Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5785: In danger



From the actions just now, Cang Tian Xuansheng and Huang Tian Chi Ming discovered that the profound meaning of chaos contained in Lu Ming’s body was amazing.


A variety of chaotic meanings are intertwined in Lu Ming’s body like silk threads, condensed in the immortal power, and an amazing power erupted.


This kind of power is not what a Nine-Transformation Immortal King should have, no, not even a half-step universe should have.


“His chaotic mystery has reached more than 70,000 ways.”


A thought came to the two of them, and they were both startled by their own thoughts.


You must know that there are more than 100,000 kinds of chaotic meanings contained in the general universe.


One Nine Transformation Immortal King has more than 70,000 kinds of chaotic meanings, which is incredible.


Fortunately, they were already prepared.


“Get up!”


Although Cang Tian Xuansheng and Huang Tian Chi Ming were shocked in their hearts, their movements did not stop at all. And down.


Twenty-four great universes, crowded with destructive energy, Lu Ming’s body shook and retreated violently.


Then, a ‘real universe’ emerged, and Lu Ming was taken in. It was Huang Tian Chi Ming’s real universe.


The big universe of Huang Tian Chi Ming cannot tell its direction, has no sun, moon and stars, no complete continent, no basic laws, and it is chaotic and full of endless evil spirits.


Countless Yin evil spirits surged towards Lu Ming.


Lu Ming felt that his body was as heavy as a big universe, and he needed to fight with all his strength.


In the distance, the silhouettes of Cang Tian Wu Jie and Huang Tian Chi Ming appeared, looked at Lu Ming coldly, and approached step by step.


“Just the two of you?


Aren’t you afraid of being killed by the ancestors of the sky? “


Lu Ming opened his mouth.


To deal with him, a nine-transformation immortal king, the other party was so cautious, obviously because he was afraid of the ancestors of Qingtian, he cheated them.


Drawing Lu Ming closer to the ‘real self universe’, Cang Tian Wu Jie and Huang Tian Chi were in the middle of his chest, but he was not in a hurry.


“The old ghost in the sky is serving the army with his body, and most of his body is dead. Even if he doesn’t die, he has exhausted his strength. Otherwise, he won’t see you being pulled closer to my true self in the universe.”


Huang Tianchi said lightly.


The existence of the cosmos has absolute control over one’s “real self universe”. In his own true self universe, he can mobilize all powers and make his own strength reach its peak.


On the contrary, when entering other people’s ‘real universe’, the power will be suppressed by the big one. If the ancestor of Qingtian could make a move, he would not have seen Lu Ming being pulled closer to the ‘real universe’.


Just figured out this, so they were very relaxed. No matter how strong Lu Ming was, he was only a nine-transformation immortal king. In his true self universe, he was just fish on the plate.


“Lu Ming, can you hand over the Dazhen Luoyu plate? We can keep your whole body.”


There is no catastrophe in the sky, his eyes glanced at Lu Ming, showing fiery and greed.


He not only wanted Dazhen Luo Yudie, but he was also very interested in Lu Ming’s cultivation method.


Lu Ming’s thoughts turned sharply, thinking about countermeasures, and soon he had a problem.


There are only two opponents, so he is not without a chance. If all six of the opponents come out, then this time, he is doomed.


“That’s right, Senior Qingtian did give me the Dazhen Luoyu Plate…”


Lu Ming said, he clearly saw that Cang Tian Xuansheng and Huang Tian Chi Ming’s eyes were more greedy, which made Lu Ming more confident.


Dazhen Luoyu Plate is a treasure that the ancestors of Cang Tian and Huang Tian wanted. Cang Tian Wu Jie and Huang Tian Chi Ming should not show greed, because even if they took it from Lu Ming , they can’t stay.




“But such a precious treasure, I can’t carry it with me, but hide it in a secret place.”


Lu Ming continued.


Cang Tian Wu Jie and Huang Tian Chi Ming burst out with icy murderous intent, killing intent like a sword, locking Lu Ming.


“Don’t play tricks, the more valuable you are, the more you have to carry it with you.”


Huang Tianyi said coldly.


“No matter how precious it is, after all, it is something outside my body. Facing the pursuit and killing of many of you in the universe, how can I not spare it.”


Lu Ming said, his face was calm, he couldn’t see what he was thinking.




Then, Lu Ming changed his voice and said: “But as long as you swear, after you get the Dazhen Luoyu Disc, let me go, I will take you to get it.”


“Okay, yes, but I think your cultivation method is quite special. In order to show your sincerity, please tell us your cultivation method first, and then take us to get the Dazhen Luoyu Plate.”


Changtian Xuanshengdao.


“It’s really hard to fool these old guys…”


Lu Ming frowned slightly.


This expression was clearly captured by Cang Tian Xuansheng and Huang Tian Chi Ming.


“I know you are playing tricks, as long as you take down you and search for your soul, you will be clear!”


Cang Tian Xuansheng said in a cold voice, and directly reached out and grabbed it.


Suddenly, a huge palm formed and grabbed Lu Ming.


At the same time, Huang Tian Chi Ming waved his hands, and the endless evil energy in the ‘real universe’ turned into a river and rushed towards Lu Ming.


The two of them are both old rivers and lakes who have lived for tens of thousands of star years. How can they easily believe Lu Ming’s words? Since Lu Ming does not take the initiative to hand over the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, then he will suppress Lu Ming and search for his soul. Late.


Lu Ming had been prepared for a long time. As soon as the opponent made a move, he immediately made his move.


As he raised his hand, the eighteen flags flew out, standing in the void, interwoven with runes, turning into eighteen huge lightsabers, and slashing towards Cang Tian Xuansheng’s palm together.


In addition, in Lu Ming’s body, light and shadow flickered, and thirty-six figures appeared.


It is the one-gas-turned-clearing of the Taoists of Sanqing.


Each body of Lu Ming can transform into twelve figures, and with three bodies, he can transform into thirty-six figures.


Each figure is holding a gossip array.


The gossip array glows, and in the void, thirty-six huge gossip pictures emerge, propping up a piece of heaven and earth to resist the attack of the infinite yin and evil spirits.


For millions of years, as long as Lu Ming is free, he will refine some array flags, array plates, etc. in case of emergency.


At the beginning ~IndoMTL.com~ Supreme Immortal City exploded, and all the treasures he hid in the Supreme Immortal City flew out. Fortunately, the ancestor of Qingtian took action and received Lu Ming’s treasures into the Dazhen Luoyu dish.


Otherwise, Lu Ming didn’t even have the materials to refine the array.


However, Lu Ming is not a Taoist of Sanqing after all, and his cultivation is far inferior to Taoist Sanqing. The array flags and array plates exploded continuously.


Then, the thirty-six figures that Lu Ming transformed into continued to burst, the body coughed up blood, and the figure retreated.


With Lu Ming’s current strength, compared with the cosmos realm, there is still a huge gap that is difficult to bridge.


Don’t look at Lu Ming’s three bodies in one, the chaotic meanings he has mastered have reached more than 75,000 kinds, and the distance of 100,000 kinds is not far away.


However, the combat power that exists in the universe depends not only on the profound meaning, but also on the power of reality, immortality, the true universe, the means to mobilize the power of chaos, and so on.


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