stranger a girl is outrageous enough, and adding a small print?


Li Lin didn’t have any mood swings, she was still calm, and said, “You injured Jing Qi in Black Peacock Saint L?”


“Huh?” Wang Xuan was surprised, and then his heart lit up. There was a misunderstanding, and it had nothing to do with catching her. Is this a good person?


This is easy to say, he calmed down and said: “It was just an accident, Fairy An was out of the dust and didn’t really fight with me. Besides, we are best friends now, and we have added friends to each other on the communicator. “Li Lin nodded peacefully and said, “Okay, even if this article is over, I just want to see how wild you are, and whether you will give me a mace when we meet.” Wang Xuan I thought to myself, if I didn’t know it was you in advance, if I changed my identity, if I came here to question and put my hat on my head, who said I wouldn’t do it? “Huh? Looking at your eyes, do you want to take action against me?” Li Lin looked at he.


“No, girl, you are so ethereal, untouched by the world’s fireworks, and indifferent to the world, even if a big murderer of Dong is standing here, you can’t bear to attack, let alone me? Actually, I hate fighting and killing the most. Don’t look at me standing in the gladiatorial arena, but I’m forced. My ideal is to walk in the starry sky with blue lanterns accompanied by scrolls, bamboo sticks and shoes, and when I’m tired, I will retreat to the red dust forest, and I will pass the time peacefully, and my body and mind will not be absent. Among the five elements.” Wang Xuan said with a sigh.

  ”我信你个鬼!”烛龙族真看不下去了,你刚才多少连杀?现在规着脸说自己要跳到世外,好意思吗? 同一时间,合道宗、金阙宫、微光. 教、长臂神猿族等,一群人都有话想说!黎琳看了他一眼,转身瓢然离去。

“I believe you are a ghost!” The candle dragon clan really can’t stand it anymore, how many kills did you just have? , Shimmer. Teacher, the Gibbon Clan, etc., a group of people have something to say! Li Lin glanced at him, turned and left.


Someone suggested that she take a look at Kong Xuan, but she came, feeling so-so.


After the cold weather, Wang Xuan calmly exited the stage, walked out of the iron cage, and suddenly a large group of people gathered around. “Haha, brother, it’s okay, winning consecutive games, happy, finally got revenge, and let out a bad breath.” Wolverine said with a smile.


They were attacked in the city and almost died. Now those extraordinary law enforcers and some people from the candle dragon clan have all been resolved, and the matter has ended successfully.


“Hello brother Kong, I seem to have seen the picture of a generation of demon king Megatron starry sky, destined to rise to become a stranger. Oh, forgot to introduce, I am Qian Lin of Fortune Casino…” A middle-aged man walked away Come. What are the ghosts and snakes, what are the people in the casino looking for him? Wang Xuan is puzzled, not to mention that he is inseparable with gambling drugs, but he does not have any good feelings. But he can only deal with it with a smile. People in this kind of place are probably not weaker than the arena.


“Brother Kong, we will have a small gathering for the younger generation of the demon clan. You can’t miss it. Of course, the members of the Black Peacock Holy Mountain must also be there.” A man in Tsing Yi said with a smile. Then, he lowered his voice again and said: “The city of the sky, the first beauty of the demon clan is also present.”


Kong Xuan smiled and said in his heart, who gave the ranking? I have never heard of the beauty list, only the authoritative fugitive list. For example, there are five-star black households on the list in the Meteorite Sea. , the more famous interstellar sign [. Not near, there is a woman who looks like a woman standing in the moon, with a hazy light on her body, looking towards this side, she nodded seriously. Wolverine quickly introduced, in line with the idea of ​​making the Five Elements Mountain people prosperous, and told Wang Xuan that that was Fairy Mingyue, who was very famous in the stars.


With his help, the two exchanged contact information. Afterwards, Wang Xuan heard a secret voice transmission. Fairy Mingyue asked him if he was interested in going to the Guangming Sect? Is she poaching? The famous Fairy Mingyue I want to dig the corner of the Black Peacock Holy Mountain.


