Against the Gods:


Langya Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, Azure Cloud Continent is the first of the four most evil places. Under Cloud’s End Cliff, it is called Death God’s Tomb. In countless years, countless people have fallen from Cloud’s End Cliff. Among them, even three Heavenly King-class strong men with power sky have never survived.

At this time, next to Cloud’s End Cliff, a two people tall boulder side, leaning on a young man with dark hair and black eyes, he was bathing in blood, and in black clothes, there were countless wounds cracking. He just stood here After a few breaths, a small pool of blood flowed under his feet.

His chest is violently undulating, his mouth is breathing heavily and scary, and the muscles in every part of the body are slightly suffocating … It shows that he is completely exhausted, almost at the end of the rope, if it is not the boulder on the side, He might not even be able to stand. However, his eyes were awake like two cold blades, with no trace of scattered, emitting a fierce light like a wolf, with the corners of his mouth slightly ridiculed and disdainful sneer.

His the front, the black crowd blocked all his escape routes.

Yun Che, you have nowhere to go! obediently handed Sky Poison Pearl to come out, and we may spare you!”

“We are going to take the scourge of heaven today and get rid of you! Do n’t give up Sky Poison Pearl quickly, I can make you die, or you will try ten-thousand blades heartbreaking pain!”

Yun Che! Don’t be obsessed anymore, now your only retreat is to hand over to Sky Poison Pearl! This is divine item, not something you own!”

The roar came from the crowd. Everyone shouted righteous words, righteousness. And if an Azure Cloud Continent person passes by here at this time, they will be shocked by the lineup in front of them: this crowd of black people brings together almost all the strongest sects of Azure Cloud Continent. The heads of these sects are almost all present in person, even some closed for many years. , The old monster that was forgotten is also impressive. It is no exaggeration to say that standing alone in this is a super strong enough to shake one side.

Now, all of them are gathered here, just for the man who has been forced to the side of Cloud’s End Cliff in front of him … More precisely, it is for the first divine item of Sky Poison Pearl Azure Cloud Continent in his hands!

The crowd approached while threatening to shout. When Sky Poison Pearl finally appeared again, in the face of this huge and irresistible temptation, all the strong men standing on top of continent flocked to them, hunting for three days and nights, and finally reached the moment when they could harvest the fruits.

“You guys … want this … Sky Poison Pearl?”

Yun Che sneered, his right hand was slowly raised, and a jade green, a ball of dim light, appeared in his hand. At the moment when this bead was shining, everyone’s approaching footsteps stopped, and his eyes stared at the touch of green, emitting an extremely greedy light.

All of these are powerful enough, but at this time in Yun Che in the eyes is so ugly lowly. His eyes tilted up slowly, and even in a desperate situation, his eyes were still arrogant and sarcastic. In the depths of eyes, he was filled with deep-seated hatred: “My master lives a lifelong life, there are countless lives to save, no stick, no need Fame and fortune … But just because of this Sky Poison Pearl, seven years ago, you so-called elites were decent … and they forced my master to death.

“I hate … hate myself is useless, I haven’t wiped out all of you **** sects for seven years!”

words 铮铮, with deep hatred. Even after seven years had passed, thinking of the tragic death of the master, his eyes still shed two blood tears.

Yun Che I don’t know who his parents are. When his master picked him up, he was born for a few days. When he picked up Yun Che, it was just when the spring was deep, the surrounding clouds were light, the mountains and water were clear, so he named him “Yun Che“. He also hoped that his mind was as pure as clouds, and the water was clear and long. He can inherit his legacy and become a life-saving doctor.

No matter how serious the disease or trauma, the under the hand/subordinate in the master can be relieved. The reason is that he has been hiding in Sky Poison Pearl. The word “Heavenly Poison” shows that this bead has extremely great virulence, but the medicine and poison are the same, and the drug has the same source of poison. The master has not used any of his virulence in his life. All he used was its ability to extract and melt. , Made countless holy medicine, save countless lives and patients. He taught his medicine to Yun Che … and seven years ago, his possession of Sky Poison Pearl was leaked. He handed Sky Poison Pearl to Yun Che and let him flee, but he died in the under the hand/subordinate of various majors.

