The Dean Has Arrived Chapter 1: Xiwei


Alyssa walked through the aisle in the middle of the village with a small bamboo basket on her back.

   The village that had experienced a disaster not long ago now seems to have regained its former vitality.

  Along the way, the villagers would stop their work and greet this 13-year-old girl who is obviously a beautiful woman.

   Although they all grew up watching Eliza, now the little girl has become the disciple of the master magician. After she finishes her studies, she might be appreciated by the noble masters in the city. Become an upper-class person.

   In addition, the master magician can be regarded as the benefactor of the village, and it is normal to be kind to his students.

   The little blond girl with two small braids on both sides of her head would also politely return to them.

   But her footsteps did not slow down because of this. While responding in a respectful manner, Alisha quickly walked through the lively village aisles without delay, and soon came to the outskirts of the village. .

   There is a large wheat field at the entrance of the village, and now it is green and green. If nothing else, it will be a bumper year.

   Without the shelter of the houses in the village, one can see the tall stone tower not far away on the side of the Yanfei Mountain.

   That is the mage tower where Eliza’s teacher lives-although there is nothing in that mage tower at the moment…

   As the saying goes, watching the mountain run to death, although the distance between Yanfei Mountain and the village is not so exaggerated, but it took the girl half an hour to get to the foot of the mountain, and then follow the same material as the mage tower The stone stairs trot.

   hadn’t ran to the wizard tower, she saw a man in a **** cloak sitting on a recliner, resting under the tree next to the wizard tower. The afternoon sun passed through the dense tree canopy, casting only a few spots of light on him.

   The man’s bare arms and feet from the cloak were wrapped in a white bandage, which looked particularly dazzling against the black cloak.

  He is Eliza’s teacher, and it is said that he is a magician who traveled from the east. I came to this village half a year ago, because I took a fancy to Alisha’s talent, so I stayed in this little-known village to teach her.

   This is nothing. Although the people in the village have a certain resistance to outsiders, the other party did not live in the village directly, but built the mage tower outside the village. Secondly, the other party was Mysterious magicians, the simple villagers still have a certain sense of fear for such people with supernatural powers, and naturally they will not be touched.

   Over time, apart from Eliza who often ran to the teacher to learn about magic, the villagers gradually forgot about this simple magician.

  Until a month ago, a mad porcupine rushed into the village and began to wreak havoc.

  Originally, because the village was located at the foot of the mountain, the hunters in the village who supported the mountain to eat the mountain worked together and it was not impossible to fight against the porcupines with a level 3 level. But for some reason, this arrow porcupine is unexpectedly ferocious. Not only is its strength several times stronger than that of ordinary porcupines, but its epidermis has extraordinary defensive capabilities. The average arrow shot on its skin can’t even leave a mark. .

   Unless there is a team of heavily armored knights, ordinary people will definitely die one by one, and die for two.

   When a part of the buildings in the village was destroyed and casualties had begun, Alyssa finally persuaded her teacher to come and help.

  Magic Master’s action is extraordinary. After the flurry of fireballs and electric lights, the arrow porcupine can only lie on the ground and twitch.

   But just when everyone thought it was safe, the porcupine that twitched for a while was probably a flashback, and there was still room to launch a shower of arrows, and the Master Master who was caught off guard immediately hung up, if not there The clever villagers immediately applied medicine and bandaged them, and due to the weak body of Master Mage, he died of excessive bleeding a long time ago.

   But even so, it took about a month for the master magician named Xiwei to recover to his current level.

   But, apart from Xiwei himself, no one knows that the hapless ghost, who was only 21 years old, has already been occupied by the magpie’s nest.

   “Teacher, is your health better?” Alisha put her small basket on a stone table not far away, and lifted the linen cloth on it, revealing a few pieces of dried bread under the basket, a large piece Bacon and a bottle of milk.

  The girl first spread a clean linen cloth on the table, and then put the food in the basket on top one by one: “This is the lunch my mother prepared for you.”

  Alyssa’s family is not too wealthy. Lunch at this level is already considered the highest level.

   “Thank you, Eliza.” Sivi opened his eyes and looked at the little girl standing aside respectfully, with a smile that he thought was amiable.

   Let’s cross when you cross. Anyway, you don’t have any family members to remember, and it’s not a bad thing to get a cute and lovely loli as soon as you cross over…

   Xiwei chewed on the dry bread and glanced at Alissa with an innocent smile on her face. The little girl seemed to be pleased just because the noble mage-sama could appreciate the humble food of her own.

   It’s just why there is a magic school system suddenly added to the body! Which great **** would squeeze this kind of bridge segment that makes people feel like a third-rate novel on his own body!

