Legend of Swordsman Chapter 6310: ecstasy



Next door, ten Immortal Slaying Guards gathered together, and they were also observing the battle.


Yang Xiao was in a room by himself, and he was also watching the battle.


“The great commander is really a god. He even expected that we would live in a restaurant and be attacked by mysterious powerhouses!” He was shocked in his heart.


Before he left Tai’an City, the chief commander had explained that he could choose to believe when he encountered an alien in the inn.


But don’t do it rashly.


Because the commander still has a backhand, that is Jian Wushuang.


Anyway, there is no need for Bai, there is no need to let Yang Xiao take risks.


It’s just that Yang Xiao’s hands are itchy at this time. Since the 1v9 in Mangshan County, his strength has improved again. He has a complete inheritance in Zhanxianwei, and there are treasures bestowed. A battle will allow him to find a way to break through the infantile transformation.




“I don’t know if Senior Wushuang is here. Are we just watching this situation now?” Jiang Shang was a little worried.


Because of the battle below, there is a lot of movement.


Especially that centipede, its aura is stronger than that of Jindan Perfection. Under the control of the enchanting woman, its combat power is almost comparable to Huaying.


The three puppets can be encountered, but they can’t even do damage.


The defense is amazing!


It can be said that Jin Dan is invincible.


Xiang Yang put his arms around his chest and looked at the battle, but his expression was indifferent, and said: “Don’t worry, these people should be here for Yang Xiao, since Brother Wushuang arranged for the two of us to protect Chen Yuan, then there is no need to go. Just watch it!”


“En!” Jiang Shang nodded slightly.


The reason why she was a little anxious was because Jian Wushuang told her that Yang Xiao probably knew about her mother, so she was worried that Yang Xiao would be killed.


But he also believes in Jian Wushuang’s ability more.


Since the layout has been made, she must have made a perfect strategy. She still has a deep understanding of this. When Jiang Guojian Wushuang and Xiang Yang took only half a year, they brought out more than 100,000 rebels, which shows that the layout ability is strong.


If Jian Wushuang knew that Jiang Shang had such confidence in him, he would probably be ashamed.


At this moment, Jian Wushuang stood in front of the door, also watching the battle.


He was so excited that his body was shaking.


“Space Crystallization!!!!”


The material of that shop assistant’s body is space crystals. He didn’t notice it when he was so close before, and it was also because of the characteristics of space crystals.


Now that he sees it with the naked eye, he recognizes it.


“Such a large space crystal, if I get it, it is enough to be promoted to a baby!” Jian Wushuang’s heart trembled with excitement.


He even forgot to speculate on the masters of the Thousand Foot Tribe.


Because that doesn’t matter to him.


The inn was prepared for Yang Xiao, so these three puppets were also here to kill Yang Xiao.


The powerhouse of the Thousand Foot Tribe intervened, obviously to protect Yang Xiao.


I am afraid that Wei Jiuxian’s layout is among them, and he is not very interested in it.


Now he just wants to get space crystals.


The three puppets have no thoughts and are manipulated.


If you want to kill with burning mind power, you can only use the mind power left on the puppet by the puppet master to kill the opponent.


But it’s too hard to kill from such a distance.


Although Jian Wushuang’s psychic power is powerful, it cannot do it.


Unless the mastermind behind the puppets is found in the party.


“Can’t find it!”


At first he thought it was Dong Biao, but from Dong Biao, he couldn’t see anything strange, and even his mind power was a mess, it didn’t look like a puppet being manipulated by a mind wandering.


If it wasn’t Dong Biao who was guessed earlier, who would it be?


Could it be that the opponent did not hide in the team, but just like him, has been secretly following the team?


He frowned slightly, unless the other party was a god, or the other party’s thought power was covered by something.


The possibility of the gods is first ruled out. According to his guess, the other party can use space crystals to refine the body of the puppet. I am afraid there are still a lot of space crystals to refine the magic weapon that shields his own breath.


This is most likely the case. Jian Wushuang is not a threat to his strength, so he does not panic.


A puppet can’t escape anyway.


Just as his eyelids are low, the top priority now is to find out who is manipulating the puppet behind the scenes.


“Who is it?” Jian Wushuang had murderous intent in his eyes.


Mind sweeps over everyone.


He doesn’t mind killing them all if he can’t find them.


Especially the Golden Crow Guards, who were fighting against him anyway.


To protect Yang Xiao, sooner or later there must be a conflict with the other party.


It is better to strike first.


Jian Wushuang held the scabbard, his eyes lifted into the sky, and his consciousness condensed an illusory figure in the sky, looking at the restaurant below.




Wait a minute.


But Jian Wushuang’s patience also has a limit.


He must do something more at this time.


“Yang Xiao, you don’t want to grab it!”


Yang Xiao in the guest room was stunned, knowing that it was sound transmission, and immediately thought of it, and said sound transmission: “Your Excellency is not ready to take action?”


“It seems that Wei Jiuxian has already told you, so I’m not talking nonsense. Now I suspect that there is a strong man behind the scenes manipulating puppets to fight. His strength should not be weak, he can manipulate three puppets, and he can So flexible at least is a fake infant monk, I need to keep an eye on this person, now you go down to help, someone will help you later, you just need to cooperate with the strong of the Thousand Foot Tribe to take down the black puppet first That’s it, then I’ll be able to lock the location of the person behind the scenes!”


Jian Wushuang used a well-meaning little lie to force Yang Xiao to act.


Because there are still two strong men who are no less than him in the dark, the principle of starting first is the strongest, and there is no need for Jian Wushuang to remind him.




Yang Xiao was also very happy, he kicked the door directly and shouted: “The enemy attacked, everyone protects the governor to evacuate, I will block here!”


His voice can no longer make Chen Yuan pretend to be dead in the room.


Xiang Yang and Jiang Shang also received Jian Wushuang’s voice transmission at this time and asked them to assist.


“Sir Chen, you wait here, don’t go out, I’ll help Yang Xiao!” Xiang Yang cupped his hands and took Jiang Shangfei downstairs directly.


The field was instantly lively.


Yang Xiao was not surprised when he saw these two figures, but he had a headache because Xiang Yang and Jiang Shang were too weak.


Don’t say help, you may be held back.


Xiang Yang noticed the other party’s strange eyes, nodded and said: “You just do it, don’t worry about us!”


He and Jiang Shang’s strength is indeed not the same, but the means are still there.


Jiang Shang may be average, but Xiang Yang, a former master of the universe, still has some small tricks. Although his combat power is not very good, his opponent is just a puppet, which can achieve the effect of interference and containment.


Otherwise, it is pure waste, and it has been practiced in vain for so many years.


“Okay!” Yang Xiao, who was not polite at this time, shouted at the thousand-foot tribe powerhouse next to him: “Why are you still standing there, do it!”


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