I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days: Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator Chapter 1: Cultivation Immortal Simulator



“What’s the situation? After ten days, I will cross?”


Zhao Hao’s head was stunned suddenly, as if thousands of horses were galloping past, he never expected that he would finally catch up with him for the long-awaited time travel benefits.


In front of his eyes, a light curtain suddenly appeared.


(Countdown through time, 239:58:13.)


(Whether to open the traversal simulator.)




Exhaling deeply, Zhao Hao calmed down his excitement. Although he is an otaku, he usually only has two hobbies: playing games and reading novels.


For the occurrence of time travel, Zhao Hao had fantasized countless times over the days and nights. Therefore, at this time, Zhao Hao calmed down quickly and began to think about what he should do.


“Through the simulator? This thing should be my golden finger, turn it on, turn it on…”


Following Zhao Hao’s activation command, the text on the light curtain in front of him began to change slowly.


“Ding Dong, the time travel simulator is now open.”


“It is detected that the host is about to travel through the fantasy world, and the system will automatically acquire the talent for cultivating immortals.”


“Currently available talents for cultivating immortals are: great talents, born with disabilities, born of a thousand devils, butcher’s son…”


“The following talents can only choose three talents, and start the simulation.”


Zhao Hao looked at the ten talents that appeared randomly, and decisively selected three talents.


“Thousand Devil Embryos (Golden Talent): Physical strength increased by 50, defense power increased by 20%, fist, foot, palm skill qualification increased by 50, and evil way skill training speed doubled.”


“Butcher’s son (blue talent): Add 10 to physique, 10 to strength, and 20 to intelligence. Slightly improved against murderous cultivation.”


“Great talents (blue talent): Intelligence plus 30, full of talent, can speak well.”


“The Immortal Cultivation Simulator is on.”


“On the first day, you traveled to a small village at the foot of Tianwu Mountain. You aspired to become a great practitioner and live forever. On that day, you walked out of the village and walked towards the mountain.”


“The next day, you were on your way in the mountains. You didn’t find any food along the way. You were so hungry and thirsty that you had no choice but to sleep in the ruined temple at night. Unexpectedly, a monster touched you in the temple. You had no power to fight back. You died.”


“Ding, this immortal cultivation simulation is over, you can permanently retain one immortal cultivation talent every day and extract it to the real world.”


“Simulation terminated, this simulation time: two days, system cooling time: two minutes.”


Looking at the simulation results on the light curtain in front of him, Zhao Hao felt cold all over his body, and suddenly felt that the world of cultivating immortals is very difficult, full of crises, and far from the harmonious society of today. .


He just selected the best three talents among the ten immortal cultivation talents, but he didn’t expect that in the world of immortal cultivation, he lived for only two days.


If this is really time-traveled, wouldn’t he just be cool. .


However, when Zhao Hao saw that he could permanently save a talent for cultivating immortals to the real world every day, his heart still moved for a moment, and he hurriedly asked the system.


“System, what’s the matter with extracting the talent of cultivating immortals?”


“Ding dong, please pay attention to the host. After each simulation of cultivating immortals, you can extract a needed cultivation talent from it and transfer it to the body in the real world.”


“This talent can be brought into the next cultivation simulation, and it does not occupy the cultivation talent column,”


“Please note that you can perform countless simulations every day, but you can only extract one immortal cultivation talent.”


“When the host successfully traverses, the system will automatically upgrade, and the cultivation talent can no longer be extracted.”


Zhao Hao quickly got up from the bed and started pacing back and forth in his room. According to the system’s prompt, that is to say, he still has ten days of preparation time, and he can travel to that fantasy world with ten talents of cultivating immortals.


Thinking of this, Zhao Hao began to tremble with excitement. Originally, the fantasy world was so dangerous that he had given up hope for his own future and destiny, but now, he saw the dawn of survival.


“So, I can enter that fantasy world with ten talents for cultivating immortals. Although I didn’t have any cultivation base at the beginning, with these ten talents, I should be able to grow up quickly.”


Suddenly, Zhao Hao thought of a very important thing. He now has a golden talent. If he extracts it, a better talent for cultivating immortals will appear in the simulator in the future, what should he do? So he hurriedly asked the system.


“System, can the extracted talents for cultivating immortals be replaced?”


“Ding, pay attention to the host, the cultivation talent can be replaced regardless of the number of times on the same day, if the host does not extract the cultivation talent that day, the opportunity will be invalidated.”


“What time is the standard for this day?”


“Attention the host, everything is based on the time on the countdown, and 24 hours is a day.”


Zhao Hao looked at the countdown panel beside the light curtain.


(Countdown through time, 239:35:23.)


There are still more than 23 hours left before the next reset of immortal talent.


Afterwards, Zhao Hao began to calculate silently according to the information given by the system.


“What I have to do is to open more immortal cultivation simulators, find the best immortal cultivation talents, and then match them with talents that are easy to die, so that I can get the immortal cultivation talents as quickly as possible~IndoMTL.com~ Otherwise, If I practice successfully for decades, my golden finger will be useless, “


After thinking about this, Zhao Hao stood still at the same spot, wanted to understand everything, and said directly to the system.


“Keep the golden talent of cultivating immortals first, the birth of a thousand demons.”


Let’s keep one of the best talents for cultivating immortals first, after all, you won’t lose money.


“Ding, the cultivation talent has been extracted.”


Zhao Hao was a little confused, and didn’t feel any changes in his body.


“This is the end??”


Just finished speaking, Zhao Hao’s complexion changed instantly, his body began to tremble crazily, and muscles appeared on his body instantly.


The original height of 1.8 meters bumped to 2.2 meters in an instant, and all kinds of evil auras began to emanate unconsciously from his whole body.


The heart beat faster and faster, and Zhao Hao could clearly hear the sound of the heartbeat.


“I rub it, it hurts too much.”


Although Zhao Hao felt that his whole body was full of strength, the piercing pain was also extremely painful.


Fortunately, this feeling only lasted for a few minutes, and Zhao Hao’s body completely adapted to this talent.


“Yes, yes, although this evil aura is a bit annoying, but it is so powerful.”


Zhao Hao shook his fist and punched the floor below.




There was a loud noise, and the incomparably hard floor was directly pierced by Zhao Hao’s fist. Zhao Hao’s fist was directly inserted into the ground, and when he pulled it out, there was no scar on his fist.


“Fortunately, I live in a bungalow. If I live upstairs, I won’t scare the people downstairs to death.”


Zhao Hao looked at his fist and said with satisfaction. .


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