Legend of Swordsman Chapter 6304: Evening Party





The previous emperors were all competing for fame!


It is said that Emperor Wuzong, when he recaptured the thirty-six northern prefectures, left his name in history and has always been the pride of their lineage.


He Li Miao not only wants to be famous in history, but also in the world of self-cultivation, so that hundreds of millions of people admire him.


“Okay, just do as the Immortal Master said!”


Li Miao just hesitated for a moment before making a decision.


Watching the mist disappearing from the Immortal Master, he comforted himself in his heart: “When I’m done, the entire cultivation world belongs to the Great Tang, and then they should thank me for creating a prosperous world for their descendants! “


But he never thought, did those people have children and grandchildren?


The Imperial Palace, the Immortal Slaying Tower.


Wei Jiuxian walked to the door alone, but was stopped.


“Wei Hufa, Lord Nanshan asked you to go directly to the southern city wall, there is no need to come back to Zhanxianlou!”


The two Immortal Slaying Guards guarding the gate have changed to strange faces.


Wei Jiuxian was hunched over and did not refute. He turned around and was about to leave. Before leaving, he stopped and didn’t turn his head, just said plainly: “Tell Nanshan, don’t break my chessboard!”


Leave immediately after speaking.


South City.


The Immortal Guard Branch.


“Great commander, you just watched that villain in Nanshan so rambunctiously? He even asked me to go to Shanhai County to monitor Jiangguo refugees. Once I’m gone, this is Tai’an City, but I’ll be sincere about what he said!”


The atmosphere on Chang Feng’s face.


As the second head of Zhanxianlou, he only obeyed Wei Jiuxian’s orders, and now he is replaced by Nanshan, he must not be convinced.


And he was also assigned to Shanhai County, which is obviously to overshadow Wei Jiuxian.


Wei Jiuxian took a plain cup of tea, filled a cup, pushed it to Chang Feng, and said nonchalantly, “Then go to Shanhai County!”


“But…” Chang Feng was halfway through, seeing Wei Jiuxian’s relaxed expression, he seemed to understand something, he pretended to lower his voice and said, “Grand Commander… ..”


“My arrangement, don’t ask, don’t say if you guess it, just follow what it says inside!” Wei Jiuxian handed a kit to Chang Feng.


After Chang Feng took it, he nodded heavily. He had always been confident in the grand commander’s plan, and after drinking the tea, he immediately led the order to retire.


After returning to his residence, he opened the kit.


There was only a short line at the top, but after reading it, he was puzzled.


“Chen Yuan……”


He crushed the note and closed his eyes.


A lot of things happened in the court today, so much so that even the city felt precarious.




Slaying the Immortal Tower.


The group of Chiyang Sect powerhouses who were captured by Wei Jiuxian were all released, but the immortal fate they brought with them was gone.


Don’t ask, it has been taken away by Wei Jiuxian.


“Tonight Beicheng will leave an opening for you. Follow this route to get out of the city, and someone will lead you after you leave the city!” Nanshan sat on the rattan chair and waved his hand, “Let’s all go down!”




In the Princess Mansion.


Tonight is full of guests and the light is shining!


Because Chen Yuan was about to take up the post of governor, he went to the nine southeastern counties.


This is an imperial envoy. It is a high promotion. Once he returns, he will be promoted at least two levels. The key is to go to Mangshan County.


It will naturally attract many people to congratulate and see off.


Tonight’s Chen Yuan can be regarded as enjoying the brilliance of a full house.


Some are friends, some are colleagues and bosses.


For example, some of the servants of the Sixth Division are higher than his official position, which can be regarded as giving him enough face.


The banquet continued until late at night. Chen Yuan, who was slightly drunk, sent the guests to the door one by one. Of course, this kind of thing would definitely not bring the princess.


After all, that’s a godsend.


Besides, the relationship between Chen Yuan and the princess is more like living together as a partner, no one pays attention to anyone else, it’s enough to take care of yourself.


After sending off the guests, Chen Yuan let out a long sigh of relief, the smile on his face disappeared, and walked towards the study alone.


He usually lives in the East Garden, while the Princess is in the West Garden, and both have their own activity areas.


In Xiyuan, there are many small courtyards with face heads and some attic for entertainment, which is very prosperous.


Dongyuan is much simpler, with only a small bamboo forest and some scattered courtyards.


In the bamboo forest, there is also an attic. This is Chen Yuan’s study. This place is his heart. He also ordered his servants not to come here.


Family opened the door, but he frowned.


Because there is one person sitting on the main seat of the study.


The man was in the shadows, unable to see his face.


But Chen Yuan can recognize this person at a glance, either because he is too familiar, or because this person has a very deep impression on him.


“What are you doing here?” Chen Yuan’s tone was impatient.


When he saw this man, he felt flustered.


The figure in the dark smiled disdainfully and sneered: “When you become a concubine, will you forget my old brother?”


“Hey, don’t call me brothers, we two have already settled down, and if there’s nothing else to do, get out of here!”


“Tsk tsk, really heartless!” The shadowy figure shook his head, and immediately said straight to the point: “I came here on orders, and I have something to help you!”


Hearing the order, Chen Yuan frowned even more, turned to close the door, and said in a low voice, “Is it because of Mangshan County?”


“Yes!” The shadow in the dark nodded, and then said: “The selection for Mangshan County has been selected, there will be a team of forbidden troops, and a team of Zhan Xianwei will go with you, all you have to do is ……”


After the shadow in the dark explained, there was a grim smile.


“Brother Chen Yuan, if you finish this matter, the road will be better in the future!”


As the voice fell, the shadow in the gloom disappeared.


Only Chen Yuan was left alone to guard the attic.


After a while, Chen Yuan slowed down, but before he could sit down, another shadow entered the attic.


“Today’s Princess Mansion is so lively!”


The person who came masked and sat in the place where the shadow sat just now, startled Chen Yuan.


“Who are you, dare to break into the Princess Mansion!” Chen Yuan was immediately furious.


The man in black is playful: “What can I do to the little princess mansion, if I can come in, I can kill you, understand?”


This sentence is a blatant threat. Chen Yuan paused, and his breath calmed down instantly.


“I knew it wasn’t going to be peaceful this time!”


Chen Yuan felt helpless and smiled bitterly: “Tell me, you are the Great God of the Road again, what instructions do you have!”


“Refreshing!” The man in black clapped his hands and said frankly: “First, save Yang Xiao’s life, second, after going to Mangshan County, don’t bother about Yang Xiao’s actions!”


“Wei Jiuxian asked you to come?” Chen Yuan directly guessed the origin of the other party, and then sneered: “Your news is really good, I just found out that Yang Xiao will go with the team, and you will come after you. .”


After guessing his identity and origin, Chen Yuan is no longer afraid. He is now the governor of the imperial court, so he doesn’t believe that Wei Jiuxian has the courage to kill him?


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