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The sea is vast and the sky is clear.

In the tumbling waves, a large fishing vessel, Han Fei shouted loudly against the whistling sea breeze, feeling very excited.

“Pull me, we will make a fortune …”

Han Fei was originally a gold digger in the sea. Seven years ago, he accidentally got an ancient treasure map when he was fishing. This picture seems to have magic power, making Han Fei want to stop. Intuition tells him that there must be a big secret in the place marked on this residual picture. Maybe there is a medieval shipwreck treasure. Once he is caught, he can imagine that he will spend the rest of his life in Jinyi jade food.

Han Fei stretched his head and went to the sea. Since the fishing boat arrived here, there were countless schools of fish, and even hundreds of sharks scrambled nearby, otherwise he would have dived early.

“Boom …”

Suddenly, a sailor shouted: “The boss is not good, there is something to pull down below, we are pulling the living thing …”

Han Fei: “Living you a ghost, have you seen living things that have been immobile for hundreds of years?”

“Kap ……”

Suddenly, a great force came, the hull keel seemed to be broken, and Han Fei fell heavily on the railing as a whole.

A sailor shouted: “Come on, cut off the cable.”

Han Fei binocular is red: “Go away your uncle, pull me, anyway, it is all dead, let me take a look at the treasure.”

Since the hull broke just a moment ago, Han Fei already knew that he had to run away, so he was completely mad at the moment, and he had to look at the treasure when he died.

Sailors scolded: “Knock on you, I came to make money, not to lose my life.”

Because the danger came too suddenly, everyone could not be caught by mistake, and it was a moment of ignorance.

And on the sea, there is a rush of wind and turbulence.

But Han Fei suddenly realized that he saw a dark shadow underwater, and his heart was agitated. What is that?

I saw a few meters long, round thing surfaced … This, how does this look like a strange gourd?

Han Fei can also see the vines hanging down the mouth of the gourd, and under the cane is a huge black shadow.

As a senior fishing industry worker, for the sea, that is his own back garden. He knew that this could not be a gourd, after all, no matter what gourd you left in the sea for so many years, it would have rotted long ago. So he even believed that it was some kind of wreckage, just like a gourd.

“Om …”

The great force came again, and the hull was suddenly pulled over, and Han Fei directly smashed into the sea.

But the next second, an accident happened …

A thick column of water rose into the sky.

The entire fishing vessel was instantly topped off.

Han Fei was washed up by the water column, his scalp tingled, and his eyes were horrified.

A huge fish head emerged from the water.

He swears that he has never seen such a big fish in his life. A head is bigger than a boat. Even the largest blue whale in the world is not as big as this.

“I knock …”


In the confused Han Fei, he felt like he was dragged into the sea by something. When he thought of the chilling behemoth, he was excited and frightened.

When he stayed, he seemed to see a crab several meters in size rushing towards himself.

Han Fei The last thought is: Huh? Where is my fish? What happened to the crab?


“Puff … cough …”

There was a shout in my ear: “Han Fei, wake up, brother, wake up …”

I do n’t know how much saliva I vomited. In the confused, Han Fei woke up and only felt a headache in my head. Thousands of strange pictures suddenly appeared. Some memories that did n’t belong to me seemed to be infused into my heart.

opened his eyes and looked directly at the sky, Han Fei immediately took a breath.

The distant sea is full of raging clouds, the misty sky, a round of crimson sun that covers a small part of the sky hangs in the sky, and the tornado-like cloud of the sky is like a long, scattered hair, angry and open.

“His …”

“Lying trough, where am I? What is there in the sky?”

Han Fei was terrified. The big fish was still the moment before. At this time, there was a super sun that was not scientific at all. Am I funny?

But what is this?


Suddenly I heard a popping sound. In front of my eyes, a middle-aged man stepped out of a large crab measuring several meters in length, and even caught a fishing rod in his hand.

Han Fei was stunned. The big crab floated on the water. The middle-aged big man stood on the crab. As he stomped his feet, the sea surface quickly appeared ripples, and the waves came.

I only saw the surface of the water bulge like a spring, and a big fish burst out of the water in an instant. The big fish is two meters long, and the three-foot-long fish pectoral fin is like a fin.

“咻咻 咻 ……”

Suddenly, all the bluish-yellow stones hanging on the fish flew at the Han.

“Crab King Scissors”

The big man screamed, his feet sank, his single fist handed out, and suddenly a big phantom shadow crossed out. I saw that the fishing rod and the flying stone exploded at the same time, and the two-meter-long big fish was cut into two halves by the crabs, and half of them fell in front of Han Fei.

Han Fei‘s eyes widened, dumbfounded.

“Goodu ……”

Why am I dreaming? What kind of fish is this? What kind of crab is this? Who is this?

“Hum …”

Middle-aged man sneered: “It was dragged into the sea by Green Sea Turtle … just like you still want to pass the trial, just daydreaming.”

There are a bunch of questions in Han Fei‘s mind at this moment. Who am I? Where am i? What am i doing

Han Fei was surrounded by a young boy who hurriedly explained: “Wang Jie Master Fisher, this is for a reason. A few days ago, Han Fei was injured by a swordfish and his arm has not healed yet …”

Middle-aged man waved his hand: “Don’t explain to me, the fish in the sea will not listen to your explanation. A Second Rank Fisherman, how is it different from waste materials?”

