Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4247: Beyond the universe and then the universe!


“At that time, in the neutron star market in Shangxing market, if people went deep, they would die.”

At that time, Li Tianming used the **** cave in the neutron star market to kill many gods of the eight tribes.

Now that he enters this kind of star market again, he is already a Zhou God with the body of a six-kilometer-meter Zhou God. Bring your own lighting!

The originally dark world suddenly brightened.

Looking around, Li Tianming saw that this Disordered Star Market is slightly different from that of the Neutron Star Market. The Neutron Star Market is shining, and every neutron star is like a dazzling pearl, but this Disorder Star Market is completely dark!

Not only is it dark, but it also actively absorbs light. Li Tianming, the body of the God of Eternity, was still on at first, but as soon as he entered, the light on his body immediately dimmed, as if it had been swallowed. .

Mu Qingqing is a disorderly human race, her delicate body is as quiet as a crystal star, and she can’t shine.


Li Tianming can still feel that the cloud-like power around him is the power of disordered stars!

“An anti-cosmic battlefield superimposed with soul power, but it is a place where disordered star sources are produced?”

It’s amazing!

On the other side of the Star Market, the Neutron Star Market is at least in the starry sky.

After entering, although the starlight was dim, it did not affect Li Tianming’s vision. He looked forward and saw a small black ball in front of him!

It’s not so much a sphere, let alone a spherical vortex. Its surface appears to be rotating inwardly, and all the power is constantly shrinking inward. No spillage!

This is indeed different from the neutron star that exploded at every turn in Shangxingxu.

Li Tianming looked around and saw that there were quite a few black spherical vortices. Their compression degree was not as good as that of the neutron stars in the orderly world, so their volume seemed to be larger, but compared to the density of the zero-degree star prison, they were still smaller. Much bigger!

“Its power density should be between ordered neutron stars and zero-degree star prisons, which are emperor-level disordered star sources!”

So the ‘disordered neutron star’ with a diameter of about 10,000 meters in front of Li Tianming’s eyes, Mu Qingqing said it was ‘cave-sky level’, so that the diameter of the disordered neutron star of the infinite scale can be deduced.

“There are a lot of neutron stars in this disorderly star market!” Mu Qingqing said in surprise after entering.

“Like black grapes.” Li Tianming was full of curiosity as he spoke, wandering among these disordered neutron stars. Space is still stable, and those floating disordered neutron stars have also been separated from the depths and can be taken away at any time.

They are suspended, densely packed!

“According to inference, this space that produces neutron stars should be the ancestor world!”

This is the same as the orderly world.

This is actually very difficult to understand. The ancestral world has the power of the ancestral world, and the star source is another kind of star power. The neutron stars that supplement the star source are found in the ancestral world like grapes.

“So, where are the grape vines? Where are the roots? What is the root of this vine? Can it grow a star source?” Li Tianming muttered to himself.

He is comparing the star source to a fruit.

“The space below is chaotic and distorted. If it is too deep, it is easy to lose contact completely, and you can’t find the way back. Therefore, it is still unclear whether the ‘vines’ and the place where they take root exist or not. Anyway, people in the disorderly world only need to know that a magic hole has suddenly been opened in this anti-universe battlefield, and there will be neutron stars inside, so they can take it back and replenish it.” Mu Qingqing said softly.

“Then… all these years, has this neutron star ever broken the confession?” Li Tianming asked with a smile.

“The confession has never been cut off. If it is cut off, the disorderly world will be over.” Mu Qingqing said.

Hearing this, Li Tianming said helplessly: “The orderly world is the same. The source of stars consumed is basically supplemented by the neutron star market, so the entire starry sky can reproduce and inherit.”

At present, the star sources of the major star source worlds are regarded as the foundation. If the consumption cannot be equal to that of neutron stars, sooner or later they will be empty.

“No way, life is born from the source of stars, regardless of order or disorder, power is the source of life.” Mu Qingqing said.

“Then do you feel a sense of crisis? Although the confession has never been cut off, what if it is cut off one day? We think we control the entire universe, but from another perspective, it looks like someone who was fed in a cage Little pets?” Li Tianming said with a smile.

Mu Qingqing rolled his eyes at him and said, “Your imagination is really good. If there is an existence that feeds the entire universe, how strong must he be? Who is his opponent? Where does he live? The existence of the universe For countless epochs, the birth and consumption of star sources are constantly happening, how can there be such a long-lasting ‘feeding’?”

“I don’t know, but I know one thing. The so-called big and small are actually concepts derived from comparison. If there is no comparison, there will be no difference in size. Standing at your current level, you feel that the universe is huge and infinite. , but for the existence outside the universe, it may be a birdcage? This is the same as when we compare with the Shangshen period. A mortal raises some ants in the courtyard, and Zhoushen raises some mortals in a small world, It’s almost the same concept.” Li Tianming laughed.

“According to you, the world will have no end. One ring after another, the universe beyond the universe, the universe is endless.” Mu Qingqing shook her head and said.

“No, I think there is an end.” Li Tianming said do you say it? “Mu Qingqing asked.

Looking at the disordered neutron star in front of him, Li Tianming said: “Everything in the world, besides the big, there are huge, huge big, biggest, infinitely big. But everything in the world, other than small, there are smaller, and then It is extremely small, the smallest, infinitely small. From the infinitely small world to the infinitely large world, a ladder is formed, but when we twist this ladder into a ring, the infinitely large can be contained in the infinitely small Therefore, the universe has an end… When everything forms a cycle, each of the worlds in it can be the end or the starting point.”

“Your circle, do you mean time or space?” Mu Qingqing asked.

The universe in the universe means space, and the universe means time.

The universe is the aggregate of infinite time and infinite space.

“All!” Li Tianming paused and said, “Time may not be a long river, but a circulation. The future we are heading towards may be the starting point of ancient times. In the same way, space is not a ring. We are in one of the worlds, the left side is bigger than us, and the right side is smaller than me.”


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