Omnipresent God of War Chapter 564: Prediction





Suddenly a subtle sense of weakness came out of the perception.


Wei He has a flower in front of his eyes, and all the senses retreat rapidly. In a blink of an eye, he exits the super-sensing state and returns to ordinary reality.


The sacred instrument crystal is still in front of him, and the holy liquid inside is being absorbed by his true strength.


But the spirit was still full just now, but it seemed to be hollowed out, tired and sleepy.


Wei He took out the gel to plug the hole where the sacred vessel was drilled, then sat down cross-legged and began to practice Xuan Suo Gong.


He has now practiced Xuan Suo Gong to the tenth level, which is exactly the level of five steps.


Actually, there are only twelve levels of Xuan Suo Gong, and the highest can only be practiced up to seven steps.


After that, you need to practice a higher step of the Suoshan Channel. In other words, a further method of Xuan Suo Gong.


But now Wei He has only reached Quanzhen Five Steps, which is still early to Quanzhen Seven Steps. You don’t need to consider these.


All he has to consider is to break through quickly, then break the blockade of the master sister Yuan Duzi and return to the sea.


Just after contacting the bone-eroding wind plane, the true energy of the bone-eroding wind began to be continuously sucked into Wei He’s body.


On which level can be perceived, the higher level of zhenqi can be absorbed.


This is the key to the Zhenjin system.


In short, the Zhenjin system relies on the super-sensory senses and the true energy from the outside world.


Wei He’s whole body is still really strong, and he quickly absorbs the bone-erosive zhenqi and integrates it into his body. In this process of integration, the blood in his body also begins to be driven by the bone-erosive wind, causing subtle changes. In order to better adapt to the newly perceived real world environment.


This is the true cultivation process.


Explore, perceive, absorb, adapt, and then explore again.


It goes back and forth.


Sitting down cross-legged, Wei He also began to rush towards the eleventh level of Xuan Suo Gong. That belongs to the six-step realm of Quanzhen.








At this moment, on the surface of the sea, the news of the disappearance of Wang Xuan, the major general of the Great Moon Expeditionary Army and the master of sand gathering, is slowly spreading over time.


The Gathering Army was looking around the sea, but unfortunately there were no clues.


And the Xuanmiaozong and others who Wang Xuan had brought before, also evacuated ahead of time and mysteriously disappeared.


Time passes day by day.


In a blink of an eye, more than half a month passed. Wang Xuan still had no news.


So there were rumors and began to speculate: Maybe it was the killer assassin sent by Serakra who ambushed in advance and killed the main general of the sand. To repay the hatred of the battle of Maria.


As the search team continues to expand, there is still no news.


As a result, this rumor has gradually become dubious.


Everyone knows that Wang Xuan is the greatest genius of Da Yue now and the most hopeful in the future to catch up with Modo.


Serakra sent people to assassinate, which can also be justified.


Gradually, a month later.


The news of Wang Xuan’s disappearance spread to Da Yue inland.




Li Rong smashed the low table next to him with a fierce palm.


She stood up, staring coldly at the messenger in front of her.


“Xuan’er is not dead yet! The expeditionary army gave up looking for people!? They are crazy, right!? Bai Shanxin!? Where are the others!?”


In the Fentian Army, Li Chengji, Xue Huo and others stared at the messenger with ugly expressions.


Even if they have a similar relationship with Wei He, they are after all the same junior, and they are the most likely talents to carry forward the Fentian Army.


I just disappeared so suddenly, I can’t even guarantee my own safety.


If this is the time of war, forget it, anything can happen during the war.


But now is the time of armistice! Obviously, the war with Serakra had ceased, but this kind of thing happened unexpectedly.


And the most weird thing is that His Majesty, who has always treated Wang Xuan extremely highly, is silent at this time, and there is no movement in the king’s capital.


“Bai Shuai went to the royal capital a month ago to meet with his Majesty, but he has not yet returned.” The messenger himself has a good martial arts training and is one of Bai Shanxin’s personal soldiers.


But in spite of this, facing a fiery-tempered Marshal Li Rong of the Burning Army.


He is still a little frightened. For fear that Li Rong slapped him hard.


“I arrived in the royal capital a month ago?” Li Rong felt wrong instinctively.


If Bai Shanxin was no longer in Yuanxi, could it be true that Yuanxi, Wang Xuan was actually kidnapped and assassinated by the assassins of Serakra?


“Impossible! If it’s really Serakra, this kind of good thing that can damage the morale of the moon will definitely not be kept secret, and they will definitely publicize it. So Xuan’er’s disappearance is likely to have nothing to do with Serakra!”


“Master, since Bai Shuai arrived in the royal capital a month ago, we might as well go directly to the royal capital to inquire. Maybe we can get clues from the junior brother.” Li Chengji suggested in a deep voice.


“Okay! I can go alone, you just wait at the military headquarters.” Li Rong did as he thought of it, without saying anything, turned around and stepped on, with a red light, he was heading away. Chu Zong jumped away.








Great Moon King Capital.


The imperial city that was originally austere and noble has now been secretly controlled by a hidden force from outside.


In the center of the imperial city, in the imperial garden.


One after another, the uneven double-storey pavilion is dotted in the vast sea of ​​flowers in the imperial garden.


In the sea of ​​flowers composed of light red, light blue, pure white, etc., the paths are like blood, connecting and extending, connecting all the dark red double-layer pavilions one by one.


In the sky, a layer of star array used for warning and forbidden sky is slowly rippling with invisible ripples.


Yuan Duzi stood quietly on the second floor of the largest pavilion, overlooking the rolling imperial garden below.


Behind her, the queen Ling Zhongyan, and another veteran with a dark beard and a red crown, were waiting respectfully and quietly.


