Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 720: Nalanjing exits customs



However, the area of ​​the temple is too large, and it has been around for a long time, but it is still only in the outer courtyard, and the inner courtyard is guarded by disciples, and no one can enter it casually.




“Congratulations, Young Master, for leaving the customs.” In a secret room in the inner courtyard of the temple, a disciple cupped his hands and looked at the man who walked out of the secret room slowly, his eyes full of fiery worship.


The man is dressed in a white brocade robe, his hair like ink is tied with a hosta, and two strands of hair on the temples hang down to his ears, which outlines his handsome face like a jade. The purple glazed eyes flashed with a charming light.


Nalanjing frowned slightly, and a deep meaning flashed in his eyes when he looked into the distance, “Why is the hall so lively?”


“Returning to the young master, today is the day when you and the Tianyin Pavilion are engaged. Now all the people from the major families in the City of Holy Light have arrived, and now they are waiting for you. The wedding dress is ready, just Put it in the young master’s room, and now the young master can change his wedding dress.” The man continued, his face covered with an excited smile, as if he was the one who wanted to be engaged to the Tianyin Pavilion.


Hearing this, Nalanjing’s eyes narrowed, and a cold and frightening chill suddenly burst out from his body, “Why don’t I know about this?”


“This matter was arranged by the Lord Lord, because you are in retreat during this time, so Lord Lord did not notify you, for fear of disturbing your retreat.” The man was stunned, and said quickly, as if he didn’t understand Why is Nalan Jing so angry?


“Can this matter be notified to those families in the Huanzhou Continent?” Nalan Jing’s eyes surged with anger.


“No, but those families in the Huanzhou Continent should be able to hear the news, because the Holy Master did not deliberately hide this.” Feeling the chill emanating from Nalan Jing, the man couldn’t help but shake, said a little scared.


Nalan Jing turned around and left after hearing the words. The man quickly chased after him and shouted, “Young Master, where are you going? Now the auspicious time is coming, you should change your wedding clothes.”


Nalanjing seemed to have never heard of it, and strode straight ahead, disappearing in front of the man in a blink of an eye.


In the grand, solemn, lonely and cold hall, Nalan Jing raised his head, looked at the person above him angrily and said, “I’ve said it many times, I’ve already been married to the outside world, and I won’t marry her again. wife.”


“Jing’er, I’m doing this for your own good. Although that Mu Qianyue has a good talent, she is still a little worse than the Tianyin Pavilion’s celestial girl, Chu Yuzhen. Besides, Chu Yuzhen is from Tianyin Pavilion. Goddess, if you marry her, it will be a great help.” The Holy Master said in a gentle voice.


“Then your wishful thinking is not mine, and I will never marry her!” Nalanjing said angrily.


“There is nothing you can do if you don’t agree. I have already announced this to the entire City of Holy Light. Now everyone knows that the arrow is on the string, and you have no choice.” The Holy Master smiled, but the smile was hidden. A hint of complexity.


“Whoever agrees, then whoever will marry her.” Nalan Jing coldly dropped a sentence, turned and left, leaving the hall.


Looking at Nalan Jing’s leaving figure, the Holy Master narrowed his eyes slightly, as if muttering to himself, “This temper is really stubborn, it’s a bit like when I was young. But no matter how stubborn I am. A stone, when polished, loses its edge.”


In the courtyard of the long corridor, Nalan Jing was walking briskly. At this moment, his only thought was to leave here and find Yue’er. According to Yue’er’s temper, if she knew the news, she didn’t know what would happen. Maybe she would lead someone directly into the temple. If that was the case, Yue’er would be in great danger.


“Brother Jing!”


As Nalanjing was thinking about it, a call came from behind him. He paused in his footsteps and looked back, only to see a slender and graceful woman walking over gracefully and slowly. She was dressed in a gorgeous and splendid dress. The red peony-patterned robe looks extremely noble.


A head of black hair is wrapped in a noble and elegant bun, and the whole person is like a beautiful peony.


After seeing the person coming, Nalanjing frowned, turned around and left.


The woman quickly chased after him and stopped in front of him, looking at him with affection and joy, “Brother Jing, you are here, so I am looking for it. I heard that you are in retreat recently, our affairs, Did the Holy Master tell you?”


After all, she looked at him with a hopeful expression, her eyes were as fiery as the sun in the sky.


“Chu Yuzhen, you should know that I was married, I will not marry you.” Nalan Jing said with a cold expression and a cold and ruthless voice.


Chu Yuzhen’s face froze, the hope on his face, and the joy in his eyes gradually cooled, “Brother Jing, your status is noble and unparalleled, how can you compare with those outside women? This matter, Lord Holy Master. I have already told me. As long as you divorce the woman, I don’t mind what happened to you in the past.”


“I don’t mind! I don’t mind you! In my eyes, she is irreplaceable, and you can’t even match one ten thousandth of her.” Nalanjing glanced at her lightly, then immediately Ignoring her, turned around and walked away.


I didn’t want to hit her, but she dared to call herself off for a month? Oh, don’t even look at what she is, is she worthy of it?


Seeing Nalanjing’s leaving figure, Chu Yuzhen’s face suddenly turned cold and extremely ugly, but fortunately there was no one here, and no one saw her embarrassment and embarrassment. Hmm, what if he minds? This is the order of the Holy Master, even Nalan Jing, as the young master of the temple, must not disobey!


In the end, Nalan Jing could only follow the Lord’s words and marry himself! And that woman is destined to be abandoned only!


In the garden, there was still a lively scene, and everyone from the major families was there. Chu Yuzhen also returned to the garden with a noble and elegant smile on her face. When everyone saw her coming, they couldn’t help it. Sneaking at her and saying a lot of flattery.


But hearing these words in Chu Yuzhen’s ears was very useful. She felt everyone’s eyes, admiration and envy. Her face was covered with a proud smile. Only Chu Yuzhen was the one. All eyes are on!


Apart from Chu Yuzhen, Tianyin Pavilion is naturally the one who is extremely happy and delighted. Everyone in Tianyin Pavilion is naturally very happy to be able to climb up to the top power like the Temple. If Nalan Jing is the Holy Master one day, then Chu Yuzhen is the Holy Master’s wife, what kind of honor is this?


Jieshi Tianyin Pavilion’s status and power are bound to rise to a higher level!


Mu Qianyue turned around and returned to the garden. After hearing everyone’s praise and flattery towards Chu Yuzhen, she naturally knew the result. Is she going to be engaged to Jing?


In addition, Mu Qianyue also found the figure of the Xia family master and the elders of the Xia family.


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