Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 3403: Crisis



Looking at the formation blocking the road, the eight emperors including the Eastern Emperor and the Western Emperor all looked ugly.


  Who would have thought that before reaching the seventh area fortress, someone would be stopped, and the person blocking the way was actually their own person in the Fire Phoenix galaxy.


   “We will break the formation first before talking.”


   became angry, but there is no other way right now, only to break the formation as soon as possible, only hope that Xiao Chen and the others can hold on for a longer period of time.


   Hearing what Elder Donghuang said, none of the other emperors refuted it, and it can only do so now.


   As for the two ancestors of the Feng clan, let’s wait until the matter is resolved.


   said, the eight emperors began to directly attack and break the formation.


   There is no formation among them, so they can only break the formation with one force. As for asking the Northern Emperor to come over to the Western Palace, that is impossible.


  Because of this one time and another, how much time is wasted.


Under the attack of the eight emperors, the formation of    began to ripple, but after all, the rank is here, so there is no sign of collapse for the time being.


   “Damn, I really can’t afford to pay for it.”


  While attacking, Elder Donghuang’s mood was already extremely angry. This was to drive Xiao Chen and Lin Yun to a desperate situation. ,


  The formation of such a rank, even the eight emperors of them couldn’t break it instantly, showing that the old woman and the old man had lost their money.


   At the same time, there were people attacking in several other directions of the formation.


   Well, their progress is even slower than the Donghuang old man and so on. Therefore, even the Donghuang old man and the others have not been able to break the formation, these people are even more impossible.


   For a time, the strong men of the Fire Phoenix galaxy who came to support from all directions were blocked by this formation, unable to pass.


   Regarding everything around the formation, the old woman and the old man naturally felt a little bit. At this time, there was a sneer on the corner of the old woman’s mouth.


  ”It will take at least half an hour before the Eastern Emperor and the others can break the formation. Time should be enough.”


   delayed another half an hour for Long Huaixin and others. Given the difference in strength between the two sides, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun should undoubtedly die.


   Hearing this, the old man on the side did not speak, but fell silent.


   At this time, he calmed down, and he also figured out the consequences of this matter.


   If it is said that Xiao Chen and Lin Yun can be killed successfully with this, then there should be nothing wrong with their Feng Clan.


   After all, a dead person is worthless.


   When the time comes, although the emperors may feel contemptuous or even resentful of their methods.


   But Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are already dead, so no one will stand up to seek justice for the two.


   Only a few people such as the Donghuang Father, the Feng Clan is not afraid at all.


   Although it may make the reputation of the Phoenix Clan even more unbearable, how can it be unbearable? Anyway, the reputation of the Phoenix Clan in the Fire Phoenix Galaxy is not so good.


   But if Xiao Chen and Lin Yun can’t be eliminated this time, let them escape.


   Then it will be very troublesome. The entire Feng Clan is in danger. Not to mention the others, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are two lunatics.


   The old man felt a little distressed when he thought of these two people.


   Thinking about the last time, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun dared to make a direct shot in the Western Palace just after only a few ridicules.


   And what happened this time is obviously not comparable to the last time.


  Once these two lunatics are allowed to survive, with their personalities, the old man has no doubt that the two will fight hard with him.


   And by that time, Xiao Chen and Lin Yun were not dead. It is hard to say whether the other emperors will stand on the side of the Feng Clan.


   After all, this thing is really unpleasant.


   So, this move is a big bet, it can be said that it is a bet on the future of the entire Feng clan.


   But this is the end of the matter, and now even the formation is laid down, even if it is impossible to regret, the old man can only pray in his heart, Long Huaixin, they can give some strength, and successfully killed Xiao Chen and Lin Yun .


   What a ridiculous thing, as the emperor of the Fire Phoenix galaxy, he actually went to pray that the people of the Azure Dragon galaxy would kill his emperor.


   Moreover, as an emperor, it is also extremely embarrassing to borrow a knife to kill people and place all hopes on other people.


  Emperor Donghuang and others did not dare to keep their hands and delay in the slightest, bombarding the formation with all their strength.


   blasted the formation a little earlier, and Xiao Chen and Lin Yun had more chances.


   At the same time, Xiao Chen and others are still fighting to death in the seventh area fortress.


   But with the passage of time, the warriors in the seventh area have suffered heavy casualties.


   Although everyone is trying their best to delay time, after all, there is a gap in strength, and it has been so long, many people can’t hold on.


   Even Xiao Chen and Lin Yun are still in serious injuries at this time.


   Xiao Chen has always tried his best not to fight against Long Huaixin, but for such a long time, how could Xiao Chen keep doing this with the dominant Long Huaixin.


   Xiao Chen wanted to avoid his own attack, so Long Huaixin would naturally not agree.


   Moreover, even if it is an all-out defense, one enemy two, the pressure is indeed too great.


   There is a smear of blood on the corner of his mouth, and there are many more scars on his body.


   Xiao Chen actually felt that something was wrong in his heart. After so long, why hasn’t the support from the Western Palace arrived?


   It stands to reason that the distance from the palace in the west to the fortress in the seventh should have arrived long ago.


   But now, after such a long time, the support of the Western Palace still hasn’t arrived, which makes people have to be surprised.


   There must be something wrong with this, but Xiao Chen still doesn’t know what went wrong.


   “Damn it.”


   Watching the people below die one by one, Xiao Chen was angry, but there was nothing to do.


  Because he was already a little hard to support, let alone save other people, Xiao Chen was also powerless about the current situation.


   Watching Xiao Chen’s injuries get heavier and heavier, Long Huaixin’s killing intent became more intense, and he sneered.


   “Xiao Chen, it seems that you can’t wait for the support to come. Today is your anniversary.”


   has seen the opportunity to kill Xiao Chen, how could Long Huaixin let it go? He only needs to hit Xiao Chen a few more times, and he will no longer have the power to fight back. When he wants to kill him, it is not a matter of grasping it. .


   Hearing Long Huaixin’s words, Xiao Chen didn’t respond. Now it’s useless to say anything. It’s better to keep your strength and hold on.


   As for fleeing, Xiao Chen hadn’t thought about it, but the chance of success was small.


   Since Long Huaixin came here prepared, how could he let himself escape so easily, so even if the situation was already like this, Xiao Chen still had only one choice.


   That is to stand by and wait for help, and insist on reaching for the support of the Fire Phoenix Galaxy. Only in this way can the crisis be resolved.


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