The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1: Heartbroken betrayal


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At night, under the stars and clouds at the peak of the mountain, the cool breeze is silent.

Su Luo’s eyes are gentle with a touch of tenderness, and he is gazing tenderly at the man in front of him: “Wang Qi, wait to exit the organization, shall we settle here?”

Yunqi Jianmei star eyes with intoxicating tenderness: “Girl, do you want to quit like that?”

Su Luo turned to look at the night sky in the distance, looking back with a bright smile: “In the past ten years, I have either been training or beating and killing. I am on the verge of life and death. There is no moment of tranquility. Now I am tired of already This kind of life, I want to get out of it quickly, don’t you want it? “

Speaking, Su Luo took out the small brocade box in his hand and shook it in front of Yun Qi: “Guess, what’s inside?”

Su Luo’s eyes are shining, full of happiness.

She immersed in her longing for a better life in the future, she didn’t see a strange light flashing under Yunqi’s eyes.

“The Ring of Dragon? It turned out you got already? How is this possible? When did it happen?” Yunqi Danfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly, his eyes were intoxicating tenderness.

“Just during your mission to Europe and the United States, you got good luck, so you got it. This time, you quit with me, okay?” Su Luo took Yun Qi’s hand, full of hope, “Return the Dragon Ring to the organization, and then we will settle here and live a happy life, OK?”

“Okay.” His soft kiss was stamped on Su Luoguang’s forehead, and his strong hand embraced her in his arms, hugging him tightly.

Le Luo leaned against his collarbone, Su Luo’s eyes were full and happy smile.

For over ten years, they have walked hand in hand from the rain of guns and forests. He is her most important relative and the most trusted person. Now she is pregnant with his baby in already. After exiting the organization … Su Luo suddenly Her body was stiff, her eyes were dizzy and painful, her eyes widened, her eyes filled with incredible despair.

Pushing away the clouds, looking down.

At this time, a sharp dagger was inserted into her chest, and blood continued to flow along the dagger, moistening the thin plain dress, and the blood on her chest was like the blooming wild flower on the other side, hot and strange. .

As a killer, Yun Qi’s dagger is accurate without any mistake.

Su Luo knelt down on the gravelly ground, and those beautiful eyes were full of astonishment, despair and incredibleness. She didn’t think that this man whom she trusted most, who said she loved her, would desperately Handle himself as a birthday gift to his dagger and pierce his own backhand!

So decisive, cruel and merciless.

Why … she opened her mouth, but couldn’t make a sound because of despair.

Yun Qi chuckled his lips coldly and mockingly: “Su Luo, you are stupid. Do you know so many secrets of the organization, do you think the organization will let you go? You want to quit, too naive and naive! And, How could you be so naive that I would quit with you? “

“…” Su Luo smiled bitterly in despair.

As Yunqi said, she is really naive and naive, and she really believes that he will quit the organization with her.

“Don’t be so stupid in my next life!” Yunqi picked up the small brocade box that had fallen to the ground, and looked at Su Luo, who was suffering and desperate, and turned away.

“Aren’t you naive, Yunqi?” Su Luo’s cold voice sounded behind him.

When Yunqi stopped, Su Luo laughed: “What do you think is in the brocade box?” Yunqi opened the brocade box. The next moment, he suddenly changed his face, “What about the dragon ring?” ? Where did you hide it? “

A rich employer paid $ 3 billion to entrust the organization to find the dragon ring. If it is not found in the end, not only will it not receive a bounty, but it will also greatly damage the credibility of the organization.

Su Luo stood on the edge of the cliff and looked at the bottomless darkness below. The corner of her mouth bloomed with a proud but bitter smile, as beautiful as the blooming lotus flower in the wind and rain: “The cloud rises, you will never get The ring of the dragon is here, and don’t cry on my grave, it will dirty my path of reincarnation. “

Speaking, Su Luo jumped and jumped into the dark cliff.

Behind the cliff is the sea water breaking by the waves.


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