The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 183: The hometown of saints



The space quickly blurred, as if it was dissolved, and it seemed to be atomized.


The superhuman who came in felt cold in his spine, and even his body was weak. Even heaven-level creatures are worried, will they suddenly evaporate clean? Wang Yan was surprised that something was different here.


People look back and look out, the universe is deep, the galaxy is brilliant, and the meteorites form the sea. It is so real.


And in this “scene”, it makes people wonder if everything has to be turned into reality?


Wang Xuan is like stepping on the soft ground, but there are floating clouds in front of him, the surrounding space is deformed, the light is sharply bent, and the naked eye can even see the scenery behind him.


Below a true immortal cannot survive here. There is a force field that distorts time and space. Later, everyone can easily see the back of their own heads.


Such intense discomfort accompanies everyone, tearing their bodies, and it gradually becomes normal until they cross a high ground and go far away.


The scene is no longer blurry, the scene can be seen clearly, the sky is bright red, like a dreary sunset, sprinkled on the ground, the red light is like blood flowing. The ground is cold and hard, and it is a piece of frozen soil. There are not too many plants in the four fields. Some of the big trees are very sparse.


Although there are a lot of superhumans coming in, they seem to be sparse in such a vast permafrost, and they also deliberately keep a distance from each other to prevent them from being plotted against.


This area is considered a new area, and it is not the same as the boundaries that have been developed in the past.


“Hey! That person, you’re going to be gone!” someone shouted reminding.


A man is standing in front of a rock, looking at some thick lines carved on it, like primitive people, very rough and lacking in beauty.


However, the person standing in front of the rock is blurred and faded, more serious than when he just walked in earlier.


Also, his body is also flattened.


He heard the shouts of others not far away, feeling inexplicable, looked back, and his flat body floated up and fell to the rock. “What the **** is this place?!” Someone exclaimed,


This is the scene of the rash person I saw helplessly, a big living person, walking on the level of a true immortal, quickly blurring, and then becoming the person in the painting.


“Save me” On the rock as high as one person, there was a very weak call for help.


Nearby, many people are looking at this place, all of them are alert and cautious, this place is very wrong.


“Ah!” There was a scream, and there was a splash of blood in the simple picture in the stone wall, that person should be dead.


Originally, it was an engraved picture of a primitive man hunting. He was chasing a wild beast. As a result, after the man entered, the picture changed. He took the place of the beast and was shot through his body by an arrow, killing him.


This is a true immortal who entered the ancient painting on the stone wall inexplicably, and was shot to death with a very primitive bow and arrow, causing all the extraordinary to be vigilant and retreat quickly. One of them got closer and looked there, staring at the strange changes on the rock, and as a result, he was also faint and was about to float.


“Don’t look!” Fortunately, his companion grabbed his heart and dragged him down


Retire, otherwise, he himself would not have realized that the crisis had arisen.


A demon immortal reminded: “Everyone, if you see a mural here, don’t look at it. The seemingly simple paintings in this place are very strange and can kill people! His body is an antelope, and its horns are attached to the void. There is no trace for a moment, this


It is his racial talent, who travels far away to find opportunities.


Others are also on the road after seeing this, afraid of falling behind. This is a new area.


There are many rare objects in this mysterious setting.


Wang Xuan witnessed the whole process and was a little lost. He was far away from the rock. He also felt that


Somewhat strange, the simple primitive hunting map has such lethality?


“Two possibilities, one, this is a fragment of a world map, condensing the Dao


The power of the rule, if conditions permit, the scene in the painting can be realized. “Someone




That is a middle-aged man beside Luo Ying, who belongs to the Heavenly Empress of the Black Peacock Clan


A master of the period, he thinks


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