Banished Disciple’s Counterattack Chapter 1: Martial apostates


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Outer Sect disciple Ye Chen, because Tan Tian burst, no longer miss Xianxiu, is now expelled from Zhengyang Sect, and can no longer step into Zhengyang Spirit Mountain half a lifetime.”

In the majestic hall, the icy voice is like the sentence of God, full of irreversible majesty.

Below, Ye Chen stood quietly in the hall, and expression pale white was like paper. After listening to the ruthless sentence, his fist clenched with it too, perhaps with too much force, his nails were inserted into the palm of his hand, and blood was leached.

Dan Tian ruptures, missed the fairy repair.

Ye Chen smiled, but it was the sadness of full of eyes.

three days before, he helped sect go down the mountain to fetch spirit medicine, but was attacked by the master of the hostile sect. He desperately guarded spirit medicine, and returned to sect after a lifetime of death.

It was just that he never thought that his loyalty was worthless in the eyes of these high-ranking people. He could n’t wait to get him out like such useless garbage.

“Don’t go yet?” It was impatient to see Ye Chen still standing still, and there was a sound again in the hall.

“Dan Tian is broken, is it interesting to rely on here? Zhengyang Sect never leaves waste.”

“I have raised you for three days and I have done my best.”

The disdainful voice in the palace was extremely harsh, falling into the ears of Ye Chen, as if a steel needle was inserted into his heart.

“This kind of sect really makes me chill!”

The hoarse voice with a little bit of grief, Ye Chen turned around silently.

Outside the hall, Spirit Mountain is everywhere, ancient trees are towering, spiritual energy is hazy, the clouds are misty, and the cranes are dancing. The peace and tranquility here is like a fairyland on earth.

This is Zhengyang Sect, a sect in the south of Grand Chu.

However, all this now seems so cold in the eyes of Ye Chen, making him unable to hold his body and trembling.

“Let me say it! I was expelled from sect!”

As soon as Ye Chen came out, some disciples pointed at him, with sarcasm and sighs.

“To say that Senior Brother Ye is also pitiful, he was very good to us before, or we should send him away!”

“What to send, we are immortals, what is he.”

“Tonight is different from the past.”

The ridicule and sighing around made Ye Chen drop his head and wanted to say something, but when it came to his throat, he seemed to be stuck out by the fishbone. At the moment, he was like a prisoner who went to the street and was killed. Spurned.

Yes! He is no longer the previous Ye Chen.

Now he is not a cultivating immortal, but a broken wasteland of Dantian. The arrogance of the past has long disappeared. In the face of the bleak world, some just suffer in silence.


Playful laughter came from the front, a white disciple holding a folding fan was on the face, and full of eyes looked at Ye Chen playfully, “Who is this! Is n’t it our Senior Brother Ye?”

Ye Chen raised his head slightly, and saw the appearance of the coming person through the hairline gap. His face was white, and his two thin lips showed meanness. He was still handsome, but he had a pair of Danfeng eyes.

Zhao Kang.” Ye Chen found the name of this person from memory. At that time, Zhao Kang was not as yin and yang as it is now. At that time, he was respectful of his Senior Brother Ye.


Thoughts were interrupted, Zhao Kang circled around Ye Chen, looked up and down, mouth full of slurs, “Senior Brother Ye! How can I become so embarrassed now, I really feel so sorry to see my brother! “

Knowing that it is ridicule, Ye Chen did not intend to say more, and immediately took a step.

“Don’t go!” Zhao Kang straddled in one step and stopped in front of Ye Chen, shaking the folding fan lightly, looking at Ye Chen with playfulness.

“Give up.”

“It’s a waste, it’s so stiff.” Suddenly closing the folding fan, the smile on Zhao Kang‘s face suddenly disappeared, “Do you really think you were the former Ye Chen?”

Ye Chen trembles, trying to refute, but unable to speak.

“Want to go? Also.” Zhao Kang spoke again, saying that he had diverged his legs and looked at Ye Chen in a cruel way, “Crawl under my crotch! Maybe I can reward you a few pieces of Spirit Stone when Travel expenses. “

Zhao Kang.” Suddenly, suddenly looked up, an icy cold flash flashed in the dull eyes of Ye Chen.

“Brother Zhao Kang, are you doing this …” There was a disciple in the crowd who was watching, whispering, wanting to be unbalanced for Ye Chen, but Xiuxi was weak, and he was very weak.

“Are you looking for death?” Zhao Kang shouted back and glared at the disciple. The scene was instantly silent, seeming to be deterred by the strength of Zhao Kang, and the atmosphere did not dare to speak again.

Shocked the disciples around for four weeks, Zhao Kang looked at Ye Chen again, sneered, “Ye Chen, are you climbing yet? I …”

Without speaking, Zhao Kang stopped, because he saw a beautiful shadow coming slowly not far away.

The coming person’s clothing is wavy, three thousand green silks are flowing like blue waves, and silk is lingering on the brilliance. That peerless face is beautiful and suffocating beauty.

“It’s Sister Ji Ningshuang.” The eyes of the disciples all around lit up.

Especially for male disciples, the eyes are even more fierce. Chi. The naked salivation and admiration are exposed. That is the beautiful and flawless fairy of Zhengyang Sect Outer Sect, the object that all male disciples admire.

In Zhengyang Sect who does n’t know, Ji Ningshuang is indifferent to all disciples in the face of thousands of miles away, but only in the presence of Ye Chen will show the world of beauty, they are Zhengyang Sect recognized golden boy and girl.

Naturally, such a picture is limited to the previous one.

Now that Ye Chen is down, the proud Ji Ningshuang will never smile to him like before.

Ji Ningshuang.” Ye Chen‘s voice was hoarse, and his voice was almost inaudible. He didn’t turn around, but his eyes were still complex.

He was the person he was willing to use his life to protect his life, but since the moment when his Dantian broke and the cultivation was exhausted, the Ji Ningshuang who smiled at him all day long became extremely indifferent.

Since that moment, Ye Chen has understood that the so-called love and the so-called mountain alliance vows have vanished.

“Sister Ningshuang.” Here, Zhao Kang has simply opened the folding fan neatly, greeted with a smiling face, and the previous fierce evil, really really two people.

For Zhao Kang ’s smiley face, Ji Ningshuang just nodded politely, but expression is still indifferent, as if any disturbance in the world will not make her beautiful eyes ripple.

Gently came to Ye Chen. Although Ji Ningshuang felt a sigh and regret in her heart, she was nothing but indifferent but indifferent. She seemed to be saying: We are not all the way.

“Walk all the way.” There are only four words. Although it is as beautiful as nature, it still can’t hide the coldness in the tone of Ji Ningshuang.

“What kind of expression are you, pity?” Without looking at Ji Ningshuang, Ye Chen just stooped down to pick up the backpack that fell on the ground, and there was no warmth in the words.

Ji Ningshuang didn’t say a word. For the past, some of them were just a momentary trance.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Gently patting the dust on the backpack, Ye Chen slowly turned around, taking a tired footstep, a thin back, and looked lonely under the moon night.


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