Cosmic Professional Gladiator Chapter 43: Actions of all parties



Xu Jingming and Qi Chen, the patriarch, both suddenly looked towards the sky, and a streamer descended from the sky, an old man dressed plainly. “Kill Dongming | City patrol?” The plain old man looked at Xu Jingming and said with a smile, “Mr. Wu Ming intends to refine this Old Demon?” “Of course.” Xu Jingming nodded.


Come to the world of subduing demons, in order to subdue demons and refine your heart!


“Courageous.” The simple old man smiled and nodded, “Those of us who have suffered from refining demons are becoming more and more cautious. Without full preparation and determination, we would not dare to refine earth demons easily, but also I lost my spirit.”

  刚进伏魔世界,都是斗志昂扬,杀杀杀!炼化一个又一个魔头。可只要有一次失败! 心灵受创,八阶星空生命们就变得谨慎许多了。

When I first entered the world of demons, they were all high-spirited, killing, killing! Refining one demon after another. But as long as there is one failure! The soul is traumatized, and the eighth-order starry sky life becomes much more cautious.


“The obsession of humans and demons is fragile, but the obsession of earth demons… is much stronger.” The simple old man reminded, “You must be fully prepared, and refine it when your mind is at its best.” It’s Mr. Liu Chang from the Fu Mo Division of Cheng’an Mansion.” Patriarch Qi Chen introduced, “Many of the demon masters in the Fu Mo Division belong to Master Liu Chang.” “Master Liu.” Xu Jingming saluted.


The demon-busters in Cheng’an Mansion can be divided into four main categories.


One is the official demon conqueror, the second is the local family demon conqueror, the third is the sectarian subversive, and the fourth is the idle demon conqueror. Xu Jingming belongs to the category of idle demon conqueror.


The chief officer of the Demon Conqueror, Mr. Liu Chang, leads all the official demon exorcists in Cheng’an Mansion, and his power can be imagined. Personal strength, that is no less than Qi Chen’s patriarch, and a fifth-level master.


“Master Liu is right, the new human demon is just that, but you must be careful when refining the earth demon.” Patriarch Qi Chen also reminded, “After all, once the soul is injured, it will take a few years to recuperate. Long Ze was affected by it all his life.” “I understand.” Xu Jingming nodded.


If there is a very serious breakdown in the mind, it may indeed be trapped for life.


However, with the guidance of “The Star Conjecture Lights of the Yuan Dynasty”|, it is relatively fast to solve the weakness of the soul.


“The old demons have a deep friendship with each other.” Master Liu said again, “This city envoy to the old demon has set up a show, and he does have a good personal relationship with the Qinghu Demon God. He also has some other old demon friends. You want a small v Patriarch Qi Chen also frowned: “I have fought against Qinghu Demon God, but I can’t help him.” Oh?” ​​Xu Jingming’s heart tensed. Destroyed. Qinghu Demon God, Qi Chen’s patriarch can’t solve it?


“The master of Mount Dongming is almost absent.” Master Liu said, “The entire Cheng’an Mansion is known to be upright and fierce, but they are actually the five major demon gods. Each of the five major demon gods slaughtered countless people and committed serious sins, and they were completely killed. Bad name! We also set up an ambush to hang them, but we still let them escape.”


Patriarch Qi Chen nodded: “The five demon gods are powerful, but the city is the place where our demon demons gather! Even if the five demon gods sneak in, they are still sneaky. Once exposed, it will take a long time for many demon exorcists to come. Form a siege.”


“So in case of danger, just delay the time.” Master Liu also said.


Mr. Liu is also willing to make friends with Mr. Wu Ming, who has reached the strength of the fourth realm demon conqueror. At this time, everyone outside entered the house. “Sir.” “Sir.”


The two official demon subduing people saluted Master Liu.


Master Yufeng had tears in his eyes, and saluted Xu Jingming with great excitement: “Mr. Xie Wu, that devil killed most of my Yufeng family. Our Yufeng family has a **** feud with her, and now we have to avenge our great revenge. , our Yufeng family has no precious treasures, we can only offer a few silver taels, and please accept Mr. Wu.”


As he spoke, he took out a stack of banknotes from his arms.


Wu Qi glanced at Xu Jingming, then immediately stepped forward and took the stack of silver notes.


“My Yufeng family’s dead clansmen can also rest their eyes.” Master Yufeng was in tears, and several other clansmen on the side were also sad and weeping. One family has died too many people because of this devil. The demon subduing was successful, and the crowd soon dispersed.


