I Took Over The Demonic Ancestor Chapter 188: Master let me try



At this moment, however, the two who fought with Mu Chenxue immediately retreated to the second brother’s side.


They looked surprised.


“What are you doing? Is this necessary?”


“Nonsense. Help me.” The second brother urged.




The two brothers looked at each other with hesitation.


But looking at Ling Tian and Mu Chenxue again, there was a lot of shaking in their hearts.


“Okay. Then do it.”




As soon as the second brother finished speaking, the two brothers landed next to him on the spot, with their backs facing each other. The orientation of the three happened to form an iron triangle relationship.


“The spirit of heaven and earth, the retreat of gods and ghosts, my mystery, the gathering of all spirits…”


When Ling Tian saw this, he was even more convinced that the three of them were starting a formation.


Mu Chenxue also heard clues from their actions.


“Master, do the three of them want to activate the formation?”


“That’s right. If you guessed correctly, they want to open the Heavenly Spirit Formation.”


“The Array of Heavenly Spirits?”


Mu Chenxue did not understand the formation method at all, and she found that the practitioners of the witch and the demons all like to use the formation to strengthen themselves.


“Yes, it is a formation that forcibly absorbs the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The legend of the power finally transformed by this formation surpasses the power of ghosts and gods.”


Hearing Ling Tian’s explanation, Mu Chenxue was a little shocked. He really doesn’t know anything about these formations, so it is unimaginable to hear that the power brought by such formations can surpass the power of ghosts and gods.


“Then what should we do now, Master? Or does Master already have a way to break the formation?”


Mu Chenxue looked at Ling Tian cautiously, but she was still in her heart. Thinking that there will definitely be a way to crack it tomorrow, otherwise. It is impossible to be so calm as it is now.

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Hearing this, Mu Chenxue almost didn’t fall to the ground on the spot.


He never thought that Ling Tian would give such a firm and concise answer.


“No? Master, this is not a joke. The disciple knows that you must have the ability to decipher, otherwise how can you be so calm?”


“No. Calmness is the cultivation of a teacher, not the truth of a teacher.” Ling Tian said calmly. ”


“So, we can only be beaten by them?” Mu Chenxue was most concerned about this issue.


“That’s not necessary. The more powerful something is, the more disadvantageous it is. As long as you find its shortcomings, you can defeat it in one fell swoop. As for the weakness of this formation? I don’t know yet as a teacher.”


Mu Chenxue nodded, then a thought flashed through her mind.


“Since that’s the case, then let the disciple take a trial first, what does the master think?”


“Okay, then you’ll have to test it out first.”


Hearing this, Mu Chenxue was stunned.


What’s going on here? How could Master be so willing to let me try it out? Does it mean that this formation has surpassed the power of ghosts and gods? Will I go straight to death if I go up like this?


Thinking of this, Mu Chenxue shook his head unconsciously. She glanced at Ling Tian, ​​but in her heart she wondered if Ling Tian was really joking with her.噺⒏⑴The fastest full text of 祌文んττρs:/м.χ8㈠zщ.còм/


“Master, do you really want Chen Xue to try?”


Hearing this, Ling Tian. Nothing was said. He looked firmly at Mu Chenxue and nodded.




At this moment, Mu Chenxue’s heart tightened immediately, but she never thought that Ling Tian really wanted to try it out by himself.


According to his previous character, he would never allow her to make a rash move.


Now he actually asked her to do it directly, without even the corresponding instructions, which simply made Mu Chenxue surprised and puzzled for a while.


“Master, what’s the matter? Did I recognize a fake master?”


Although Mu Chenxue muttered in her heart, she always believed that Ling Tian would never harm her.


“Okay, I will try it now.”


Before he finished speaking, Mu Chenxue. The whole person has quickly flew out. The long sword in his hand cut through the void and flashed directly towards the three who cast the formation.


But the attack might be so smooth, just when Mu Chenxue’s long sword was about to approach the three people who cast the formation, the elder brother and third younger brother who had been in charge of guarding and buying time immediately flew over.