“Many years ago, I went to the imperial garden in Dawu. It’s not as beautiful as here.” Yuan Duzi said lightly.


“Congratulations to the leader for successfully getting rid of the shackles and stepping into the new world!” The red-crowned elder’s voice trembled slightly and bowed in congratulations.


“I asked you to come, not to hear a few compliments.” Yuan Duzi turned around and looked at the two men who looked respectful.


Especially Ling Zhongyan.


“In the past few years, your magic door has become more and more alive?”


Ling Zhongyan’s heart jumped.


“What the chief said is extremely true, it’s just that the true blood is powerful, and I have to wait for the best, otherwise we can’t wait for the return of the chief, and Zhenjin will be completely extinct.”


Before, she could still sense the huge gap between herself and Yuan Duzi, who is a great master.


Now, even if she is standing in front of each other, she can’t even feel the gap.


Instead, it was an abyss-like void.


It was bottomless, as if there was nothing, and as if it contained a terrifying and vast and true spirit.


The real and the real are intertwined, it is impossible to speculate.


Yuan Duzi didn’t say a word, just smiled.


Boom! !


In an instant, she slapped it. The invisible force instantly ran into Ling Zhongyan’s body protection power.


The strength of the body protection is like a living thing, and it separates automatically, revealing a big hole, letting Yuan Duzi hit his body with the palm of his hand.


Ling Zhongyan was caught off guard, her body flew upside down, and she fell into the sea of ​​flowers from the second floor of the pavilion, smashing many flowers and branches, unable to get up for a while, turning her head to the side and vomiting blood.


Just a palm.


The strength of her body protection as a master of perfection is useless, and the tyrannical body with a lot of essence of real beasts in her body is also like paper. All self-healing abilities, physical strength, seem to lose their effect.


In an instant, Ling Zhongyan was severely injured under this palm.


She seemed to be not a master at all at this time, but an ordinary person. The strength of the body, the secret treasure, and the physical quality all disappeared in an instant.


The old man with the red crown turned pale, and forcibly resisted not looking at Ling Zhongyan. Still respectfully bowed his head and stood in place.


“You will take over the next affairs of the Demon Gate.” Yuan Duzi’s orders were passed down.


The red-crowned old man quickly bowed his hands respectfully.




“Go down.”


Yuan Duzi was slightly impatient.


“Take Ling Zhongyan down by the way.”


After she entered the imperial city, during these times, it was not just that Bai Shanxin and Dingyuan Emperor were under house arrest.


Under the guise of Emperor Dingyuan’s will, a large amount of resources from all parts of the Great Moon Imperial City were gathered together. Then quietly transported to the field.


Now more than a month has passed, and most of the resource transportation has been enough to start.


So, it’s time to do it.


Of course, these have nothing to do with the serious injury to Ling Zhongyan. The reason why she beat her was just because the woman dared to calculate Wei He.


Suddenly Yuan Duzi’s heart moved, and his eyes flashed slightly white.


In her eyes, everything in the Imperial Garden turned into darkness in a blink of an eye.


All the flowers disappeared, leaving only gray and black soil below.


The sky, the earth, everything turned to gray and black.


This is the real world, but it is not the real world that ordinary masters enter. It’s deeper.


In the soil, countless light blue spots, as if growing, are flying silently from the soil.


The light spots are getting more and more dense.


Then converge into a huge human face.


Compared with the face that Wei He saw before, this one is obviously much smaller, but with the passage of time, countless spots of light flew out of the soil and condensed on the face, still Accelerate its expansion.


Yuan Duzi looked at the Blu-ray face calmly, without any movement.


Time goes slowly.


Finally, the spot of light under the blue face gradually faded and became less.


It opened its mouth in pain to make a sound, it’s a pity…




There is a soft sound. The entire Blu-ray human face shattered suddenly, turned into countless light spots, and disappeared.


Yuan Duzi stood on the pavilion, a trace of disappointment flashed in her beautiful eyes.


“Even if you escape, where can you escape?”


She finally got rid of everything Anshalu had, but now she is in a new desperate situation.








The bottom of the trench.


In the cave.


Wei He suddenly opened his eyes, and his pupils seemed to have turned into two pitch-black cavities, extremely deep.


Beside him, there are already two sacred crystals, which have been completely absorbed.


And his real strength at this time has been raised to a new level by absorbing the true energy from the outside world.


Next, as long as you use the mysterious lock technique to refine and absorb the new real energy into your own strength, you have completed the six-step breakthrough.


I just don’t know how to do it.


While Wei He was practicing, he unknowingly felt that the process of absorbing Zhen Qi was a bit difficult.


If it weren’t for the gravitational attribute of powerful force itself, according to the previous absorption rate, he might not be able to accumulate enough energy to break through after sitting cross-legged for a year.


“Is it the special environment here or…” Wei He faintly guessed.


However, it is good for him to break through six steps.


Although it is limited to his current overall strength After all, Zhenjin originated from the combination of external zhenqi and one’s own essence, and most of its power was determined by the absorption of zhenqi.


So the real power corresponding to the level is actually a fixed range.


For the current Wei He, unless he breaks through the real power master, otherwise it is for his terrifying true blood.


The real energy of breakthrough can only be used to reconcile real blood and generate resonance.


Or when it bursts with full force, it can be used to stack a layer of power, and it can also make the blood awakening state further.


But nothing more.


It’s just that, even though it really doesn’t improve Wei He’s effect much at this time, he still attaches great importance to it.


Because, compared with real blood, which relies mostly on instinct, Zhenjin explores and researches the environment and the outside world far more than real blood.


True blood is internal and true energy is external. The two should be mutually reinforcing.


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