Han Fei looked awkward, only to find that he was lying on a strange boat at the moment. There were dozens of equally strange ships scattered on the nearby sea, and many children wearing strange clothes stood on the bow.

These children are wearing very strange clothes, both men and women are wearing uniform tights, kind of like diving suits. But even as a diving suit, what about your oxygen tank? And why these children looked at themselves contemptuously.

is just the next second, when he saw his hand, his eyelids jumped suddenly.

“Hey! Why is my hand so small?”

“Am I crossing?”

Beside, a teenager looked concerned: “It’s okay if people are fine.”

didn’t wait for the Han Fei to ask in detail, but he saw that the middle-aged man stepped out and stood on a deserted ship, facing the crowd. I saw a small book in his hand and read to dozens of ships:

“Zhang Qing, Fisherman level 4. The result of this fishing: Inferior Grade Large Yellow Croaker.”

“Lu Lingzhi, Level 5 Fisherman, this time: Median Grade Green Sea Turtle one.”

Looking at everyone ’s eyes, Han Fei found that a young girl named Lu Lingzhi stood proudly on the boat next to herself, looking proud.

Wang Jie continued: “Hu Kun, sixth grade Fisherman, this time, a top grade swordfish.”

Exclaimed from the crowd immediately.

“Don’t dare to catch saury at the sixth level, how brave Hu Kun should be?”

“A knife on the back of a saury fish, the knife can be separated from the body. In ordinary fishing grounds, except for Pork Tortoise, it ca n’t be cut off. It is said that everything can be cut. Is Hu Kun crazy?”

A young boy with his head high, does not seem to hear the exclamation from around him, but just looks at Han Fei coldly.

Wang Jie: “Tang Ge, level 7 Fisherman. This time: a top grade tentacle shrimp.”

When this result was reported, everyone on the ship exclaimed in disbelief.

“What, caught the tentacle shrimp, how can this guy dare? The tentacle shrimp is known as the shrimp of death. Talking about the lethality, this is much stronger than the swordfish. A pair of long beards are like a blade, and they are caught by him Alright? “

There are teenagers who envy: “Last month Tang Ge was still at level 6, and now it is at level 7, and it is no longer the same.”

A girl put her little fist on her chest: “Wow! Tang Ge is so handsome, it is indeed a genius of our school, and it will be almost a mere affair to become Master Fisher in the future.”

Some people ridiculed: “Oh, a genius has mixed with a waste material all day long, really lost his face.”

There are girls who are angry: “All blame that Han Fei. If it is not because of him, Tang Ge‘s results will only be better. I saw Tang Ge give my Spirit Devouring Fish soup to Han Fei for drinking last time.”

There was a lot of discussion in the crowd, but Han Fei looked at the boy beside him-Tang Ge.

“Have you crossed?”

Han Fei took a deep breath, and countless memories poured into his mind.

Tang Ge, his own good brother, was rescued by his father 8 years ago, and has since become his own good brother. But for the next two years, his father died in the Uncharted Seas outside the Third Rank fishing ground. At that time, Tang Ge had been taking care of himself.

Han Fei took a deep breath again and crossed to a waste material drowned in the sea, but this world is very interesting.

At this moment, Wang Jie looked at the side of Han Fei: “Han Fei, Fisherman Second Rank. There is no gain this time, and Han Fei is the only person in this quiz that was dragged into the sea by Green Sea Turtle ~ IndoMTL.com ~ A failed grade. If you ca n’t pass the fishing trial after one month, you will be expelled directly. “

“Hahaha …”

Many people laughed and looked at Han Fei like a joke.

Some girls directly accused: “Han Fei, please don’t take up Tang Ge‘s cultivation resources anymore, you will only delay his cultivation.”

Tang Ge was furious and was about to argue, but was grabbed by Han Fei.

A lot of memories have been merged, and it ’s a bit ridiculous to lie down and pretend to be dead. Although this world is amazing, Han Fei was originally a character who fought at sea, met pirates, fought sharks, what storms and waves haven’t seen?

Han Fei‘s mouth is cocked and sneered: “I’m eating your Large Yellow Croaker? It’s your fart.”

In a short time, the air is suddenly quiet.

Tang Ge was shocked and looked at Han Fei in amazement. Since his uncle never went back, Han Fei became extremely lonely, he rarely talked at all, and he never scolded others.

The girl was almost angry, hoping to throw the hook in her hand into the mouth of Han Fei and tore his mouth open.

At this time, Hu Kun ’s Yin & Yang strangely said: “Hey! Han Fei, you can only play tricks on your mouth now. After a month, you are a low-level fisherman, and you are not even qualified to look up to us. What are you proud of?”

Han Fei: “Hu Kun, isn’t it? You said that your long man is like a dog, what about the smell of scum?”

Hu Kun looked cold: “Shut up, be careful I tear your mouth.”

Tang Ge sneered: “You tear a look, dare to move my brother, I will peel your skin.”

Hu Kun: “Tang Ge, do you think I am afraid of you?”

“Enough …”

Wang Jie breaks drinking: “Tang Ge, you take him back, but you haven’t been to fishing for months, but what kind of mouth do you play? Hurry back to practice.”


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