War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4693: One move away


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Duan Lingtian takes action.

Phew! ! The deep sea above the head shook, and the rolling infinite power of Sword Dao swept down from the horizon, like a stream of stars, perfectly integrated with the sword swung by Duan Lingtian, showing extremely terrifying power, as if a >

When the sword is slashed out, it can kill everything!

The sword light roared in all directions, slashing at Yuluohe who was running for his life in front!

Duan Lingtian’s eyes were solemn, with a bit of expectation.

As long as he kills Yu Luohe, he will get the creation chart!

The creation chart is related to his former hometown, the land outside the world, and the world…

Who would be willing to leave their hometown if they could return to their hometown?

He wants the Creation Life Chart and has no intention of practicing the ‘Way of Life Sacrifice’. He just wants to see if his hometown is still there. If it is still fragmented, is there a way to repair it through the Creation Life Chart…

It stands to reason that there is a high probability that it can be repaired.

After all, whether it is the world or the land outside the world, it is the world opened up by the creation life chart!

Duan Lingtian, if I hadn’t been injured, how could I have allowed you to be so presumptuous?” Yu Luohe roared angrily, with unwillingness in his voice, but he did not sit still and wait for death. He turned around and struck out like lightning, and a bright sword light roared out. Coming out, catering to the power of Hedao that also fell from the sky and broke through the deep sea, it was necessary to compete with Duan

Lingtian compete!

In an instant, two terrifying forces collided with each other as the wielding saber swords intersected, making an earth-shattering noise. The terrifying aftermath of the power raged, and even evaporated the seawater in this area of ​​the sea!

A large vacuum area appeared!


The sword light finally overcame the sword light. Yu Luohe, who had not fully recovered from his injuries, opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, and retreated while taking action.

And Duan Lingtian is pursuing victory!

At the same time. Chen Minghao, who went to Jianglan Divine Kingdom with his grandfather but failed to catch Duan Lingtian, soon after returning to the Wanshan Chen family, he felt the vibration of the power of Hedao in the sky. It was obvious that someone was taking action and was using the Infinite Sword he had combined

The power of Tao!

Looking at the entire world of gods and earth, before the Duan Lingtian appeared, he was the only one who had this way, and there was no other person who could join forces with the Infinite Sword Dao. That is to say, Duan Lingtian, an ‘otherworldly creature’ from the creation life chart world, didn’t understand anything, but he had no worries about He Infinite Sword Dao, which made him passive for a time, and the power of He Dao was divided, which also meant that his strength will be affected


It would be okay if the other party is honest, but if the other party forces too much Hedao power when he takes action, it will undoubtedly affect his performance!

“The power of Hedao is so vibrating… Then Duan Lingtian, are you fighting against others?” In terms of familiarity with the infinite power of Sword Dao, throughout the entire world of gods and earth, no one can compare with Chen Minghao, even just now The same is true for Duan Lingtian, which was not long after the success of Sword Dao. After all, Chen Minghao had already combined Infinity Sword Dao

, I have enjoyed this path exclusively for many years.

Now, with this abnormal movement, he can naturally see the ‘source’ of the abnormal movement.

“The power of Hedao is so turbulent, he is definitely fighting with other Hedao realms! If he just breaks into the Tao, there is no need to use so much power of Hedao!”

It was not difficult for Chen Minghao to confirm this. After confirming, his eyes narrowed, a cold light flashed, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Are you hiding from me?”

“You can hide for a while, but you can hide for a lifetime?”

“Just like now, do you want to enjoy the power of Hedao?”


Chen Minghao immediately left the Wanshan Chen Family and found a secluded place. With full firepower, he tried his best to use the power of Infinite Sword Dao to forcibly **** away all the Hedao power that had been borrowed by Duan Lingtian. Quite a few came over.

And this directly caused the power of Duan Lingtian to drop sharply!

“This is…”

Yu Luohe naturally noticed such an obvious change in the decline of the power of Hedao. He had already been determined to die because he was injured and was no match for Duan Lingtian!

Unexpectedly, it will take a turn!

“The power of infinite Sword Dao has been diverted?”

After seeing this, Yu Luohe couldn’t help laughing, “Duan Lingtian, it seems that every day will not stop me today!”

“With this infinite power of Sword Dao, you are not the only one who can do this in this contemporary era!”

“It seems that Chen Minghao from Wanshan Chen Family is interested in helping me!”

“Next time we meet, I must thank him properly!” When Duan Lingtian started chasing him, he thought it was Chen Minghao from the Wanshan Chen Sect, because Chen Minghao combined the Infinite Way and Sword Dao. Later, Only to find out that it was Duan Lingtian, who actually joined forces with Chen Minghao in the way of conflict


When Duan Lingtian took action, he didn’t think that if Chen Minghao took action at the same time and snatched the power of Hedao, it would affect the performance of Duan Lingtian.

But, just think about it. Because, in his opinion, Chen Minghao is unlikely to ‘offend’ Duan Lingtian so blatantly. After all, this time he can steal Duan Lingtian‘s Hedao power, but next time he fights with others, Duan Lingtian can definitely take revenge


When will the injustice be repaid?

In this case, both parties usually compromise with each other.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Chen Minghao actually took action!

Moreover, looking at this posture, it is obvious that he is robbing the power of Hedao without any reservation! “Duan Lingtian, as long as you don’t agree with the Third Path, it will be difficult to kill me, unless Chen Minghao doesn’t fight with you… However, judging from the current situation, Chen Minghao must have a grudge against you for joining the Infinite Sword Dao In my heart

, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to **** the power of Hedao at such a critical moment! ”

“When I regain my strength, even if Chen Minghao doesn’t fight with you, don’t even think about killing me!”


Yu Luohe’s figure turned into a ray of sword light, broke out of the sea, and instantly disappeared into the storm and thunder, gradually drifting away! In Duan Lingtian, when Chen Minghao forcibly snatched away the power of Hedao, he was about to kill Yu Luohe successfully, but in the end, he missed a move and Yu Luohe took the opportunity to escape from his lock, with the cover of Storm Thunder. , again

In addition, Chen Minghao continues to **** the power of Hedao, and it is no longer realistic for him to kill Yu Luohe.

Continuing the pursuit, it was confirmed that Yu Luohe was faster than him and the distance became wider and wider. Duan Lingtian did not continue the pursuit, but stopped figure because he knew that this time it must be a failure.

I can only wait until next time to take action!

Anyway, unless Yu Luohe abandons his creation life chart, he can find him!

Moreover, even if Yu Luohe abandons the Creation Life Chart, he can still find the Creation Life Chart. It will be even better when the time comes. He can successfully obtain the Creation Life Chart without having to fight Yu Luohe!

After all, his purpose in chasing Yu Luohe was to create the life chart.

“Chen Minghao…”

Thinking of the ‘initiator’ who led to his failure in chasing Yu Luohe, Duan Lingtian looked gloomy and ugly. He didn’t offend the other party, but the other party misunderstood him!

Damn it! At this moment, Duan Lingtian’s eyes also pulsed with unconcealable murderous intent!


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