Master Yuwa looked at the mansion and nodded slightly; “The mansion is back.” The reason why he is so active is to avenge the **** sea on one hand, and on the other hand, it is for this mansion! This mansion is located in the core area of ​​Fucheng. It occupies a large area and is worth more than 100,000 taels!


As for the birth of a demon? As long as you live there for a few years, you can sell the mansion. Because there are devils appearing every three or five times in the entire city, there are too many places where devils have appeared in history, and it will not affect the price of land.


Xu Jingming and Qi Chen walked side by side.


“Brother Qi Chen, I need your help with something else.” Xu Jingming said.


“Just based on the relationship between your senior brother and my sister, why are you and I polite?” Qi Chen said with a smile, “I said it a long time ago, if you have anything, feel free to speak.


Xu Jingming smiled slightly and handed the 20,000 taels of silver notes to Patriarch Qi Chen: “I want to buy a pound of Xuanguang cold iron, and a long gun that is strong enough! The long gun is three meters long, and the gun barrel is normal thickness. That’s it.”


“Twenty thousand taels, you gave too much.” Qi Chen said. “Look at the preparation.” Xu Jingming said.


“Is there a requirement for the weight of the spear?” Qi Chen asked the patriarch. “There are a lot of extremely heavy materials that you may not be able to handle.” “The weight should be around 10,000 catties.” Xu Jingming said.


Qi Chen’s patriarch’s eyes lit up: “I admire it, I didn’t expect you to be so successful in this aspect of the demon body.” Xu Jingming smiled.


With a spear weighing tens of thousands of catties, in the demon-defying world, he will not move for the time being.


But the spell “Guardian Starlight” is not far from transforming into a supernatural power. Once you break through, you will become a supernatural power star **** body’.


Xu Jingming naturally had to prepare a good long gun in advance!


There are many rare materials in the world of subduing demons! It is relatively easy for a long spear to reach a weight of 10,000 jin. A long gun weighing 30,000 to 50,000 jin is more difficult to find, and it is not something that silver tael can buy.


“Don’t worry, I have a suitable long spear in my house, and I will send it to you tomorrow.” Qi Chen’s patriarch said boldly, he and his sister’s faction have been born in the Qi family from generation to generation. Naturally deep.


If the Qi family is irritated, some powerful demon demons like Qi Xiao” who have left the demon subduing world may reappear.


This is also the reason why Dongmingshan did not dare to enter the Fucheng openly. They can’t figure it out at all…. How many powerful demon-busters are there in Fucheng!


“Thank you.” Xu Jingming nodded, buying materials and weapons was not difficult. So he asked the patriarch Qi Chen for help, which was also to promote friendship between the two sides. If it was a big trouble, he would not speak easily. Night falls.


Inside the house, Xu Jingming sat cross-legged on the bed and took out the jade bottle from his arms.


“Refine that dangerous little devil first.” Xu Jingming took off the cork, wrapped in magic power, and swallowed the weaker wisp of magic energy, while the other wisp of the devil’s natural qi was still banned in the jade bottle.


“Let’s get started.


Xu Jingming had already felt that a wisp of memory had entered his consciousness, and he had seen everything about the new devil with his own eyes.


“I am the mistress, and I am the mistress of the Yuzhu family!” Jianmu Jiyin shouted in Xu Changming’s consciousness, while Yijia Jiachangchang appeared.


Half an hour later. Xu Jingming opened his eyes. “People must control their desires.”


“Appropriate desires can make people full of fighting spirit and fight for them. But desires that exceed the limit of ability will only destroy themselves.” Xu Jingming murmured, “If the desires were smaller, she might be happier and happier in her life. .”


Although the obsession of this newborn devil is very stubborn, the newborn is only at the level of human and devil, which represents the degree of threat to a certain extent.


Xu Jingming still easily understood the reason why this woman was so miserable, even if she observed everything she went through with her own eyes, it was not affected by it. When the devil’s obsession could not shake Xu Jingming’s heart, Xu Jingming was invincible.


In just half an hour, Xu Jingming made the devil’s obsession shaken and collapsed. Although she shouted that she didn’t believe it, you are a liar, all liars. But she was persuaded in her heart, and her obsession naturally began to collapse. “Controlling desires is just four words, but too many people are planted on it.” Xu Jingming shook his head. People must understand their own capabilities.


