Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 10215: Similar women!

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Bai Li Hongzhuang smiled slightly. She has always allowed them to develop her relationship. After all, others can’t help with this kind of thing, so she still has to look at her own thoughts.


They are very good in themselves. It would be best if they can be together. If they can’t get to the end, everyone feels it a pity, but maybe they will meet the right person in the future.


At this moment, knowing that they are finally going to be together, I am also very happy from the bottom of my heart.


“Ling Huyuan is a good girl, but it’s a pity that Yan Che is hopeless here. Take care of her a little bit more.” Shangguan Yingying said.


Bai Li Hongzhuang nodded slightly, “I understand.”


“I think this girl is very cute. With her character, many people like her.” Shangguan Yingying smiled, “She came here alone with us. Originally, she was there, but now she says Che is not by her side, and feels helpless in his heart.


If you have a good partner here, it is better to introduce her. “




Bai Li Hongzhuang smiled slightly. With Huyuan’s temperament, she is not worried that no man will like it at all.


The people in the Devil Realm are much stronger than the Immortal Realm. Since they have brought Linghuyuan here, they naturally want to help her settle down.


After solving the four princes first and the barrier problem is relatively stable, she will ask Linghuyuan’s opinion again. Whether it is going back to the fairyland or bringing her family to the demon world, it is good. select.


“This is the girl from Baili, right.”


Just then, a cold and graceful voice rang.


Bai Li Hongzhuang couldn’t help turning his head when she heard this, and saw a majestic and magnificent figure coming in mighty, and she followed a lot of maids and waitresses by her side.


Even if she had never seen this princess, she would have recognized it at a glance.


“I have seen the princess.”


Shangguan Yingying and the others also looked at this woman who suddenly appeared curiously, and the first feeling they saw was domineering.


“So this is Beichen’s sister?”


Shangguan Yingying lowered her voice. They had mentioned this in the previous conversation, and she also knew Beichen’s sister.


However, at this moment, it seems that this sister does not feel as easy to get along with as she imagined!


Looking back to what Hong Zhuang said before, all the things that I didn’t understand at this moment are all understood.


She almost forgot, the situation now is different from before. At the beginning, Beichen and Hongzhuang got married without encountering any obstacles, and now Beichen’s status is so high, Hongzhuang suddenly came and became Beichen. Madam Chen, I don’t know if people like the Demon Palace will make things difficult?


Ling’er is also a little worried. They have met many enemies along the way, but such an opponent, they really haven’t met.


The moment the princess saw Baili Hongzhuang, her eyes changed a bit.


This woman is indeed beautiful, an extraordinary beauty, even if she is used to seeing beauties, she has to sigh, this girl is really a rare beauty.


She also thought about Yi Beichen’s temperament, and it was not easy to fall in love with a girl.


It’s just that from the girl’s brows and eyes, she actually found that she was slightly similar to the goddess back then, and her mood suddenly became bad.


Even if these two are two people, but this woman’s eyebrows really look like the goddess at the time, hasn’t Beichen let go of the goddess for so many years?


Even if you fall into reincarnation, you want to find a woman similar to the goddess to be with?


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