I Took Over The Demonic Ancestor Chapter 508: Mysterious man


This sudden change made everyone dumbfounded, even Qiu Zhenghe himself felt this way.

But the Masked Man doesn’t see anything wrong with this at all.

Because if he didn’t burst out with such power to resist, it might really be him who died.

But it was also because the opponent had used such power.

In an instant, Qiu Zhenghe felt an unprecedented thought.

The people at the headquarters of the Dark Spirit Organization are really hiding dragons and crouching tigers.

He’s not as simple as he thought before.

Even if the other party can really be in a state that he can understand under such conditions, it is not enough.

In other words, Qiu Zhenghe has already guessed that the people at the headquarters of the Dark Spirit Organization are very strong.

But there is really no guessing that it is so strong.

This made Qiu Zhenghe feel the shock in his heart.


A violent explosion sounded at this moment, and Qiu Zhenghe completely fell from the void on the slate ground that had turned into dust and powder.

Then the whole person was still on the ground, and kept sliding backwards and went out hundreds of meters.

This sudden phenomenon really made Qiu Zhenghe feel a great shock in his heart.

But that’s fine.

He just wants to see how strong these guys at the headquarters of the Anning organization are.

He just wants to figure out these guys so that he can have a countermeasure at that time.

Because he stayed in the Longtan Tiger Den, no one knew if he would be killed by these guys tomorrow.

So if you can take advantage of the outbreak and figure out some of the situation, then you can figure it out while it breaks out.


Qiu Zhenghe also seemed to be angry, the whole person jumped up from the ground in the distance like a bullfight.

The moment he jumped up, a powerful shock wave burst out from the entire earth.

All the dust flew up immediately.

In an instant, the world was fairly clean, and the smoke and dust billowed in an instant.

But the position between Zhou Zhenghe and the mysterious masked man is clean.

In an instant.

Qiu Zhenghe instantly approached this guy and had a close-quarters fight with him.

However, the mysterious man now wearing a mask does not dare to carry anything.

Because of Qiu Zhenghe’s unpredictable strength and speed, it really made him nervous.

He no longer dared to underestimate Qiu Zhenghe like he did before.

And he found out that Qiu Zhenghe is now in the second stage of the exercise.

That’s into anger! Because once he enters this stage, the more angry he is, the more his combat effectiveness will explode.

Whether it’s speed reaction or his strength, it’s a skyrocket in all aspects.

This is the great advantage this practice can show when it enters this stage.

In other words, the power that Tu Zhenghe can obtain at this stage is several times faster than his previous reaction.

This moment brought the gap between him and the mysterious mask man back to almost zero.

Faced with such a situation, the mysterious person really felt a headache.

But the other party has already approached him and there is no way back.

So I can only engage in close combat with Qiu Zhenghe.

There is no hesitation at all.

There was a quick shock between the two of them, and they were not afraid that the other would hesitate in any moves.

You’re punching or kicking anyway.

And every move and every style is aimed at the opponent’s slain point.

This is a level that feels unattainable.

The more the two of them fought, the more shocks and shocks this space exploded.

The powder that was originally turned into dust kept flying in the void, making this great ceremony condensed in the dust.

But it’s strange to say that just as the dust floated up, it didn’t drift away to the outside.

Instead, it kept condensing in this position of Heaven.

It’s like wrapping the main hall completely.

This feeling is really unimaginable.

But as long as people with a little level of knowledge can know, this is entirely because of the huge impact between Qiu Zhenghe and the mysterious person in the mask.

And the process of continuous release and absorption of the numerous shocks has caused this strange phenomenon of these dusts.

And those guys who originally wanted to leave here and return to the original place to save their lives.

Now I can only stay in this place, I am sure that my store is in this legend.

But they can’t see them at all.

Only one sound can be heard on this side, followed by some deep alleys on the other side.

Then it’s somewhere else, so fast that their hearing can’t keep up.

That feeling is overwhelming.

Even completely beyond their ability to detect.

Maybe now Qiu Zhenghe and that guy have hit a hundred times.

But the voices that can be heard by these people in the void are only a dozen or so.

Because the speed is so fast that it is unattainable.

Even the ears are hard to catch.

If they hadn’t slightly reduced their speed when they collided, these dozen or twenty liters of explosions wouldn’t have occurred at all.

Although there are only a dozen or 20 explosions, but for those guys.

I already know exactly what it means.

Because they couldn’t catch it with their eyes, Qiu Zhenghe was fighting with his own superiority.

Not only that, but they can’t even hear these sounds with their own ears.

In other words, the current situation of Qiu Zhenghe and their superiors is completely unknown to them.

But for Qiu Zhenghe and the mysterious man, it was so clear.

They are now going back and forth with fists and feet and slaying each other with furious attacks.

What’s more terrifying is that there are no extra moves or flashy moves between their punches and kicks.

It is extremely simple and rude, like wanting to kill the opponent.

Such a sudden move is unimaginable.

Even the two of them felt that the other was too powerful.

So much so that how to make a breakthrough in the integration struggle, it is like encountering the strong half in front of him.

Through Qiu Zhenghe, the mysterious masked person is really, only this time I know that the strength of the Mountain of Love is so amazing.

If they really arranged it according to the plan they had in mind.

It is possible that the combat power of the entire Dark Spirit Organization headquarters has disappeared on the mountain of unrequited love~IndoMTL.com~ Because judging from the intelligence information they have, Qiu Zhenghe is the worst among Ling Tian’s so many disciples of.

But the worst people are now in front of themselves, showing such amazing strength and extraordinary scenes.

This is absolutely mind-blowing.

As for Qiu Zhenghe, now that he has fought against this mysterious guy, he feels more and more that it is too terrifying to be a lord.

Only one guy can reach this level with himself.

What if there are other people behind the Dark Spirit Organization headquarters besides this guy.

Let’s not say how many people there are, even one can be overwhelming.

Even the result of being killed by oneself.

Such combat power is actually a terrifying threat to the Mountain of Lovers.


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