Mu Chenxue glanced out of the corner of the eye, and saw a strange and fierce cold light flashing from the void.


“What a quick knife!”


Mu Chenxue’s heart tightened, and with a wave of her long sword, she collided with the third brother’s long sword on the spot.


“The blade of Yuan sickle. I chop chop chop chop chop…” the third brother shouted loudly.


With the sound of Dangdang’s metal sound, the elder brother also seized the opportunity to attack Mu Chenxue’s key points.


“Changyuan blood sword, I will cut it…”


This is the first time that Mu Chenxue has encountered such a combination. No matter how fast she moves, she still can’t keep up with the opponent’s attack speed.


So he’s at a complete disadvantage at the moment. It can even be said that if you accidentally make a wrong move and resist badly, you will be killed by the opponent’s knife or sword.


At this time, Mu Chenxue thought that Ling Tian would seize such a gap and attack the three people who cast the formation.


Who knows, with a glance out of the corner of the eye, Ling Tian is like a bystander who doesn’t care about his colleagues, quietly staying about fifty meters away from him.




Mu Chenxue was really confused, but she really didn’t have the extra energy to focus on other things at the moment.


Because it was the first time she had ever met such an opponent. The strength and speed of each attack they attack will continue to increase with the accumulation of the number of attacks.


This is a huge bug!


“Long Lotus and Long Xiao.”


Seeing that Mu Chenxue was about to be hit by the two of them, Mu Chenxue was unexpectedly withdrawn one by one. At this time, the long sword suddenly slashed ahead.


The spiritual power broke through the air, rushing out like a dragon. Around it, there was even a lotus-shaped Qi floating around.


“Be careful, back off.”


When the eldest brother saw this, he hurriedly reminded the third brother who was going to follow.


Hearing this, the third brother’s reaction was also extremely brisk. Stop when you say quit, quit when you say quit, and don’t procrastinate at all.


However, Mu Chenxue’s Long Lotus Long Xiao is not a vase move that has earned its reputation.


Even though the two of them retreated in time, the spiritual power and sword qi of the slashing out followed the two of them as if they had eyes.


“Damn it! What kind of move is this? It can even follow people.”


The big brother looked surprised. He had walked around the world for so long, and it was the first time he had seen such a magical move. Therefore, he is convinced that the power of this move is far from simple.


“Whatever he is. Let’s cut it.”


The third brother had a look of indifference, and before he finished speaking, he had already chased after him with a knife.


When Big Brother saw this, it was too late to stop him.




As soon as the third brother’s long knife touched Mu Chenxue’s long lotus, it made a violent vibration. A violent shock wave exploded on the spot, sending the third brother flying backwards.


When the eldest brother saw this, he suddenly flew out ~IndoMTL.com~ trying to intercept the third brother. Who would have known that he was directly knocked out by the third brother and ran out for several tens of meters.




The third brother spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot. Even the eldest brother was hit, his whole body surging with blood, and his body became a little numb.


“I was sloppy. Big brother.” The third brother wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a guilty face.


“Alas…you’ll be fine.”


The eldest brother sighed, but he didn’t mean to blame the third brother. As for his sigh, it’s just that he doesn’t think such a thing is worth it at all.


After all, their mission is to protect those who cast the formation. Once interrupted, it is really difficult to continue.


“Yes, but don’t panic, brother. When the third brother took this move, he already hid his hand in advance.”


The third brother actually understood the sigh of the elder brother, so he hurriedly explained it.


Hearing the words, Big Brother understood on the spot. Immediately looking at the situation, I saw that Mu Chenxue’s figure at the moment actually fell in front of Ling Tian.


No, to be precise, it was taken over by Ling Tian. Otherwise, she would definitely be shocked by the third brother’s attack and retreat hundreds of meters away.


“Hmph, I didn’t expect it, third brother. You will still use this skill.”


Big brother looked at the huge ravine in front of Mu Chenxue, and instantly understood what the third brother did at that time.


The third brother also smiled: “No matter what time, the third brother understands what is the most important thing in his heart.”


“Okay. Next, it’s up to the three of them.”


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