A Slight Smile is Very Charming Chapter 1: Part1 is abandoned



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“Weiwei, come to forget the island, we divorced.”


As soon as Bei Weiwei got into the game, he saw a message from the “husband” Zhenshui Wuxiang in the game. Slightly can not help but a little dumbfounded. No, it’s just that the broadband in the dormitory has been repaired for half a month. Only after ten days of work, “love” has changed?


It took me a long time to go back: “Why?”


Zhenshui Wuxiang: “Slightly, sorry, don’t ask me why, I will send you a set of fairy equipment as compensation.”


Also alimony? Slightly dreadful, “No more.”


Marriage in the game was never real. At first, I would marry Zhenshui Wuxiang, also for the task. There is a good reward for the task, but only couples can do it, so the single men and women in the gang marry. Zhenshui Wuxiang sent a message asking if Weiwei could marry him, and Weiwei agreed.


It’s been several months since I got married. Although my husband never came to my husband in a flirtatious way, always calling out the name of Zhenshui, but the cooperation has been tacit, and he has fought side by side, which seems to be a little revolutionary.


But the game …


Wai Wei’s message back: “I’ll be right there.”


The character “Reed Weiwei” on Weiwei rides on the horse and starts to run towards the island of forgetfulness.


“Reed Weiwei” is a vigorously dressed red woman.


Sweet Play is one of the hottest martial arts online games currently on the market. In fact, there is nothing outstanding in other aspects of this game. Only the artist is very powerful, and the roles are particularly many. There are eighteen each to choose from. The slightly chosen Red Woman is relatively rare. It is not that the woman is not beautiful, but because her weapon is a huge knife.


Huge swords, compared with elegant jade flutes, dancing white snow ribbons, autumn waters like hong soft swords, and Emei spines, are really not beautiful and feminine, so the girls I choose Rarely, but slightly like it, Weiwei feels very sturdy and fits her image.


Ran to the island of forgetfulness, and the two of them drank the loveless water together. The system announced that the relationship between “Reed Weiwei” and “True Water Without Fragrance” broke down, and the divorce was announced.


Zhenshui Wuxiang wanted to equip Wei Wei with a set of fairy wares. He slightly canceled the order, didn’t accept it, made a smiley face, and the red woman heroically walked away.


As a result, at noon the next day, Weiwei finished lunch and went online. One of the girls in the gang, Thunder God Nini, sent a message: “Weiwei, what’s the matter? You and Zhenshui divorced? I heard he was eight at night. I want to marry the little rain demon! “


Pico: “…”


Thunder Nini: “Really gone?”


Weiwei: “Yeah.”


Thunder God Ni Ni: “It’s a pity, the real water man is pretty good. I didn’t expect to be fascinated by the color, but the little rain demon is really beautiful.”


Nini’s beautiful, of course, does not refer to game characters, but to reality. Three months ago, the game company held a player reality show selection event. The players who won the top three will get rewards such as high-level suits and experience. The rain monster demon won the championship with super high popularity based on a few photos and a video. Presenting the title “The First Beauty in Rivers and Lakes” immediately caused a sensation on the server where Pico was located.


“Ex-husband” married another woman in an instant. Although she had only some revolutionary feelings with Zhenshui, she still couldn’t help being depressed. She rubbed her head on the table (this child is so depressed …) and shouted: “No Bring it like that, look at people !!!!!!


This sentence was slightly called out in the game, but in the dormitory, so Wei Wei was immediately hit by a roommate with a pillow.


“Pei Weiwei! Your veritable beauty still shouts like this, we still have to live.”


Indeed, Bei Weiwei is a beautiful woman, and she is a super big woman. But there are many types of beauties, including elegant, intellectual, sweet, gentle, and virtuous …


There is also this slightly-vase-shaped …


Although Weiwei has been studying hard, she is working hard to move closer to the knowledge type, but …


Beautiful eyebrows, eye-catching eyes, always red lips, fiery figure, even if Bei Weiwei goes out wearing the filed uniform of A University, no one will think she is really a first-class university student.


Slightly remembering the hatred of life, he continued to scratch the table with his head.


The thunder **** Ni Ni in the computer continues the gossip: “I heard that Xiaoyu Demon would marry the one on the ranking list. I didn’t expect to be with Zhenshui, but I often saw Zhenshui leveling with her.” /


Sure enough, she developed a “treacherous situation” while she was away, and slightly blackened and burnt her expression.


“In fact, it’s not really true water, slightly, actually …”


“What’s the matter?” Finished the table slightly, picked up a tea cup and drank, and typed with one hand.


“Actually … you have such a powerful operation, ranked sixth on the PK list, and you never ask a man for equipment. In fact, everyone suspects you are a shemale!”


“Oh!” Slightly sprayed water on the display.


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