Luo Ying appeared, her intuition was very sharp, she stopped Fairy Mingyue with a smile, and did not give her a chance to continue talking.


Wolverine said: “Brother, there are some friends who should be contacted. I specially selected them for you. I have left their contact information.”


“Please ask me what’s going on and what is the matter with me. I’m sorry, I forgot to pay for the appearance with the Bronze Giant Palace.” Gan Xuan took this to escape, but it was not entirely an excuse. He has played so many times, why didn’t Bronze Arena mention this?


“Spray?” Just look at the people who saw the scene in the past. There is a feeling that Daomu Jinggong gave him a guide. He looked at the anti-fighting appearance, but he and Daobu Hiroshi felt that they knew each other. After watching the superhuman leave the field, they each walked out of the bronze giant palace. The feeling that the person gave him disappeared, and he disappeared in the crowd, without any waves. “Beast girl, have you forgotten something? I’m not fighting here for nothing, right?”


The beast girl smiled and told: “It is recorded in the black card in the form of points, you can use it to exchange for strange things, and the eyes can be used anywhere in the city of the sky, and everyone recognizes it.” Qian Xuan understands After that, I am satisfied.


However, since this time he is mainly to settle grievances and grievances with people, and passively come to the arena to fight, so the proportion of revenue sharing is relatively low. Even so, he also gained a lot of points, because the number of people watching, ticket prices, etc., are very cool.


He nodded and said, “Well, then I’ll go back and use my points to buy some strange objects in the strange object area in the city. By the way, you can help me prepare a training room in advance, and I will use it when I come back.” Brother Kong, you Do you have any requirements for the Chamber of Secrets?” the Beast Girl asked.


Wang Xuan said: “You know, Zhuhai sent me the exterior view of the galaxy, I’m going to comprehend this Dao and find a secret room suitable for practicing this kind of scriptures.” Pfft! When I came out, I just healed my wounds and remodeled my flesh and blood. After hearing these words, a mouthful of blood spurted out.


He glanced at Wang Xuan coldly, then turned and left. He knew that if he made random shots in the Sky City and the Bronze Giant Palace, there would be no good end, and he could only restrain himself. Wang Xuan waited for a long time, and the people on the ninth floor of the arena were all scattered, so he left in a hurry, and then went directly to the strange object area.


The balance of the bronze giant palace is a hard currency. He doesn’t use it out of reason. He keeps the resources in his hands and sees what it is used for. The heart must learn to transform it into its own Taoism and strength for a while. It only started in the future, and he just took this opportunity to comprehend the next scriptures in the secret training room, trying to break through and go to a higher level. On the way, he made some changes to his appearance, and he had already changed his clothes to avoid being watched and causing unnecessary trouble. Qian Xuan went straight to the ore area, where the conflict occurred earlier.


There were piles of immortal materials, many of which contained star power. At that time, he was tempted. If he wanted to buy it, he could help him practice “Xinghe Body Washing Sutra”. Now he is here again, this area is very radiated, which is the characteristic of various old minerals produced in the Luofu star field.


“Everyone, don’t miss it when you pass by. These are all old materials of the highest quality fairy ore. If it wasn’t for an accident in the Luofu Star Region, this kind of thing would not be sent here for sale.” The stall owner said, soliciting business. The quality is the highest, that’s not necessarily true, but some of his words are true, the overlord of the Luofu star field has fallen, and there has been a lot of chaos there recently. If it was in the past, it was really difficult to ship out high-quality fairy materials.