   Okay, this is not what Xiwei wants to complain about.

   In fact, when he first found out that he seemed to have his own golden fingers, he was secretly happy for a while, but soon he discovered that his own golden fingers seemed not to be harmonious…

   He swallowed the bread with the milk, his eyes rested on his right hand holding the milk bottle.

   There is no bandage on his right hand. It can be clearly seen that there is a tattoo on the back of his right hand that looks like a clock dial, with only one pointer on it, which is now pointing at the scale representing 1.

   He remembered very clearly that when he first came into this world, the pointer was pointing to the scale representing 12 or 0. Then after a month of recuperating, the pointer moved one square.

   In the dark, he has a very strange feeling. When the pointer completes a circle, his life may come to an end.

  Sevi seems to treat the a little hard bacon as the mischievous god, and takes a bite hard, chewing like chewing gum.

  What a joke! It only has a life span of one year, and it took a month for nothing. How can it be possible to complete the goal of the magic school system in the remaining eleven months-to establish the world’s number one magic school!

   During the month of lying in bed, Xiwei didn’t do nothing. At least he has confirmed that only he can see the tattoo on his hand. In addition, the original memory of the unlucky ghost wizard was almost merged by him.

   He is just a traveler mage. The average magician will major in a certain elemental system of magic based on his elemental affinity, but because this guy has no chance to learn orthodox magic, there are a lot of messy magic in the sky. On the basis of theoretical knowledge, the magic of each element system is slightly dabbled. In addition, even the guys in magic arts and potions have a little foundation.

   But unfortunately, it’s all half-hearted and unweathered.

   is not only that, but Sivi found that after crossing over to this hapless man who was already a junior wizard, although he inherited all his memories, the magic can only use the most primitive magic missiles. NS.

   Well, at least now this magic missile can be cast instantly… The original unlucky ghost had to chant a spell even if he had already been promoted to the elementary level.

   Xiwei occasionally comforts herself with such extreme Ah Q thinking.

   All in all, according to the current progress, not to mention the establishment of the world’s number one magic academy in eleven months, it would be even more difficult to raise oneself to the level of a great magician.

  Since there is no hope, let’s just enjoy life for the last eleven months.

  , who is optimistic by nature, or so nerve-racking, Siwei immediately accepted this setting, and planned to pass on all the mantle he had obtained from the unlucky ghost to Alyssa, to train the little girl, cough, cough, Educate to be a young and promising magician! It can be regarded as a wish of the dear man who can rub fireballs when he is less than twenty years old.

   But the unlucky ghost has a mediocre skill, but has a good vision. Alyssa’s aptitude is far better than that of Xevi’s predecessor. Many magic pattern spells can be understood at a glance, and even complicated potion formulas can be quickly recited. Although the level of magic is still at the stage of magic perception, as long as a solid theoretical foundation has been laid, once the stage of magic perception has passed, there will be a qualitative leap in itself.

   Incidentally, it took a predecessor to do this for three full years, and although the little girl became a Xiwei student six months ago, it was actually only two months ago that she was really exposed to magic…

   Dining is diligently sorted out the basket and linen, and wiped the table by the way. Xiwei looked at this little girl who was only in junior high school before he crossed, and said something Not out of the feeling.

   “Alyssa, remember where we talked about yesterday?” After sorting out his thoughts, Xiwei asked casually.

   “Teacher, we talked about the basic matters that need to be paid attention to in the composition of magic, as well as several taboos in the use of magic power.” Alisa, who had finished sorting, stood upright next to Xi Wei, and replied graciously.

   The girl’s meticulous expression made the inexplicable sense of accomplishment grow in Xiwei’s heart. No wonder teachers used to like good obedient students. That’s how it is.

  ”Then today I will talk about the differences between different magical attributes. Because it is related to the direction you choose to specialize in the future, so please listen carefully.”

   In fact, if you can demonstrate it in person, it will be more helpful for understanding, but Xiwei currently only has theoretical knowledge to show off…

   And according to the current progress, I am afraid that this bit of theoretical knowledge will soon be hollowed out.

   “Yes, teacher, I know.” Naturally, Alisha didn’t know that the teacher in front of her had already become a mage apprentice like her, and she still followed Xiwei’s instructions seriously.

   Xiwei nodded in satisfaction with Alyssa’s serious attitude: “After the theory is completed, it is the usual meditation time. Although you are still in the stage of magical perception, remember that stability is more important than fast. Now is the time to lay the foundation. , Only with a solid foundation can we build tall buildings.”

   “I understand, but teacher,” Alisha tilted her head and asked curiously, “Is there really such a tall building in this world?”

   “Um, if the floating island is counted, there is indeed…”



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