All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 2: No one can take her away (2)


Qianyan has never experienced giving birth before, and her tired and broken body made her very uncomfortable, and the heart-piercing pain in her abdomen made her want to pass out.

After three days of fighting, she didn’t know how the original owner persisted.

“Ask for your identity and send you back to your country of origin. The homeless are resettled according to the procedures.”

Qianyan glanced at the shivering men and women hiding in the corner, this is war, it is cruel. She had seen too many scenes like this before, and there was almost no fluctuation in her heart.

“General, your complexion is not very good, and you need to rest.” Facing the light, the people beside him noticed that Qianyan’s face was as white as paper, and her walking was obviously not as agile as before. Shi, “The battle has been won, the general should go back to rest first, we will take care of the rest.”


Qian Yan turned around and was about to walk out of the tent, when the sound of chains mopping the floor sounded, and then she felt the hem of her clothes being pulled. She subconsciously wanted to kick it away, but unexpectedly the other party hid very quickly, so she turned her head to look over.

“Sister, don’t be so fierce, I’m not a bad person.”

“I am weak and easily kicked.”

Qianyan: “…”

The boy in front of him was wearing white clothes, but unfortunately the white clothes were a bit dirty.

The young man’s face was fairly clean, his eyes were bright and clear, with faint glints of water. Qianyan lowered her eyes and found that his hand holding the corner of her clothes was a little dusty.

He is dirty all over, but it can be seen that he is a very clean person.

“They locked me up all the time, so I couldn’t wash it, it was a little dirty.” The boy explained with an innocent expression, “My sister let me go, give me some water, and it will be clean after a while. My sister is also dirty and needs to be washed. “

The meaning of the last sentence is obvious, everyone is dirty, so don’t dislike anyone.

“Don’t be in a daze, your body is severely damaged, and you need to stay in bed immediately.” Seeing that Qianyan didn’t respond, the young man continued, “Otherwise your body will be scrapped in a few years, and you will struggle to walk, let alone hold a knife. .”

Qianyan finally got a little interested, she glanced at the boy who was taller than her: “Do you know medicine?”

“Not only do I have medical skills, everyone calls me a genius doctor.” The young man proudly showed off his skills, “I can live here safely and securely, without suffering from other things, because of my first-hand medical skills.”

Qianyan taunted: “It’s so powerful, and it will still be locked up? Why don’t you take two pills and kill them all?”

The young man was a little stunned, yes, why didn’t he think of it?

Just because the master didn’t specifically teach him to prepare poison, doesn’t mean he can’t figure it out by himself. If he had gotten some poison on him earlier, these guys would have died, could they lock him up?

Ah, how annoying.

Seeing the boy’s annoyed look, Qianyan held the giant sword and touched the chain on the boy’s foot lightly, and the chain broke with a sound.

Seeing this, the young man climbed up the pole, and quickly stretched out his hands to show that there are still more here.

Qian Yan followed suit.

The boy who regained his freedom showed her a bright smile, but he didn’t infect her.

This young man is not a simple thing at first glance, he can talk so much, he must be full of calculations.

“Sister, what’s your name? I’m Xun Zihuai.” The young man introduced himself, leaned over to Qianyan’s side, and didn’t bother to pull her clothes, and said to himself, “From today onwards, I will be you. There is no repayment for the kindness of saving life, only a promise with your body.”

Qianyan glanced at him: “Okay, remember what you said, and block the knife for me at any time in the future.”


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