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Martial Peak
此乃地下三千丈 => This is three thousand feet underground
此乃地下三千丈 => This is three thousand feet underground
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2022-06-04 12:14:39
Martial God Asura
not sure => Escaped
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2022-03-14 07:06:29
Complete Martial Arts Attributes
澹台璇 => Dan Taixuan
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 How it\'s spelled in the wiki
2022-03-02 03:36:20
Martial Peak
诺! => promise
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2022-02-08 14:13:24
Martial Peak
有劳! => Thanks!
有劳! => Thank you!
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 \"(polite) thank you for your trouble (used when asking a favor or after having received one)\" (MDBG)
2022-02-08 14:11:53
Martial God Asura
formation power => Spirit formation
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2022-01-15 19:58:46
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
神皇 => God sovereign
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I just want to play the game quietly
神皇 => God Sovereign
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2022-01-11 15:39:43
Immortal Soaring Blade
神秘的天堂 => Mysterious heaven
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2022-01-09 01:53:06
Invincible Leveling King
Filipino => Filipino
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 Please add Filipino language
2021-12-16 07:12:33