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After crossing into the fantasy world, Jiang Cheng got 100 million lives in the start.

As long as he was killed, he can be resurrected and gain the random ability to defeat the opponent.

From then on, the thing he looked forward to was to be killed.

“Ding, the host is resurrected! Get all the strength of the opponent’s father!”

The Emperor of a certain Dynasty: He is dead, Jiang Cheng is nothing but that!

“Ding, the host is resurrected and is blessed with the power of the Ancestral Dragon!”

An immortal from the upper realm: I thought how powerful this Jiang Cheng was. Isn’t he killed in one shot?

“Ding, the host is resurrected, and he gets the blood of the Ancient Demon Master!”

Saintess of a Holy Land: That’s it?

“Ding, the host is resurrected, get ? ? ?”

Jaing Cheng: If there is a limit on the number of times of being killed, I hope it will be 100 million times!

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