Spotted By Grindelwald And Went To Hogwarts Chapter 1: For the greater good


July 28, 1991, London, England.

Mr. Alan Wallup, who lives in the Chelsea district of Kensington, London, is in a good mood recently. The business of the private hospital under his name is getting better and better. He has finally dealt with the greedy official. The preparation plan for the next hospital chain has been put on the table.

Of course, this is not the main reason for his joy.

His son, Sean Wallop, successfully received an offer from Eton College.

“However, as expected.”

Sitting on a large and comfortable leather office chair, Mr. Wallop thought with some complacency.

Clever, friendly, polite, gentleman, etc., etc., Mr. Wallop believes that his son who is only eleven years old already possesses all the qualities that a nobleman should have.

He has enough reasons to believe that the glory of the Wallop family will be recast by their father and son.


“Sean, is he alright?” By a certain park in Chelsea, a beautiful girl looked slightly worried, and she was talking to a boy beside her at the moment.

The boy was about eleven or twelve years old, he was extremely handsome, his slightly curly black hair had been well groomed, even the casual T-shirt and jeans gave him the feeling of a dress.

“Don’t worry, I just turned him over and put him on the ground, and that guy is very resistant to beatings, it’s not the first time.” Sean Wallop clapped his hands and said casually.

Immediately, he showed an impeccable and elegant smile: “He shouldn’t play tricks on you, I have warned him many times.”

Looking at Xiao En’s blue eyes, the girl blushed slightly, and the worries just now had long been forgotten.

“Sean, you are such a gentleman.”

“Oh, although I have been taught to be humble, if it is your compliment, please allow me to accept it boldly.”

The young man is handsome, and he can’t tell that he just beat up a boy just now.

After parting from the reluctant girl, Sean Wallep leisurely walked towards his garden villa.

Along the way, he “coincidentally” met several girls with outstanding looks.

“I have to say, your new hairstyle really complements your face.”

“Can you please ask your father to give me a psychological consultation? Otherwise, every time I see you, I will be incoherent because of your beauty.”

“Look, every day I have to sigh, I am more and more fascinated by you, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.”

For every girl, Sean always has a prepared speech. According to the change of the other party, family and familiarity with himself, he can always say words of praise that make the girls blush without changing his face.

After all, who would refuse a sincere compliment from a handsome young gentleman?

When he arrived home along the route he had planned long ago, a voice came from Sean Wallop’s mind.

“Task: Increase the favorability of five girls towards you, 5/5, completed.”

“10 points have arrived.”

Listening to the system’s prompt, Sean lazily stretched his body.

Yes, he is a time traveler. In his previous life, he had just been admitted to his favorite university, but inexplicably traveled back to England in the 20th century.

However, Xiao En quickly accepted the reality. In his previous life, he had no father or mother. In this life, he has both parents and loves him very much. Even his five-year-old sister is cute and lively. At the same time, Wallop’s family is rich in assets, which has long since spared him the process of trying to become a back wave.

Is there any dissatisfaction with this?

Although this system is really a bit crude.

In the third year after his rebirth, Sean’s system was activated, but apart from releasing various missions every week, this system didn’t play any role.

The reason why Sean has been insisting on completing tasks is very simple. One is that most of the tasks are easy, and the other is that there is a gray lottery sign on the simple system panel.

It doesn’t work yet, but it makes sense anyway.

Pushing open the courtyard door, Sean walked to his swimming pool. He lay comfortably on the sun lounger and picked up the iced drink prepared by the nanny.

This day is really comfortable… Sean narrowed his eyes comfortably.

Suddenly, something hit his chest.

Sean opened his eyes suspiciously, and an owl was flying away.

“This…” Sean picked up the thing on his chest, which was a letter.

The thick parchment is very tactile, and there is a wax seal on the reverse side of the address, with a familiar school badge on the top, and a line of words below the school badge: Sleeping Dragon, Don’t Disturb.

Sean froze in place.

I’m so stupid…why didn’t I think of it…

With great surprise, anticipation and apprehension, Sean opened the envelope and took out the letter. On it were a few lines of beautiful emerald green cursive script.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(President of the International Federation of Magic, President of the Wizarding Association, first-class magician of the Merlin Sir Order)

Dear Mr. Wallop:

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of required books and equipment. Semester is scheduled to start on September 1. We will wait for your owl to bring your reply before July 31st.

Vice principal (female)

Minerva McGonagall


Sean stared at the letter several times, this is not a peripheral bought in the previous life, but the real admission notice!

At this time, a voice came from his mind: “The system function module is loading and updating, please wait a moment.”

“I said…” Sean grabbed the envelope tightly and fell heavily on the recliner.

It never occurred to him that behind his new life as a wealthy second generation in England, there is a world of wizards hidden!

Subconsciously, he immediately began to recall the vague memories of his previous life.

Frankly speaking, he is not a loyal fan of the Harry Potter series. Like many people, he has read the book and watched the movie, and even more than once, but it is a bit difficult for him to recall how many details.

For Sean, what he remembers more is the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald” After all, it wasn’t long before the movie was released before he traveled.

However, because of a certain sound, what he remembers most clearly are various highlight clips, cps of various fan groups, and, the little freckles are very milky, Grindelwald is very handsome, young Dumbledore… the **** is very curled…

With mixed feelings, he glanced at the envelope in his hand again.

At this time, a dignified and gentle woman walked over with a cute little girl.

“Sean, hasn’t your father come back yet? We agreed to go buy your uniform and some daily necessities together.”

Sean sneered, maybe he doesn’t need to buy his uniform…

However, before he could figure out how to explain it to his family, a familiar voice rang out at the gate of the courtyard.

“Honey, I’m back. But hey, boy, here’s a letter from you.”

Mr. Wallop, who was a little fatter, hugged his wife and daughter, and then handed over a letter.

Sean took the envelope suspiciously.

The same parchment light yellow cover, even the weight is similar.

What’s the situation?

Swallowing involuntarily, Sean turned the letter over.

The same wax seal, but the school badge on it has changed.

A phoenix and a dragon surround a symbol.

A sign that made Sean’s eyes widen.

Deathly Hallows.

And the letters on the top of the logo set off even more turbulent waves in Sean’s heart.


Below the badge is a sentence of Latin. Thanks to the high requirements of Eton College, Sean knows a lot of Latin.

The translation of this sentence is:

For the greater good.


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