Learning that the master died, Yun Che cried for three days and three nights, and the root of hatred was buried in his heart. Instead of studying medicine, he absorbed the terrifying poison in Sky Poison Pearl, and revenge became his only belief. Seven years later, his poisoning big accomplishment finally opened his revenge fangs. Within ten days, the poison spreads thousands of miles, and there are countless funerals. It also triggers the turbulence and panic of the entire Azure Cloud Continent, and attracts the coveted of the peak power. To hunt down Yun Che in order to seize Sky Poison Pearl … until this point.

He looked resentfully at everyone in the sight, and smiled colder and colder: “You guys are stupid, want to get Sky Poison Pearl in my hand … White sun dream dream!”

Deep voice/sound dropped, Yun Che suddenly raised his hand, slammed Sky Poison Pearl into his mouth, and he was so energetic that he rushed Sky Poison Pearl from his mouth into his belly …

“You … what are you doing!”

“He actually … swallowed Sky Poison Pearl!”

Yun Che! Are you don’t fear for one’s life!”

“It’s okay, big deal, let’s kill people and get pearls!”

When Sky Poison Pearl enters the body, Yun Che does not have the deadly poison diffused body as they thought, dying violently, only his body surface shows a faint jade green light.

“Kill him right away! Otherwise, Sky Poison Pearl would n’t be great if something changed in him!”

A loud roar, a dozen people from the most the front rushed to Yun Che at the same time. Looking at these few figures that he can’t help but frustrate, Yun Che laughed wildly, his laughter was hoarse and weak, but he was proud: “I didn’t kill you, you don’t even want to kill me! You are all messy, you get Sky Poison Pearl, I’m not qualified to kill me Yun Che’s, even if I die … I will only die in my own hands! Hahahaha … “

With a wild laugh, Yun Che suddenly released all power of body, and leapt to the back …

“Stop him !!!”

I found the intention of Yun Che’s, and the sound of exclamation sounded loudly. Five or six hands grasped the direction of Yun Che’s together, but he couldn’t catch any trace of him. I could only watch his body fall straight to Cloud’s End Cliff. Down …

Cloud’s End Cliff is really suitable for my Yun Che’s burial place …

I have nothing to worry about in my life, but it ’s a pity … I did n’t get revenge on my master … I did n’t find my biological parents …

Yun Che gently held the silver pendant on her chest. That was the only thing his body had when the master picked him up. The wind whispered in his ear, he closed his eyes slowly, and let body fall to the endless dark abyss

Here is the fifth anniversary.

Yes, since the first chapter of Shura was uploaded on October 1, 2009, it is now exactly five years.

Five years, it seems to be a long, dazzling pass, without knowing it.

Five years, four books, from “The Legend of Shura of Online Games”, to “Tianchen”, to “Evil Dragon Against the Heavens of Online Games”, to “Condemn Shura of Online Games”, a total of more than 10.5 million words, this is When I first coded the first word of “Sura”, I never, never dare to think of numbers.

But because of you, Mars has been able to go down this road to this day. Without your companionship all the way, there would be no today’s Mars Gravity, nor today’s “Against the Gods“.

For you, I have been grateful and worked hard. “Sura”, “Tianchen” and “Evil Dragon” have never been more or less one day in the middle and early stages, but from “Evil Dragon” Late Stage to the entire episode. I owe you too much. Countless breaks have defeated my character that lasted for many years, and the accumulated guilt and guilt made me feel faceless to you. Mars Clan (fan group), the rulings appeared for me, once flourished, but was cooled by my downturn and dissatisfaction. I let countless people down, let countless people leave, and more countless people have no complaints, no regrets, and no quits …

I want to say sorry, I want to say … thank you …

Today’s new book is open. Just the title of the book occupies the pit, I saw so many familiar and long-returned faces, with a sentence of blessings and waves of support, infinite gratitude.

In this “Against the Gods“, Mars will do its best to never let everyone down again. I will use your actual actions to return you to your confidence in Mars.

In the first month of the new book, the Martian sword points to the first monthly pass, so that Mars Clan (fan group) returns to glory …

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