Just like the situation that the Blue Star Civilization is facing now, Xu Jingming said, his best way is to endure it. He would rather let the Blue Star Civilization suffer a little in the early stage, but he has to endure it. As long as you become a source life, the Blue Star civilization will naturally rise.


This is the easiest and safest way.


But many people know the easiest and safest way, but they don’t want to wait at all! They would rather take risks and end up failing miserably.


“Although my talent is high enough, I was recruited by the Yuan Dynasty Research Institute, but I have to be more alert. I am only a seventh-order star life after all, and I am still worse than the eighth order, and my strength is still very limited. “Xu Jingming is also persuading himself.


The heart is like a mirror, and it should be wiped diligently!


Even if you understand a truth, you need to wake up yourself again and again, because people will forget, and they will gradually blur with time, forgetting all this.


Therefore, some people used to be wise and talented, but after being successful for too long, the mirror in their hearts has not been wiped away for too long, and they have long been dusted. Instead, they will make some outrageous mistakes and lose their fame forever. Spiritual refinement is to imprint some cognitions in the mind more deeply. It also makes the mind stronger and stronger!


“I have to recuperate and prepare before I can refine the Earth Demon.” Xu Jingming looked at the jade bottle in his hand, “This is the first Earth Demon I have encountered in the demon-defying world, so be careful.” Trauma will delay time. And the most important thing you can’t waste is your time!


“Relax your body and mind first.” Xu Jingming thought, and his consciousness left the demon world. Returning to reality, he went to accompany his wife and daughter. This was also the best way for him to relax. In Fucheng, a rich man got off the carriage drunk with enzymes.


“Master, be careful.” A maid supported him, and guards followed him and entered the mansion. In the mansion, an old housekeeper came and whispered: “Master, there is something wrong with the second young master.” “What did the poor son do?” The rich man waved his hand angrily, “You go down first.” Others retreat.


The rich man and the old housekeeper entered the study together.


“What’s the matter on the mountain?” The rich man’s eyes were obviously clearer.


“I just got the news today.” The old housekeeper whispered, “Sir Zhang Xiu, the city patrol envoy on the mountain, is dead.” “What?” The rich man was surprised, “Sir Zhang Xiu died?” The city envoy, But his immediate boss.


“A head appeared in the Yu family, and many demon conquerors were able to subdue. Later, a demon conqueror named Mr. Wu Ming moved forward and killed the demon! Lord Yingxiu shot Yin I, who would want to educate Xiu The adults were also suppressed by him and were eventually killed.” The rich man said, “Master Tong Xiu was killed, which may also be related to the head of the Qi family.”


“Head of the Qi family?” The rich man’s heart tensed.


Working for Dong Mingshan Although it is beneficial, it also has to be worried. The head of the Qi family is definitely a big man he dare not provoke.


“Master Zhang Xiu, he was suppressed by Wu Ming’s demon demons for a long time! It was not until the arrival of the Qi clan leader that Master Zhang Xiu died.” The old housekeeper said, “The more details, it is not very clear.” Well. “


The rich man nodded, “It’s a big deal that the patrolling envoy was killed, I have to go to Dongming Mountain immediately.”


Soon, a bird spread its wings in the night and left to fly to the east outside the city. Just half a mile away from Xu Jingming’s residence, in a residential building.


“I’ve been living in seclusion here recently.” Qi Chen sat leisurely in the courtyard with a fan in hand, drinking wine, “If a demon really comes, Brother Wu Ming can’t resist it. If you take action to save him, he will naturally have to remember this favor.”


Patriarch Qi Chen smiled, poured a glass of wine, and drank for fun.


With his strength, at a distance of about half a mile, as long as the devil’s aura is exposed, he can arrive in one breath. “Sister, ah, I can follow what you said and try my best to make friends with brother Wu Ming.” Qi Chen thought.


At the eighth-order starry sky life stage, breaking through the source life is very slim and hopeless, and naturally I have to find a way to pave the way for my future!


The Moyun family is strong, but it is shared by countless clansmen who have been in business for a long time. His Qi Chen’s power in the family is limited, even less than his sister. From his sister’s remarks, Qi Chen realized… This brother Wu Ming may have thick thighs!


“I’m really looking forward to Wu Ming’s true identity, but if he doesn’t tell me, I can’t force it. I have to be patient.” Patriarch Qi Chen shook his fan and thought.


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