War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4695: But I don’t know if his surname is Duan?


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In the blink of an eye, the other two people who forced Duan Niantian to hide went away, but their words were clearly transmitted to the ears of Duan Niantian, and the two couldn’t help but look at each other in silence. After a long while, I finally thought about it

The person next to Tian opened his mouth to break the silent atmosphere.

“Niantian, I remember that you said… Including you, all the lives in the Creation Lifepan world were exiled to the world of gods and earth decades ago. How could someone be promoted to Hedao so quickly? ‘?”

youth next to Duan Niantian asked curiously: “You seem to have said… that the most powerful being in the creation world is a powerhouse who is comparable to the ‘Eighth Level’, and there is only one? ”

Duan Niantian told his friend about the creation of the birth chart world, that is, the world of ten thousand worlds, and even the places outside the world.

It’s just that he didn’t tell the other party about his family situation, let alone that the most powerhouse person recognized in the creation chart world, the eighth-level Taoist, was his Duan Niantian father, Duan Lingtian!


Duan Niantian nodded. As far as he knew, in all the worlds, and even the places outside the world, before the creation world changed and the life inside wandered into the world of gods and earth, his father was indeed the only one who entered the eighth level of the Tao, that is, the ‘Zhi’ Strong eighth level’.

Although his master, Feng Qingyang, entered the seventh level before his father, he was still at the seventh level before they fled to the world of gods.

“Is it the father?”

Thinking of this, Duan Niantian’s eyes lit up and he was extremely excited!

In his opinion, if powerhouse is exiled from the creation life chart world to the divine earth world, the person with the best chance of entering the ‘Hedao Realm’ in a short period of time is probably his father, followed by His master Feng Qingyang.

At this time, youth next to Duan Niantian continued to guess: “Niantian, could it be that there is powerhouse that you don’t know about in the creation life chart world?”

“Otherwise, those who entered the eighth level of the Tao a few decades ago were exiled to the world of gods and earth. In such a short period of time, even if it was genius monster, there would be no chance of stepping into the ‘Hedao’!”

“It is possible to be promoted to the ninth level.”

“It is not an easy thing to achieve harmony. There are only a few dozen people in powerhouse in the world of gods and earth, but there are hundreds of people who have entered the ninth level!”

In the world of gods and earth, becoming a Dao Cultivator scholar can be said to be all over the place.

Even if it is the strongest among the Dao Cultivator warriors who have entered the ninth level, there are still hundreds of people who have not reached the point of going to bed at the end of their lives.

For example, Jianglan Divine Kingdom and Kuhai Temple, although the ninth floor of the Dao on the surface is only three people, in fact, the ‘ninth floor of the Dao’ still survives from these two places. , but there are still many. The reason why they did not stay in Jianglan Divine Kingdom and Kuhai Temple was because the Hedao powerhouse in these two places could not help them in understanding the ‘Ten Thousand Daos’, because the Dao they mastered was different from Those two are in harmony

powerhouse do not overlap.

In this case, they often go out, or travel to find the Tao on their own, or invest in some Hedao forces that are helpful to their understanding of the ten thousand ways.

“In other words, it takes ten people to enter the ninth level of the Tao before they can barely reach one Hedao!”

“The remaining ninth level of Dao, none of them could enter the realm of Hedao before being wiped out by time!”

Hearing what youth said, Duan Niantian couldn’t help but become suspicious.

Is he really not his father and master?

But if it weren’t for them, in all the realms and beyond, could there be a third existence more powerful than them?

He couldn’t figure it out.

However, now he can’t help but feel curious and wants to know who the Hedao realm powerhouse is…

“It seems that now I have a chance to take a gamble!”

“Perhaps…this is my only chance to leave here!”

Duan Niantian‘s eyes flashed. He was confined to this isolated island and was not allowed to leave. Even the powerhouse who was stationed on the island did not dare to offend the deputy surnamed Guo of the Chongshan League because of him. Leader.

After all, he is the one named by the other party to be trapped here until he dies of old age.

“Yue Qiang, let’s go back first.”

Duan Niantian greeted his companion and returned to his post. Then when the other party began to monitor the work of the mine slaves, he walked towards the location of the two powerhouse who came just now. Those are two powerhouses who have entered the Dao. However, they are only on the first level. They are considered figures in the Chongshan League. One of them is the ‘chief person’ of this isolated island, and the other is responsible for taking people back and forth to receive the mineral deposits excavated here


“Xue Ping Sir, Sheng’an Sir, there is a supervisor named Duan Niantian who wants to see you if there is something urgent.”

Soon, someone came to report to the only two Dao realms on the isolated island.

Duan Niantian, you are not qualified to meet them directly.

Duan Niantian?”

Sheng An frowned, “This name sounds familiar…”

Xue Ping on the side smiled and said: “It’s normal for you to feel familiar, because that kid was sent here by Guo Eldest Young Lady decades ago. He bluntly said that he would be trapped here until he died of old age, making his life worse than death. !”

“It’s him! I remembered.”

Sheng An suddenly realized that he had heard about the incident of in those days, and at the same time he could not understand the choice made by the guy named ‘Duan Niantian‘.

Obviously I can get married to that Guo Eldest Young Lady, climb up the high branch of the Vice-leader Guo of their Chongshan Alliance, and live on top of others from now on…

But he rejected Guo Eldest Young Lady and could only spend the rest of his life on this isolated island.

“But why did he come to us?”

Sheng An was a little confused.

“Wouldn’t you know if you let him come over?”

Xue Ping smiled.

Soon, the two met Duan Niantian. Xue Ping glanced at each other and said, “Duan Niantian, I heard that you have something urgent to come to us for? Tell me, what is it?”

Hearing the inquiry, Duan Niantian glanced at other people nearby.

Xue Ping narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw this. It seemed that Duan Niantian didn’t want anyone else besides himself and Sheng An to hear what he was going to say next. This also made him even more curious, and he repeatedly ordered the other people next to him to retreat. Down.

Soon, only Duan Niantian, Xue Ping and Sheng’an three people were left on the scene.

“Can we talk now?”

Sheng An also looked at Duan Niantian with interest, wondering what the other party wanted to say to them.

“You two Sir, before I say anything, I want to ask you two… I heard that a second Hedao powerhouse appeared in Jianglan Divine Kingdom recently, but I don’t know if his surname is Duan?”

Duan Niantian took a deep breath and asked while holding his breath, fearing that the other party would say ‘no’.

After all, this is his only chance to escape from here!

Originally, he was thinking of escaping on his own after he was promoted to Taoism… But that would undoubtedly take a long time! Now that he had the chance to leave, he naturally didn’t want to wait any longer.


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