Wang Xuan sighed that on that day, the Luofu Sword, the most precious treasure of Luofu Mountain, was smashed into pieces in the sea of ​​meteorites, and not long after that, Luofu Mountain was attacked, and some strangers came with prohibited items, which destroyed the dojo. “Everyone, Xiankeng is an old material. If you don’t buy it now, you will regret it for the rest of your life in the future.” The popularity of the neighborhood is actually very high, and there are a lot of people around it. “”Boss. How do you sell these stones?” He chose a few for the dry marriage, and he looked at it with a big eye. Some of the minerals and materials contained the power of the farmer. Without the blood interview, it is quite amazing. .” Well, these pieces, each piece is an immortal medicine, and there are five immortal medicines in that pile. “The stall owner calmly informed that it is extremely expensive to look like he is not worried about selling.


The stall owner looked like a middle-aged man, very calm, and said: “I know that some friends have special means to investigate the internal situation of the fairy material, I know it, and I will find someone before I come here. After reading it carefully, each piece has a price that matches its identity.”


Ten sighed, trying to use a mental eye examination to use his eyes, but it was unsuccessful. Luo Yang’s star field layer has strong spoke parts. The old price is very famous, and it’s lost all over the starry sky. Naturally, there are blood-level professionals Ten in


Control over there, see various stones in advance and price them. The stall owner said again: “Everyone. If you want to buy the real thing, you will go to the Luofu Star Region, but recently, the power is very strong and each family is fighting for no owner.”


“Boss. I’ll buy some more. You can tell me the lowest price.” Dry enthalpy also doesn’t want to help the time, to avoid extravagant branches. Prepare a large number of purchases to break the barrier. There are many kinds of strange substances contained in these materials. He only chose strange stones that condense rich star power, and he is not interested in others for the time being.


“Are you sure you want to buy so much?” The Lord was surprised, because Wang Xuan secretly marked an area with him. The piles together were very large, occupying a quarter of the ore he sold. One, it’s about to become a head / little I. Shidao; “You give me a reasonable price, if I can get a head start, I’ll help you with the ten. It also saves you from working hard. I don’t know how much you can go here and go.


For a long time. “


In the end, the two sides reached an agreement, and Wang Xuan used up the points in the black card he just got in one breath.


He sighed that the family with mines was too rich, and he worked hard to earn it. Today, there were so many people watching the game, the seats were full, and the ticket price was extremely high. As a result, after buying some stones, he returned to before liberation.


“Little friends, please add friends to each other. In the future, when a good stone arrives, I will notify you directly. Even if you go to Luofu I will take you to block mines.” The stall owner Hong Fugui is very happy , sold a quarter of the ore in one go, he was very satisfied, obviously more enthusiastic. “Okay!” After Wang Rong left his contact information, he turned and walked away.


A transcendent looked suspicious and said, “Who is this person? How arrogant, he bought so many immortal materials in one breath. I feel that the stones he picked are full of star power.” Probably the second king of the Five Elements Mountain, Kong Xuan. “An old man said, and the runes in his eyes were shining as he watched Wang Xuan’s disappearing back.


Wang Xuan only changed his appearance roughly, but did not deliberately change Shen Yun, etc. He just didn’t want to be watched, so after someone watched carefully, they guessed his identity. “I’ll go, I won’t. The Bronze Giant Palace just ended the battle, and Kong Xuan was conferred a **** in the first battle. He actually came here to buy stones.”


“You can’t be wrong. Today, he deprived the super peerless Candle Sea of ​​the Xinghe exterior scene that he had cultivated for many years. Now he buys a strange stone containing star power, and he doesn’t even have to think about it. This is to practice the exterior scene!” the truth.


Many people showed strange expressions, and then sighed.


On that day, the bronze giant palace was dazzling with stars, and a special magic circle was resuscitated at the top of the giant palace. Many people looked up in shock. The giant bronze palace was helping people to attract stars, and some people were cultivating scriptures related to this?


Soon, the people of Sky City will know that Kong Xuan was practicing the exterior scene of Xinghe, and he actually created such a wonderful scene. Could it be that he had to practice it directly? People were amazed, and at the same time, they felt that Zhuhai was really a big injustice. species!


“Pfft!” On the same day, Zhuhai coughed six mouthfuls of blood when he looked up into the distance.


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