I Took Over The Demonic Ancestor Chapter 139: Anywhere



Angry, furious.


This can no longer fully describe the strong man I see.


One by one, they swooped in violently.


If it weren’t for Ling Tian’s time travel, he would have seen many zombie movies. You will really be frightened by these terrifying people in front of you.


Now Ling Tian is waiting, waiting for all these crazy people who have lost their minds to enter his absolute domain.


All in one go!


Ling Tian stood silently on the spot by himself, motionless. It’s like watching a zombie movie.


One minute and one second, these violent warriors have begun to enter Ling Tian’s absolute domain.


But it’s not enough.


Also need to keep letting them in.


Seeing these people keep pouring in, not to mention Ling Tian felt goosebumps in his heart, even Mu Chenxue was worried about Ling Tian.


After all, having played against them, Mu Chenxue is still very aware of their horror.


“Master, they are coming. Why haven’t you taken action yet? What are you waiting for?”


Mu Chenxue muttered in her heart.


But in the next second, she saw with her own eyes that all the brave men who were violently attacked suddenly froze in place.


Not moving at all, like a stone statue.


Mu Chenxue had seen such a situation a long time ago. At that time, he simply thought it was due to Ling Tian’s super-powerful coercion.


But after listening to the words of Gou Wenyao and others today, I came to my senses.


“It turned out to be an immortal art. Master turned out to be an immortal cultivator.”


Just when Mu Chenxue was astonished, he saw that the strong men turned into mummified corpses in the blink of an eye.


This suddenly made Mu Chenxue understand what the mummy corpses were all about.


“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully killing the enemy with the house-snatching skill and obtaining 3000 exchange points.”


“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully killing the enemy with the house capture skill, and obtaining 2000 exchange points.”


Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully killing the enemy with the house capture skill, and get 5000 exchange points. “




“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully breaking through the realm of cultivation and entering the realm of Wu Zun’s great perfection. Get 5,000 exchange points.”


“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully improving the cultivation realm, with an additional reward of 5000 level points.”


As the strong men were killed and killed, the system’s prompt sound continued to sound.


Ling Tianhai’s dantian’s spiritual power is constantly becoming more full and vigorous than before.


And the meridian bones in the body are changing towards a younger state.


Energy, fullness, freshness…the feeling of comfort keeps coming up.


In just five minutes, these people have all turned into mummified corpses.


Ling Tian’s thoughts moved again, and these mummified corpses were like weathered stone statues in an instant.


This way of mourning the enemy is unique. Very peaceful.


Ripple ripples appeared in Mu Chenxue’s eyes.


At this moment, Ling Tian turned around.


The tyrannical aura on his body was still there, and he walked in the direction of Mu Chenxue.


“Master, are you going up the mountain now?”






Mu Chenxue followed Ling Tian. However, after a few breaths, the two of them had come from the ground a hundred miles away from the foot of the mountain to the front of the main hall on the top of Shanshan Mountain in Tianzhu Palace.


Looking at the sinister and cold building in front of him, Ling Tian snorted coldly.


He has only one thought now, and that is to kill Momo Li.


But when the two of them came to the top of the mountain, Gou Wenyao took the lead to greet Ling Tian.


“Master, Junior Sister Mo is missing.” Gou Wenyao bowed and saluted.


Ling Tian didn’t say a word, and immediately glanced at Gou Wenyao. He was so frightened that he froze in place.


“People ran away?” Seeing this, Mu Chenxue hurriedly spoke.


“That’s right. When we went up the mountain, the building was already empty. Not a single person was seen.”


“Then don’t chase.” Mu Chenxue winked at Gou Wenyao.


But Gou Wenyao bowed to Ling Tian and saluted again: “Junior Sister Shen, Junior Brother Qiu and Junior Brother Zhu have already gone after him. The disciple did not leave for the time being to report to Master.”


“Okay!” Ling Tian responded coldly.


He was thinking at the moment that the sudden disappearance of Mysterious Li had something to do with the dark tide behind him, the snake.


And he is now sure that Zhuang Gaohan is also in the hands of these people. And specially developed poisons for these people to stimulate the beastly rampage.


Thinking of this, Ling Tian’s anger surged up instantly.


No matter what, he will kill the remaining scoundrels one by one. Because collaborating with the enemy and treason is a grave sin. This is the most basic principle of being a citizen of the Yuan Kingdom.


“Master, what should I do now?” Mu Chenxue asked softly.


After all, she also felt Ling Tian’s vigorous anger.


“To gather all the resources, even if you dig three feet in the ground, you have to find the whereabouts of the teacher.”


“Yes, my disciple will do it now.” Gou Wenyao took the order and left.


Just as Ling Tian and Mu Chenxue were about to leave, the guiding figure flew from the hidden place.


Several fierce cold beams pierced through the void in an instant, stabbing towards Ling Tian’s fatal point.


“Master, be careful.”


Mu Chenxue immediately drew out his sword, and his figure flashed even more quickly.


clang clang ~


Several metal collisions sounded.


A few cold beams were blocked by Mu Chenxue alone. Ling Tian showed no expression at all, and turned around slowly.


“Who is coming?” Mu Chenxue shouted sharply.


I saw that there were five people in front of me, all of them were people in black robes, tall, short, fat and thin, with swords, swords, hammers and forks.


“The man in black from the dark tide?!!”


Mu Chenxue immediately recognized that these people were the men in black who had fought against Ling Tian before.




Before the man in black could speak, Ling Tian gave an indifferent order.


