I am God Chapter 2: : We will eventually die irretrievably


Yin Shen felt that he flew out of his body and slowly floated towards the sky.

He looked over the building, over the city, over the mainland.


Looking down at the globe.

He flew higher and higher, he drifted above the orbit, and suddenly found that the earth was changing rapidly.

In the blink of an eye there were no cities, not even a trace of humanity.

The plates of the continent are actually moving, and the green plants gradually cover everything.

Yin Shen immediately understood what happened,

“Time is accelerating and changing. The moment I perceive now may even be a hundred thousand years and a million years.”

“I just don’t know whether it is upstream or downstream. If it is downstream, does it mean that all human beings have become extinct?”

He looked at the universe, and then he was pulled or thrown into the vast universe by an invisible force, and disappeared on the earth.

Eternal silence enveloped him.

He saw the birth and annihilation of countless stars, and the rapid collapse of galaxies.

He has never imagined that there is such a spectacle in the world. It is so magnificent that it can make people change their beliefs. panic.

Does our life like a mayfly really have any meaning?

Is the birth of life, the origin of civilization, and the magnificence of science and technology really as great as human beings claim to be?

The whole life of human beings, even the history of the race called human beings, and even the entire earth.

Yin Shen can only describe it with a sentence that he has heard before.

“We are dust!”

The race and civilization called human beings are like a ray of light that suddenly emerges from the corner of the universe.

In the blink of an eye, it doesn’t make any sense.

No attention, no care, change can’t change anything.

We originate, we are born, we shine as brightly as we can, and we will eventually pass away irrevocably.

Disappearing in the insignificant island in the corner of the universe, disappearing in a moment that is but a blink of an eye to the universe.

Shen Yin’s mind was shocked, and being able to see such a marvelous scene, it seemed that his gloomy and short life finally had a glimmer of light.

He turned into a beam of light and headed towards the depths of the universe.

Time is going backwards, and he is heading towards the origin of everything in a way that transcends time, space and dimensions.

It seems that at the source of time, there is a strong gravitational force pulling him to the beginning of everything.


The stars are annihilated, and the universe is unified.

Everything is gone.

He also reached the finish line.


“Where is this?”

Yin Shen asked himself.

There is no such thing as darkness in this place, even Yin Shen feels that he has disappeared, only a consciousness is silent in the endless emptiness.

It is a place without space, without time, without everything.

He can only answer by himself, because he may be the first living body to arrive here, and also the only existence in this place.

“Am I being thrown out of the universe? Or have I entered an unknowable dimension?”

He can’t cry out, he can’t feel anything.

He was suddenly afraid, and the words of his friend echoed in his ears.

“There may be another universe, it may be the source of time, or it may be another dimension or an unknown that humans cannot imagine.”

“There may be nothing there, just like a prison, and your soul will be trapped there, ten million years, one hundred million years.”



In an instant, he was panicked to the extreme.

However, as soon as this idea came to his mind, he suddenly saw a light shining in front of him.

He heard the sound of the sea and the tide, and just listening to the sound felt extremely clear and warm.

He even felt air bubbles floating up from his side.

Xixi, huahua, gurgling.

The sound moved him.

The sea appeared in front of his eyes, and the bottom of the sea paved with gravel appeared.

He saw a three-leaf-shaped worm the size of a finger crawling towards the distance in the gravel, and a long noodle-shaped worm entangled in the sea water upwards.

Trilobites called Laidlici, and unknown worms too small to detect.

He thought of his friend’s words again, and realized what happened.


“My anchor points above the earth appear, and they allow me to observe the earth.”

“They are my eyes, my anchor and coordinates in the vast sea.”

He did not expect that it was the trilobite fossil that his friend gave him that allowed him to re-anchor the earth and pulled him out of the eternal darkness and bottomless abyss.

It’s just that the other party didn’t expect that there was not only a trilobite in the fossil, but also a worm from a distant era.

He reached out and grabbed the bug named Ledricky.

He broke free from the cage and returned to the universe again.

Consciousness was pulled into the earth and pulled back from that unknown place outside the universe beyond time.

Anchored at a time node in the vast universe for billions of years, anchored in an inconspicuous planet in a remote star field.

This is a shallow sea, and the sun shines from overhead.

The bottom of the sea is full of various ancient algae and naked ferns, and there are large pieces of seabed plants that look like tulips, floating and shaking gently through the waves.

There are also cactus-like sponges, with sharp long spicules extending from the outer wall,

The soft tongue whelk was embedded in the sand, and he saw sheets of trilobites crawling on the gravel.

Yin Shen walked up the seabed step by step, he was at a loss and at a loss, he felt the abnormality here.

This should be the earth, but it cannot be the earth he is familiar with.

He finally walked out of the shallow sea and stood on the ground.

Desolate ground, empty continent.

Yin Shen looked at the earth hundreds of millions of years ago, looked at the clear sky and the sun, and there was only one human being named him in the whole world.

“This is?”

“Earth in ancient times?”

He stood on the coast, but the sea behind him raised huge waves and made loud noises.


With the appearance of God Yin, the worm mutated itself.

It swallowed gravel, seaweed, and ocean water, and in the blink of an eye it swelled into a giant beast tens of meters high.

Whether it is a plant or a living thing, it is integrated by it and becomes a part of it.

It can be seen that a huge snail shell grows on its back, spikes grow out of its body, and weird tentacles protrude from the snail shell.

The flesh and blood were cracked, and the green eyeballs opened one after another, looking in all directions.

This is a terrifying deformed monster. In this era, he can be called an invincible overlord in terms of size.

Following Yin Shen’s gaze, the giant beast was prostrate on the ground, daring not to move, so humble that it seemed to have no self at all.

Then, a growing trilobite slowly crawled out of the shallow sea.

It is also changing as it climbs out of the water.

It grew a human-like torso, limbs, and a head.

It turned into a human-shaped creature covered with a black carapace, and the bone helmet with the three-leaf pattern on its head was tightly wrapped.

This creature walked up to the shore little by little, and he looked longingly at Yin Shen standing on the shore, and came to him step by step.

Yin Shen could feel his emotions, and he touched the bone helmet on top of the opponent’s head with his fingers.

Listening to the oldest life on earth, shouting out the first language of this planet, the first byte.



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