War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4419: Meng Yuzheng is not good at the comer



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Although I mentioned my origin, Duan Lingtian didn’t elaborate.


Even, he said this because Ye Qiangwei and the old woman had just protected the law for him, and he accepted their love.


Otherwise, he wouldn’t even bother to tell them his name, let alone tell his origin.


Of course, even if I didn’t elaborate on the origin, when I heard that Duan Lingtian came from Ten Thousand Realms, and not from the three realms of Ten Thousand Realms Peak, both Ye Qiangwei and the old woman were scared. It’s not light.


“Perhaps… he is left with the blood of Super powerhouse. And that Super powerhouse happened to have stayed in his hometown, where he left descendants.”


Ye Qiangwei and the old woman looked at each other. When Ye Qiangwei communicated with the old woman, she said that she couldn’t understand, but the old woman guessed like this.


This guess was quickly approved by Ye Qiangwei.


Other than this, she really can’t think of other possibilities…


“Duan Young Master, do you have anything to do when you come to Lanxiaocheng?”


Ye Qiangwei was a little cautious in front of Duan Lingtian, and could only ask the old woman to ask Duan Lingtian on her behalf.


And Duan Lingtian, hearing the old woman’s question, nodded, “There are indeed some things to be done. However, things are almost done, and I will leave here by then.”


Duan Lingtian made a few more polite words with the old woman, and finally nodded with Ye Qiangwei, then turned and left.


Ye Qiangwei took the old woman and watched the back of Duan Lingtian go away, her eyes were particularly complicated.


Even she herself doesn’t know why. She always feels an inexplicable feeling about this mysterious and talented monster peerless youth… I just feel that the other party is completely different from the young talent she had been in contact with before.


In front of the other party, the young talent she had been in contact with in the past are not worth mentioning!




At this time, the old woman seemed to faintly see Ye Qiangwei’s thoughts, and sighed and said: “You and him are people from two worlds…”


Perhaps, the lady in her family has no admiration for that Duan Young Master yet.


But, I must be curious about worship.


And this is often the beginning of a woman’s degeneration…


She has also been young once, and she knows that women at this age are prone to get confused and even have a streak.


“Mother-in-law, what are you talking about?”


Ye Qiangwei’s thoughts were broken, her cheeks were a little blushing, and she said, “I don’t like him… I just feel that he is different from other men.”


“I believe what the lady said.”


The old woman nodded, “What I said just now was just to remind the lady…Don’t have any curiosity about him, just treat him as a rushing visitor in your life.”


“Perhaps, after half a month he leaves Lanxiaocheng, you will never see each other again.”




Duan Lingtian naturally didn’t know. After she left, Ye Qiangwei and the old woman had a conversation.


After he left, he went around in Lan Xiaocheng again before returning to Wang’s house, back to the VIP guest courtyard arranged for him by Wang’s house.


For the next period of time, he does not plan to go out again.


Just want to wait for the wedding day to come.


At that time, he and Wang Luoyu can take Wang Luoyu away after finishing the scene.


After setting up Wang Luoyu, he can continue to pursue his goals…


In the past, his goal was just to become stronger, and even to find out the Soul Clan that was integrated with Yun Qingyan to powerhouse… At the same time, he was also a little worried. It’s hard to deal with each other.


Now, his goal is to become the invincible uppermost God Venerable!


As long as he becomes an invincible high-ranking God Venerable, he will definitely be valued by powerhouse. At that time, he will choose a powerful powerhouse to work for, and he may be able to directly rescue Ke’er from the opponent’s shot.


However, Duan Lingtian wanted to wait quietly until the wedding, but someone deliberately refused to let him wait.


On this day, the Wang family ushered in two uninvited guest.


And these two people are from the “Canglan City Meng Family” that has been raging in this period of time!


The Meng Family in Canglan City has been frequently mentioned and discussed recently because of the fact that the Meng Family in Canglan City has sent one to powerhouse during this time!


Moreover, it is the first Meng family ever to appear in powerhouse!


Everyone is discussing that the Meng family is going to rise completely this time!


“Meng Young Master, please inside, I have notified the Patriarch, and the Patriarch is waiting for you in the reception hall.”


Besides the Wang family mansion, during this time, I was responsible for gathering the surrounding Wang family Elder. I respectfully brought an youth and a middle-aged, slowly passed the entrance, and walked into the Wang family mansion.


youth is the direct descendant of the Meng family in Canglan City, Meng Yuzheng.


In fact, this is not the first time Meng Yuzheng has come to Wang’s house. He has been to Wang’s house not long ago, but he didn’t receive such preferential treatment at the time.


That time, he didn’t even see Wang Kui, the head of the Wang family, and was dealt with.


But today, when he comes to Wang’s house again, his treatment is completely different.


Only because, behind him, the Wang family came out to powerhouse!


He believes that if he tells the Wang family that the person from the Wang family to powerhouse is their ancestor in the same line and loves him very much. It can be said that he is the most beloved contemporary young child of the Wang family to powerhouse


Wang Kui, the head of the Wang family, will definitely not just wait for him in the reception hall, he will definitely come out to greet him personally!


“Meng Young Master, you are here on behalf of the Meng family. You came to attend the wedding ten days after our Wang family? Meng Young Master came early. I will arrange for you to take you for the next ten days. Walking around in Lanxiao City? All consumption will be paid by our Wang family!”


Wang Kui, the head of the Wang family, looked very polite when facing Meng Yuzheng in the Wang family reception hall.


Now, he has determined that the other party is here on behalf of the Meng family in Canglan City.


Under such circumstances, he naturally did not dare to neglect this Wang family’s ‘representative’.


After all, the current Meng family in Canglan City is not what it used to be. There is a Meng family up to powerhouse, whose status has skyrocketed. At least in Tiansha, it has surpassed their Lanxiaocheng Wang family!


He wasn’t worried that he would make random consumption if he told the other party’s consumption in Lan Xiaocheng and the Wang family paid the bill.


He is giving face to the other party, to the Meng family of Canglan City, the other party is really going to be messed up, not only is he embarrassed, even the Meng family of Canglan City is also ashamed!


He doesn’t think that people who can be sent by the Meng Family of Canglan City to act as’representatives’ will be messy.


So, when I say these things, I am very casual, without any worries.


And Meng Yuzheng, after hearing what Wang Kui said, he was startled first, then his face became cold, “Patriarch Wang, what do you mean by this?”


“You are humiliating me, Meng Yuzheng?!”


Meng Yuzheng changed his face in an instant, his tone was not good, and he asked loudly.


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