Become A Master From Hokage Chapter 680: Ditian’s Harvest



After spending so much effort, I almost folded myself inside. If the harvest is really big, then forget it.


The problem now is that after paying so much, the only thing that made Di Tian’s eye on his eyes was not brought out at all.


This situation is very embarrassing.


“A stone book should be a classic, with a strong rhyme.


I tried it, and the result may be that I am not strong enough to pick it up.


At first, I wanted to try if I could write it down, but after I opened it, there were no words on the stone book.


After that, you should also know the master of the matter. “


Di Tian sighed softly, and said helplessly.


Wang Ran heard the words and thought about what Ditian was talking about, only to find that he had no impression at all.


He didn’t say much, Wang Ran just lightly patted a Di Tian on the shoulder to show his comfort.


It was the Black Emperor on the side. After hearing Di Tian’s words, he said with some excitement:


“That should be the scriptures of Emperor Wu Shi, and it is the inheritance that the Emperor specially left for the congenital body.


People of ordinary physique, if they don’t have the cultivation level of the Great Emperor, they won’t get anything at all.


Of course, even if you get it, if you don’t have the physique of the Innate Eucharist, you can’t practice. “


Wang Ran raised his brows in surprise when he heard the words of the Black Emperor.


The legacy left by Emperor Wu Shi? That’s really a good thing.


Although Wu Shi the Great is not a top-level existence in the Ten Thousand Realms, but being able to leave his mark on a high-level plane like the Zhetian Plane, Wu Shi’s talent and perseverance is definitely the top of the Ten Thousand Realms.


The complete inheritance of this kind of existence, even if you get the Tibetan gate, it will be the highest-ranking group of existences.


However, although he missed the inheritance left by Emperor Wu Shi, Wang Ran didn’t have too much regret in his heart.


Of course, the inheritance of the scriptures left by the Emperor Wu Shi has a very high reference value, but the most important foundation of the Tibetan gate is Taoism.


So even if it is missed, it won’t make Wang Ran feel distressed.


For this, Ditian also knew it well.


So after knowing that the one he missed was the inheritance scriptures of Emperor Wu Shi, his face looked much better.


The expressions of the two directly looked at Duan De and Heihuang who were silly on the side.


They are unable to understand, why do they have this expression?


Of course, the inheritance techniques of forces of this level in Tibet are not weaker than the scriptures left by Emperor Wu Shi.


However, that is, after all, the scripture left by the legendary existence of Emperor Wu Shi, as long as one scripture can create a holy place.


Looking at the appearance of Wang Ran and Ditian, this kind of thing seems to be completely unconcerned.


Is it because Zangmen’s background is too deep, or is the world changed and their eyes become short-sighted?


The more they thought about it, the more Duan De and Heihuang felt that their worldview had become more rotten, and they shook their heads quickly, throwing the messy thoughts out of their minds.


No matter what Wang Ran and Duan De think, they have nothing to do with them anyway.






“But I am not without gain this time. I still got a lot of things from Zishan.


Some of the scriptures, although they cannot be said to be more than those in the Zongmen treasury, are still very interesting.


Even, there are some scriptures that have taken a different approach, which is of great reference value.


There is a source-seeking book from the source of heaven. The content is actually similar to the Feng Shui collection of our sect, but it is a different path. “


Di Tian, ​​who was in a better mood, shrugged slightly and said again.


When Di Tian said this, everyone showed a surprised expression.


Especially after hearing Ditian say the name of the source book, he showed a curious look.


They are not unfamiliar with the name of the source book. Ye Fan had heard this name when they were in Zishan.


Even Wang Ran knows this name.


After all, this is an indispensable opportunity on the path of Emperor Ye Tiancheng.


First glanced at Ye Fan, then Wang Ran looked at Di Tian and asked:


“Oh, you have said so, it seems that your gain this time is really good.


However, this source book can allow Ye Fan to practice cultivation.


Ye Fan, the ridiculous ancient sacred body, will require terrifying resources for cultivation in the future, just in time for him to perfect himself in advance. “


Hearing what Wang Ran said, Di Tian nodded and said nothing.


After all, what Wang Ran said is also very reasonable, the cultivation resources Ye Fan needs are just now visible.


How many resources he will need in the future, I can use my toes to know that it is definitely not a decimal.


Zongmen cannot always provide Ye Fan with resources for cultivation, even if he is Wang Ran’s disciple.


Therefore, Wang Ran’s decision is not a problem, and it makes sense from reason to reason.


But Ye Fan, he always felt that Wang Ran’s eyes were a bit wrong.


Although Wang Ran’s explanation is clear, he always feels that there is a deep meaning in that gaze.


However, no matter what Ye Fan thought, nothing was wrong.


In the end, he can only treat it as his own illusion, and no longer go into it.


Wang Ran didn’t continue to waste time, after a few simple words, he led everyone back to the sect.


Seeing that Wang Ran and Ditian returned safely, Pangbo, Li Xiaoman, and Ji Ziyue, who had been waiting in the sect, instantly showed joy on their faces.


They wanted to ask about this incident, but Wang Ran didn’t give them a chance, and directly sent everyone except Di Tian to the Taoist Academy.


The harvest they went out is not too small, and it is the right thing to go out after a few years of cultivation in the sect.


Of Wang Ran still asked Di Tian to give Ye Fan, even after recording the content, he gave the original directly to Ye Fan.


Although Ye Fan seems to have another choice now, Wang Ran still wants Ye Fan, the legendary “Ye Tiandi” who covers the plane of the sky, to practice his source book and become a source of heaven.


After all, the two guys, Black Emperor and Duan De, have appeared beside Ye Fan. Ye Fan, who does not practice the Source Book of Heaven, always feels something is missing.


So far, Ye Fan and some of the Tibetan men who have already been apprentices have also entered the Taoist Academy.


This led to a gust of gossip among the many disciples inside the Taoist Academy.


Of course, Duan De and Black King also account for a large part of the reason.


After all, these two guys are completely outsiders to the many disciples in the Taoist Academy.


Everyone is speculating about the origin of these two guys, and they are able to enter the Taoist Academy as an outsider.


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