Mu Chenxue also had this intention, and immediately flew away. Right now, she really needs to find a comparable person to practice against.


And these guys in front of me are perfect for practicing.


With a whimper, Mu Chenxue rushed towards the five people.


And just as they approached the five of them, a fat man and a short man jumped up.


“The Great Perfection of the Martial God. Not bad!”


The fat man’s thick voice came, and the meteor hammer in his hand slammed towards Mu Chenxue for ten years.


At the same time, the skinny man flew out of his hand at almost the same time.


Mu Chenxue didn’t have the slightest bit of fear, she dodged the meteor hammer, and the long sword in her hand slashed back the thin man’s short knife.




The two daggers flew away.


But after spinning an arc, it returned to the thin man’s hand again, and at this moment, the thin man’s short knife slashed directly.


clang clang ~


A quick attack, the knife is deadly, and there is no time for Mu Chenxue to stop. The power and speed of each knife are extremely superb.


But Mu Chenxue was not to be outdone, and the long sword in his hand perfectly blocked all his moves at the moment when the opponent quickly attacked.


There is even a feeling of being overwhelmed.




At this moment, the meteor hammer like a boulder slammed directly.


Mu Chenxue looked up and immediately jumped away.


Just after leaving, the meteor hammer fell directly to the ground.


The entire ground cracked in an instant. The entire meteor hammer fell into the ground.


At the same time, the figure of the fat man slammed over at a speed unimaginable for ordinary people.


Like a bull, he directly slammed into Mu Chenxue’s face.




Mu Chenxue was directly knocked into the air and slid several hundred meters away.


Mu Chenxue would have vomited blood and even fainted if he hadn’t even used the spiritual barrier to protect him.


“One is fat and one is thin, one is fast and one is stable. It really is a tacit understanding. I also thought that I could help Master share more. Now it seems that it is difficult enough for the two of them.”


Mu Chenxue squinted slightly, and began to calculate in her heart.


At this moment, the remaining three men in black had also left, and they rushed towards Ling Tian together.


Ling Tian looked at the three of them coldly. At this moment, he really didn’t have any mood to play with them.


The moment they entered the absolute domain, Ling Tian’s thoughts moved.


The three of them slammed into the ground from the void.


One by one fell like a dog chewing shit.


What’s more, the three of them had absolutely no idea what was going on. All fell to the ground like a tortoise, unable to move.


“What’s the matter with your mother?”


“Who the **** knows. You ask me and I ask who?”


“It’s a shame if you don’t get up yet.”


The three suddenly struggled to get up. But…


“What’s going on here? I can’t move. How about you?”


“Me too. What the **** is going on? Why is it so evil?”


“Who the **** knows.”


While they were still puzzled, Ling Tian’s thoughts moved, and the three of them were suspended from the ground.


Then floated towards Ling Tian’s direction.


The three of them were so shocked that they seemed to have died in the past, and their faces turned pale.


At this moment, they don’t just know why they suddenly have a dog chewing **** and lying on the ground like a turtle.


I also know that Ling Tian has such a perverted strength. To be able to manipulate space and restrain the actions of others.


“What the **** is going on with this devil? Why is it so strong.”


“Yeah. Didn’t even give us a chance to take medicine.”


“Nonsense. This is not even giving us a chance to shoot, okay?”


“What do we do now?”




“Huh? Wait to die?”




Just as they were about to say something, they had already flown in front of Ling Tian.


Ling Tian stared at them indifferently.


“Did you pick up Mo Miao Li?”


The three looked at each other. But nothing was revealed.




Ling Tian’s thoughts moved, and he didn’t even bother to raise his hand to cooperate.


The three of them just looked at Ling Tian and said one word, and the companions around him turned into mummified corpses.


“This? This? What the **** is going on here?”


It’s really hard for the two of them to accept, or even to understand how it all works.


But it is so real to see that the person around him turns into a mummified corpse in the blink of an eye.


And after a gust of fresh wind blew, the whole person was weathered and not even the scum was left.


Seeing such a situation, even if they dared to die, they were instantly shocked.


Because this is completely beyond their cognition~IndoMTL.com~ I would like to ask again, where is the mystery? “


At this moment, the two of them were shocked and completely panicked.


“Who the **** are you?” said one of them.


“Didn’t you hear my question clearly?” Ling Tian shouted sharply.


The person who asked Ling Tian immediately flew out with his entire right hand.


Suddenly, the man hissed out of pain.


“Too noisy.”


As soon as Ling Tian finished speaking, the man closed his mouth. But it wasn’t that he wanted to close it, and Ling Tian forcibly closed it.


Such a move is just too bizarre. Even too miraculous.


The expressions of the two of them at the moment are like people seeing a ghost, panic, panic, and even fear to the extreme.


“Where are you?”


Ling Tian’s eyes fell on the other person.


He suddenly felt an invisible force that terrified him even more than death suddenly swept over him.


“You don’t know either? Then…”


Before he finished speaking, the man shouted on the spot.


“I said, I said. Don’t mess with me. I’ll tell you all.”


“Speak!” Ling Tian’s eyes shot out a killing look, which was truly terrifying.


“The people were sent away in secret. We don’t know the exact location. But they will meet at Shouyun Tea House in Qiuchuanpo.”


“Qiuchuanpo, Shouyun Tea House.” Ling Tian opened his mouth to confirm.


The man nodded suddenly: “Everything I said is true. Please forgive me.”


“Forgive me?” Ling Tian sneered.


The two of them were originally as pale as the dead, but now they are dead.


They looked at Ling Tian and suddenly seemed to think of something important, so they spoke immediately.


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